Them Games…

So, I recently finished watching a ‘Let’s Play’ that I found slightly entertaining. Although it does bring to mind the inner struggle. Why do people play these games?

Hunie Pop is a dating simulator. In said game you complete puzzles (bejeweled) and achieve successful dates. Ultimately, your goal is to… you guessed it, go “all the way” with the different girls you meet.

Now, watching someone like Jacksepticeye play a game of this nature is highly entertaining and silly. But it does make me wonder about those who would, on any given day, purchase a game of this nature for their own personal kicks. I mean, I understand simple curiosity. What bothers me is the thought that someone out there takes these games very seriously, and I don’t mean in the strategy way.

See, for gamers who play these style games with an open mind to just be entertained I think it’s fine. But you see, these developers took legitimate time to carefully construct the graphic images you find in these such games. And while over-sexualizing females is a topic for another post, I still feel there are people who would rather spend time fondling themselves to such absurdities than actually becoming a decent member of society and…. well you get the picture.

It is very odd to me that in some societies this has become the only “interaction” some people see. Filling your time with so much work that you aren’t able to have otherwise healthy relationships. When, really, the clock itself was designed to tell monks how much time they had allotted to certain tasks such as prayer and chores. So, filling your time with a game that’s purpose is to arouse and not much else seems like a waste of time and genius invention.

So, today, take time to… enjoy time. Doing something valuable with it is worth it. That’s what it was designed for. If you want to play a game for fun, go ahead! But if you’re looking for affection, actually go out and seek a person. Or, if you’re just wanting to prove that these games exist go ahead….

Anyway, have a good one!


Doing it right…

(Look who’s actually posting on Friday!!!)

Last night I’m laying in bed watching Markiplier and Jacksepticeye per the norm, when it struck me. This is someone doing this right.

See, back in the eighties the technology of today was just really beginning to become a thing. In the nineties we, as kids, began to use PCs in the classroom. Pagers were for parents and drug dealers. Those faded with the 00’s and became cell phones and Bluetooth devices. A tablet or laptop is now the norm for nearly every household.

So, through these years you had the invention, the new user, and the hacker. And while everyone was learning to utilize this new normal we also seemed to fail repeatedly. Not for lack of trying, more for the fact that the tech was new and we were still learning to use it as well. The hackers, which are still out there today and is another story for another day, made technology a swear word to the older generation. So what has changed today?

Today’s technologies are based on those inventions from the eighties and nineties. They use those things we learned on to create bigger and better devices. If you can use a PC you can, essentially, translate over to a smartphone. But that’s only the beginning.

Today our world is very frightening. I don’t watch as much television because I disapprove of many things they show. Everything from shows to commercials all seem to trouble and promote things I would rather stay away from. So, like today’s growing generation, we have turned to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for all of our entertainment. If you need information on the world you can find it online for virtually free.

But what are these such channels and sites doing right? Well let’s break it down.

First of all they present their show, or ideas in a fashion that is vibrant and entertaining. They can hit the hard stuff, and not gloss over it, with freedom. They are using their freedom of speech to share, educate, and entertain their viewers. They do it in a way as to not offend and take advantage of being universal.

Secondly, they don’t have boundaries. By that I mean language, nationality, or religion. These internet celebrities are reaching out to everyone. The prep, jock, introvert, depressed, and everyone in between. They reach all ages and dynamics.

Thirdly, they are giving their fans a JOB. If you watch Markiplier you know you can suggest games for him to play, comment on his mistakes and successes, and give tips. If you enjoy Rhett and Link you know you can send ideas for Songbiscuits, or seek advice. These guys are taking control of YouTube and have learned the right way to keep their fans involved and enjoying the experience. They are enthusiastic and genuine.

These sites are learning to hone technology to their advantage. Not only do we enjoy watching them, but also interacting with them. They make themselves attainable. They are real to their viewers and truly become almost transparent about their cause. Not only are they connecting with fans, but they are also promoting their causes. Be it cancer, depression, or violence.

If you ever need help in connecting with such styles of internet concepts I encourage you to pick up Kristen Lamb’s book Rise of the Machines – Human Authors in a Digital World. She does a great breakdown of building your brand among other things. How to create an unmoving brand in a sea of thousands.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. Have a good one!

Another Share!

Each night in our home is probably a bit different than yours. There is the usual ritual of dinner, chatting, games or other time wasters. But then night falls and we climb into bed and turn on the Chromecast. This is probably one of my favorite times of day. Why? Because we get to watch our favorite web shows!

I’ve already done a post for you guys about Rhett and Link. They have all kinds of channels. From their daily Good Mythical Morning (and Good Mythical More) to their music videos and podcasts.

Now, some months ago we stumbled upon a new web show that makes us giggle. Okay, okay it makes us laugh really hard. This guy reviews videogames. Generally PC games, and often horror games. While I don’t exactly like the bad language, this channel is pretty entertaining. The name? Markiplier.

In 2012 Mark began doing video commentaries on PC games. His attempts at survival and his comedic reactions have made him a YouTube sensation. And he doesn’t just post a single video on each game. Often he has many parts of his journey.

With many other endeavors under his belt, including charity livestreams, he has taken the internet by storm. He has the voice for radio, the humor of a stand up, and the insanity of a true madman. He often teams up with other YouTube celebrities such as The Game Grumps, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Yamimash, and his buds Bob and Wade to do many collaborations and shenanigans.

If you ever need a good laugh, or just want to watch some poor guy’s terror, head on over and check it out. I will say it is definitely an older teens/adult style of channel, so you’ve been warned. (Language, game violence, thematic elements, occasional sexual content -mature games.)

Guest Gamer Review!

The hubby finally wrote another review! Even I like this game and I hate scary stuff! Without further ado:

Five Nights at Freddy’s

It’s Me.


So I don’t normally play horror games, but there is something about Freddy and his BFFs. Something that draws unsuspecting players in.


In Five Nights,  you play as a newly hired security guard for a Chuck E Cheese knock-off called Freddy Fazbears’s Pizza. In the day, Freddy and friends entertain children with song and dance. At night, they entertain themselves by hunting down a novice security guard… You.


In Five Nights, you find yourself unable to move or fight back against your attackers. You only have so much power to last through the night. If the power goes out, Freddy will come to play. And when I say play, I mean kill.


Due to your lack of escape or a means to fight back, Freddy’s is a true nightmare. All you can do is watch as robots converge on you, lock down the office, and pray you can last the night.


Can you survive five nights at Feddy’s ?




Let’s eat !

The indie game Five Nights at Feddy’s suffers from what most indie game do, low budget and a small production team. The graphics are little more than still images that change slightly depending on who is in the frame. This really put me off when I first saw the game.


The sound is what really sets the mood and draws me in. The sound, in addition to the dark lighting really amps up the creepy factor. Hearing someone or something singing, or walking near my door really gets the heart racing.


At only $5, this game is sure to give any horror fan a few hours of fun, or at least a short distraction.

Injustice stuff

So we went on our fancy smancy ps3 and decided to try out Martian Man Hunter.

This one I was particular hoping for just because he kept floating around the levels.

His fighting style starts off with your basic moves :punch, kick, duck, etc. Then you move on to learning his combos. This is where it gets interesting. His combos are very quick and effective. He does everything from throwing out exploding orbs to imitating his opponent in his ultimate attack. He is not only a useful fighter, he is fun to watch take on his opponent. Some of his moves are relatively sci-fy violent. Not your blood and gore, just rapid beat-downs.

Anyway, we enjoyed stringing along combos we hope you do too!

Gaming News

So… I misunderstood…

There are quite a few characters available for download on Injustice Gods Among Us.

I started listing them off under the impression there would be only four, but the season’s pass only bought you the first four. So here’s our listing of downloadable characters thus far:





Martian Manhunter


And I was quite excited to see Martian Manhunter because watching him hover around on one of the levels without being able to use him was driving me nuts. And I’m like the rest who thinks it was a cop-out putting in Scorpion.

Anyway, that’s our gaming news for today!

Injustice: Gods Among Us

This game is pretty freaking cool!

Set in a comic book world your favorite DC heroes are sent to an alternate dimension. When right and wrong are less than clear anymore.

This game is much like Mortal Kombat in that it is your basic fighting game. With unique basic and combo attacks for each character and villan. You have some characters that are more small and agile (like the Flash) and others (like Solomon Grundy) who are more strength oriented. But you also have folks like Raven who are the exception to the rule.

In the game you move through a storyline as if you are part of the comic. And for every metaphorical moment of “POW” or “BAM” you are the one inflicting the movement. Yet, it is not real cartoony looking and each battle arena attributes its own useful breakables you can punt someone into. You don’t get that long video clip where you’re saying, “Gee, I wish I was putting the hurt on instead of the AI”. Instead you are playing every vital moment of battle.

The character lineup combines all of the classic DC characters such as Batman, Robin, Solomon Grundy, the Titans, Shazam, and many others. Also, there will soon be add on characters released (one of whom I believe is Lobo).

I like that there is not much gore like you’d find in some of the MK games, and most of your movement is realistic. The animation is very well thought out and the movements are clean. Now, there are backgrounds that include more adult themed pieces. For example, in one of the areas you’ll find a theatre that boasts ‘Live Nudes’.

I must say that discovering each character’s special attack is cool. I mean, when a freaking shark comes out of nowhere…. Not to mention the more you play the more you unlock new clothing options and such. Also, each character has its approximate villain. One of which I was insanely pleased to find in this game.

I would not say this is a kids game. Though it is entertaining and fun to kick your friends’ butt at.

I would give it on a scale of one to ten an….. eight.

This game is really fun and tries to make Aquaman cool. So try it out!

Skylanders Giants

An expensive habit, as my older brother called it.

This game is really fun! Anyway, moving on to the legitimate stuff…

I’ll admit I jumped right into Skylanders Giants, (it was all we could find).

The story begins with Kaos being on the loose and using the Skylanders you must catch him. Each Skylander has his/her own benefits and there are many areas in the game dedicated to specific character styles. (I.e. Rock, Air, Fire, Death, Earth, Water, etc.) The game seems to be very cartoony and geared towards kids, however many adult gamers have invested in this addictive series.

Each character comes as its own figurine. Each figurine saves all of its own game data. So, say you leveled one of the characters then removed it from the game platform. That character still retains the level when you replace it on the platform. This seems handy except when your life gauge runs out you must remove the figure from the platform and use another character.

The playstyle is slightly annoying. For example you can fly only to find that to reach certain areas you must use a bounce pad. And if you are playing with multiple players you can’t venture too far from player one.

But why is it so expensive? Because, like I said, some locations are geared towards specific characters. Also, you now have the ability to play as not only the Skylanders but as the Giants. And the giants have their own abilities as well. Not to mention each character is unique and they light up in neat ways. I’m a girl and I love color so this fascinates me to no end.

So now, when your kid begs you for more Skylanders it’s difficult to refuse. My brother enjoys this game as much as my nephew. It’s a game for all ages. The battles are amusing and the enemies are just as silly. There are puzzles and brain teasers.

So on a scale from one to ten I’d give it a……. seven.

You’d think the piles would be getting shorter

So… I’m working on My Soul to Steal which, as you should know by now, is the Soul Screamers series. Obviously I’m hooked so I encourage you to pick up the first if you haven’t yet. 🙂

Our guy is kicking butt at playing PlayStation All-stars. As far as play style is concerned think Super Smash Bros. but for the PS3/PSVita. Plus they’ve included one of my favorite and funniest characters, Sir Daniel Fortesque! And if you don’t know who Fortesque is DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! (Here’s a hint PS1, Medieval) They may have hinted at a possible revamp of the games, just saying.

As far as upcoming movies to see it looks as if The Hobbit will be an awesome movie this December. A great prequel to the Lord of the Rings series. We recently watched Wreck It Ralph and throughly enjoyed it. Quite funny with great video game references. If you’re a big gamer I highly recommend seeing it. Also coming soon is Les Miserables. Now, I’m not a super huge musical fan, in fact most creep me out. However, I really look forward to this one for a couple of reasons. The first being how the movie was filmed. Meaning they filmed the singing in real-time and with an honesty true to the characters. The second reason? Have you seen the cast?

And lastly, don’t forget to send us your suggestions! Thank you for stopping by!