The past two days have been different. I feel as if a bomb has dropped in my little world. Yesterday it felt surreal and today I feel as if the aftershocks are rocking through me. Sometimes a little news can knock a hole right through your heart.

So, naturally I have receded and had to regroup. I tend to withdraw into books during difficult times so you guys may end up with more reviews. I just hope that you guys will forgive me if any posts are a little more personal or lacking.

I truly appreciate everyone who supports this blog and hope to upload many more reviews and writing snippets in the future.

Have a good one.


How to be Awesome

So today I received an email that once again reminded me why I do what I do.

I review books. Many, many books. I love to read and report what was interesting, what was not very interesting, and how much I enjoyed the book. I try to be fair and generous. I try to give credit where credit is due. I may not like that particular genre (Dark Matter Heart) but in the end was it well written? Did it tell an amazing story?

I really enjoy sharing these incredible stories with you guys. And it’s cool to see that this blog gets views from all over the world. I want you to have a reading adventure. This world can get depressing, and literature is like a hug. (Yup, I said it. )

I also share my reviews on Goodreads. When you start getting emails from the authors though, it’s pretty awesome. I am so grateful to them for sharing their hardwork with the world. It is not easy to have reached that point of seeing their work in print. And I totally appreciate everything it took to get there.

So how to be awesome? Do what you enjoy most. Take a risk. Jump! And see what happens. That’s exactly what I did. And most of all, just have fun!

New books!

Happy St. Patrick’s day! I hope you have loads of luck and all that jazz. Sorry I don’t have any mischievous tips for you little leprechauns. I know, I suck. In sorry. But what I do have is books!


Today we finally get to read Prudence by Gail Carriger!!! I’m so excited! This novel is the first following the Parasol Protectorate series. If you read that then you should read this. (There’s a sentence for you. )


Also, I was recently sent an email on another book I have purchased. A while ago I read a book entitled The Foretelling by Alice Hoffman. I liked it pretty well. It was the story of a young girl coming off age in a tribe. Her new book, Nightbird is a story for the outcast, the oddball, the special. I’m going to check it out and you should too!


I’m also reading the manga My Little Monster. If you like Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, or the like you will certainly enjoy this story.


And on an unrelated note, Mark is back from PAX. If you watched his recent upload you really get a glimpse of just how much he loves his fans and doing the crazy Let’s Plays. If you’ve never watched any of his videos you are really missing out. I don’t even like scary games, and he does other games as well, but I can’t get enough of watching him get terrified!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. Now go read something!! (I’ve given you some great suggestions 😉 )