Suicide Squad

So, I’ve finally gotten around to seeing the movie I’ve been waiting patiently for.

First of all let me say I really enjoyed this movie. It was mostly what I expected and I would watch it again…. despite the flaws. Which…there were quite a few that drove this writer crazy.

Suicide Squad starts off addressing each character and telling their backstory. I felt this was unnecessary. We have five or six villains whom most of us already know about. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, all of these most of your audience knows about. But they take the time to have Amanda Waller doing narration. Yay….

Moving along… We have the reason for assembling all of these villains. They want to have a group of meta-humans at their disposal in case of emergency, and these hodgepodge baddies are their hope. Okay, cool. And we all know what the bad guys really want- freedom/power. So how do we control them? Exploding neck implants. Mmmkay.

Here’s where it starts to unravel for me. There has, until this point in the movie, been no problem. No major plot has been set into effect. No real reason to gather these guys together. There is no national/global emergency in effect which requires their unique skill set. Then one manages to go rogue… oh and, by the way, she wasn’t shot with one of the implants. Great!

Now we have a problem. Witchy chick wants to rule the world because…. well why not? Still with me?

As all of the following events unfold in a manner one would pretty much expect in a movie like this, we begin to see more of a few of the character’s backstories. Many a flashback from Deadshot and Harley connect us to their motivations. Harley wants Mr. J. Deadshot wants his daughter.

Then things begin to heat up among the government officials pertaining mainly to Amanda Waller. She started this mess and now everyone wants her to fix it. Even the other squad members. The recruits learn the truth of how the problem came to be and decide they may want to stop witchy chick for their best interests.

Here’s where we get all of the mega-cool special effects. From a witch and her brother who look like two of the coolest videogame villains I’ve ever seen, to Diablo looking like some tribal skeleton with a headdress that is on fire. It sets the scene for one really awesome battle.

Now, about the Joker. Because I know you’ve been waiting for my input on the one guy everyone seems to be talking about. I had no problems with Jared Leto’s Joker. In every imagining of every Batman storyline each Joker is different. Whether it be similar to Batman the Brave and the Bold where the Joker is more silly or Batman¬†the Dark Knight¬†where Heath Ledger manufactured a darker Joker for the new series. Yes, this Joker is a bit more… I dunno… stoic? He is crazy and has less humor. But this is his interpretation and I can’t knock him for doing it his own way. Honestly, I think I works for this particular movie.

All in all, I enjoyed this film. I liked Harley Quinn and her silliness. I really got a laugh out of Killer Croc and the other funny banter.

So, in my opinion I’d give this movie a seven out of ten. It’s not exactly perfect and had a few moments that dragged simply due to exposition. Yes, the plot was filled with holes and lacked in a few areas. But if you like these characters and are curious I’d encourage you to see it.

Anyway, have a good one!