Another Share!

Each night in our home is probably a bit different than yours. There is the usual ritual of dinner, chatting, games or other time wasters. But then night falls and we climb into bed and turn on the Chromecast. This is probably one of my favorite times of day. Why? Because we get to watch our favorite web shows!

I’ve already done a post for you guys about Rhett and Link. They have all kinds of channels. From their daily Good Mythical Morning (and Good Mythical More) to their music videos and podcasts.

Now, some months ago we stumbled upon a new web show that makes us giggle. Okay, okay it makes us laugh really hard. This guy reviews videogames. Generally PC games, and often horror games. While I don’t exactly like the bad language, this channel is pretty entertaining. The name? Markiplier.

In 2012 Mark began doing video commentaries on PC games. His attempts at survival and his comedic reactions have made him a YouTube sensation. And he doesn’t just post a single video on each game. Often he has many parts of his journey.

With many other endeavors under his belt, including charity livestreams, he has taken the internet by storm. He has the voice for radio, the humor of a stand up, and the insanity of a true madman. He often teams up with other YouTube celebrities such as The Game Grumps, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Yamimash, and his buds Bob and Wade to do many collaborations and shenanigans.

If you ever need a good laugh, or just want to watch some poor guy’s terror, head on over and check it out. I will say it is definitely an older teens/adult style of channel, so you’ve been warned. (Language, game violence, thematic elements, occasional sexual content -mature games.)


Step One (And a Half)

Good afternoon my nerdy worms! I hope you are still sticking to those resolutions. I am and they seem to be making life a little sweeter.

Anyway, after taking a month long break from the novel I decided to pick back up and press on. (On my new awesome tablet! The hubs got it so I can now write easily anywhere!) But seeing as how it has been a month I needed a bit of a refresher. So instead of just re-reading the last couple of pages of my 143 page novel I decided to take on part of the editing process.

After a cup of coffee and a few emails I now have my first printing of my hard work. (Thought you were going to get a title, didn’t you?) So now I have been sitting down doing one of two things. I am either editing or reading. Finally, I’m reading again!!! This is kind of a big deal to me because I’ve had a few personal issues that put me off kilter a bit, that and the holidays.

But after a lot of prayer and good advice I’ve gotten my groove back!

I have a very special review coming your way here very soon as well. Work has been slow and that has given me the perfect amount of time to get something accomplished I think you guys will enjoy. 🙂

Anyway, I want to wish everyone a very exciting year filled with new adventures! And I’ll share some of my good advice with you guys, enjoy life. Take some time for yourself. We tend to be so busy now a days that we don’t seem to take time to just go outside and smile. So when you finish reading this, put aside some time to take a day off. The world won’t end if you take a short vacation, so learn to say no. Just for a moment.

Have a good one!

The Loss of an Actor

It’s evening on the east coast of the USA and I’ve finally come around to finding time to write something I wasn’t stoked about.

Just before new years the world bade farewell to a highly accomplished actor. Many remember him well from both Lost Boys and Gilmore Girls, the late Edward Herrmann.

Edward Herrmann was a very talented and kind gentleman. From the articles I’ve read many an actor and actress was touched and inspired by Ed’s spirit. He is said to have shared not only his humor but also his life experiences with those around him.

Those who had the privilege of working alongside him have said they have lost a friend who will be sorely missed. Each individual statement gave the same tenor, one of having been in the presence of not only a great actor but also friend.

Amy Sherman-Palladino recounted casting Ed as Richard in Gilmore Girls.

“When we were casting the part of Richard on Gilmore Girls, we all sat around saying, ‘If we could only get Ed Herrmann.’ So we sent the script to his agent who said Ed will come in and meet, but he won’t read. We said fine — great. Set it up. The agent said, ‘But I need you to understand — he will not read.’ We said we get it — no reading. The agent said, ‘He’s Ed Herrmann. He’s worked with Woody Allen! He was in Reds! He will not, under any circumstances, read!’ We were like ‘Hey, if he’ll even sit down and talk to us, we’d be honored.’ So Ed came in. He sat down and said, ‘I like it. It’s funny. Should I read?’ We sat there in stunned silence as Ed opened the script and proceeded to read. And just like that, Richard Gilmore was sitting in front of us. And that’s when I knew this show was charmed… To our patriarch, I thank you. I miss you. And I could never repay you.” -via

As with all of the others, I too bid him farewell.

Hi There!

My name is Morgan! I am one year old today! I have been through an entire amazing year with my awesome family! I love my family! They give me all kinds of yummy treats and toys! I really like when they give me peanut butter. They can’t even say it without my ears perking up!

It’s been a fun year. They took me all kinds of places. We went to school where I learned to sit, stay, and roll over. We took a trip to a big park where I got to meet all kinds of other dogs. Some even scared me because they were so much bigger than me!

We took a trip once too! It was really long and I got REALLY bored. But I got to meet all kinds of people and play with other dogs, so that was neat.

I had a LOT of fun learning to swim in my paw-paw’s pool this past summer as well. We played all day until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any more.

I even got to meet my little brothers and sisters! They didn’t mean for me to have any siblings so soon after I was born, but life happens! My little brothers and sisters weren’t very fun at first. All they could do was crawl. But then, one day I got to play with my little brother when he was older and we had a blast! Until we spilled my water bowl…

My first year has been really cool! They even let me open Christmas presents with them! I really liked the bows. They were so shiny.

On Saturday we are having my party. I’m going to get my own pupcake! They tell me it’s my favorite flavor, peanut butter!! Oh I am so excited!! I hope this year is as much fun as last year was!

Lots of Love,

Captain Morgan


Happy 2015!!

Woo! We made it!!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and is ready to take on the new year! I also hope to venture with you guys as we add our writings to the world! Have you started editing yet? Me neither!

Anyway, a few goals for the year are to finish my novel and start a new one, grow my new dreadlocks to maturity, and a few other things I won’t mention on here. 😉

Did you set any new year’s goals? Are you ready to start fresh?

I also look forward to reading all kinds of awesome novels this year!

Good luck and may you be prosperous in more ways than just money!!