Oh my God! Nerd alert!

Sooooooo, I’m geeking out!

Now I know you can only give tabloids so much credit. A massive portion is absolute smut. But in this case I’m having a slight freak out.

After reading some funny Divergent fan pics I happened to stumble across this little tidbit.

I mean really?! I can’t choose. Theo? Ian? Don’t make a woman choose!

And I know, for those of you who have been following me for a while you’ll know I really didn’t want the Hush, Hush movie to be made. The novels are amazing and the story is deep and a little darker. There are just a lot of intricacies that are imperative for audience understanding without having to change the story.

But…. if you’re going to make it anyway…..we’ll see!

Have a good one!


Beneath the Stacks

Hey guys! As you know we’ve been counting down until the release of Awakening. Well, Lisa did us a favor and released the book on the 24th! Super exciting! So, at the moment I’m re-reading Daylight and about to take up Awakening. You can expect the review soon, though I intend on taking my time on the final Cheyenne novel.

In other news I’m also still working on my own personal story, which is awesome. And by that I don’t just mean the story, I mainly mean the fact that I’m still sticking to it. Fast draft is an awesome idea.

Now, I’ve yet to make it to the bookstore to pick up my copies of writing tip books. Which may be good as I would probably spend so much time reading the info books I’d never get any writing, reading, work, etc. done. I already have a crazy life that constantly distracts me, especially during prom season (I do hair), and have to be extremely disciplined to get anything done.

So, here’s to another week with new reads!


By Lisa Wiedmeier

This one was originally posted to Goodreads so I’m bringing it over here too!

I am in love! It is not very often I read a novel I can’t put down.

Cheyenne is a story about an eighteen year old girl whose life is more important than she ever dreamed. When school ends for Cheyenne, her best friend, Colt, along with two others kidnap her. Now, in their defense it’s for her own safety. But this is not to her liking. Having just lost her adoptive parents she must now begin to discover just who, or what, she is.

But with Colt, Callon, and Daniel being so cryptic and holding her against her will she’s at a disadvantage. Sometimes, however, being held captive by three handsome guys isn’t totally a bad thing. Especially when they seem to have a bunch of answers. Just what is a Timeless? Why is she such a big deal? And why does it seem like two hot men seem to be fighting over her?

I adore this story. It’s one I can read again and again. It’s not your average teenage girl story. It’s fantastically written and makes you want to turn the page. Lisa Wiedmeier is incredibly talented and doesn’t use cheap tricks to make you keep reading. She pulls you into her world and you just want to bask in it. Cheyenne is clever, headstrong, and easy to relate to. I highly recommend this book. I would be surprised if you didn’t take the time.


By Lisa Wiedmeier

So, I realized that I didn’t review this one first and haven’t at all on either goodreads or here. So without further ado…

Cheyenne’s life is complex to say the least. We pick up right where Lisa left us last time. Heartbroken over her engagement and apparent destiny to marry either Callon or Marcus.

But what about Colt? Her light in the dark?

She is transforming right before everyone’s eyes. Fevers set in for lengthy periods bringing with them exhaustion. Her heart and body struggle to survive her transformations. Each one stronger than the last. How does anyone know when it’s over? Does being timeless feel any different?

Cheyenne is determined to find out, and as soon as she does she’s gone. Away from Colt and Callon. Away from her perceived danger. Away to find solace discovering who she truly is and what she wants.

But while searching there’s a mysterious stranger who keeps popping up. Appearing in alleys, at restaurants, next door. Who is this guy? Why is he so interested in her all of a sudden?

As time passes she finds herself missing her trio. Even inviting them to visit, on her terms of course. But when Tresez show up plans change.

Suddenly she’s shoved into the arms of the enemy. An enemy with a very familiar face. How did she manage to end up here? How could she have been so fooled?

New friends and old come together to aid in Cheyenne’s safety and destiny. Trust is a necessity. Faith and hope are too. Take the time to grow with her, love with her, and fail with her. Sometimes it’s the hardest times that make life worth it.

An eight out of ten for me.

Also, while reading Promises I was reading Fated Part Two. And I have to say it made me love the brothers even more. Your heart breaks for them in different ways. Definitely purchase both of these and experience all sides of love.

Have a great week!

Cross Reference

So, I have recently kept my eyes and ears open to pick up on helpful writing tips and tools. (Meaning I’ve also plotted out a trip to my bookstore very soon.) And as I’ve flipped through the blogs I follow of course Kristen Lamb had some wonderful advice, or rather materials.

A few of her recommendations include Hooked by Les Edgarton, Plot & Structure by James Scott Bell, and Save The Cat by Blake Snyder. Not to mention her personal book Rise of the Machines- Human Authors in a Digital World.

If you still haven’t checked out her blog I encourage you to. And just to make it easy for you here’s the link!

Until next time!

Back and ready for action!

So, for the past couple of months every weekend or off day has been planned. And with all of the travel, hospital visits, laundry, laundry, laundry, and did I mention laundry- I’ve finally made it through and have no, I repeat NO plans.

And what does that mean? Why should you care?

Because that means more time to read, so reviews for you. And more time to write, so more for you to read!

I’m super excited to have some “down time” and do what I enjoy. I’ve also discovered new places to go unwind to be better able to devote time to you adoring readers!

Can’t wait to post my next review!


I, like many of you out there, have been counting down the release of Awakening by Lisa Wiedmeier. However, due to unfortunate circumstances the release date has been pushed back to April 25th.
She is very grateful to her fans for their understanding and only wants to give the very best to them. It is not by any means a flippant decision, only a necessary one.
I hope everyone understands and will celebrate with her once we have our copies.


So, an amazing author recently gave me the link to a blog written by Kristen Lamb. She is a published author and in many ways a mentor to writers of all kinds.
As I was scrolling through some of her posts I happened upon one that really hit the nail on the head for me, like many often do.
She mentioned something called doing a Fast Draft. This means writing all the way through-with NO editing! I know it is scary. I tend to over think my stories, but if you just sit down and write it’ll come together better than you could have thought. *haha*
Anyway, she said that editing grammar and such is all that’s allowed.
Also, she said not to try and write the perfect piece. There are so many different tastes and styles out there that it’s not possible (or sane) to please everyone. For me this is the hardest. I don’t want to write anything too close to another story. That’s my biggest hold up.
So, I take a deep breath and remember that it’s my story and my characters that I can do ANYTHING with. Then I write.
Who cares if it doesn’t work later? Fix it during the editing process – after your initial draft.
Anyway, I hope that inspires you to let the thoughts for freely. With a Fast Draft it is a release. For those of you who are curious Kristen Lamb’s blog is http://www.warriorwriters.wordpress.com.
Have a great week!

17 Days!

So, I’m very excited for the up coming release of Awakening on the 18th. If you’ve been following Lisa Wiedmeier on any of her sites and blogs you’ve seen just how fast it is coming to the fans. I’m rushing the re-reads and the novella of Fated Part Two. They are amazing companions to the series, I highly recommend checking them out. And definitely pick up Awakening on the 18th.

Have a great week!