My Soul to Save

By Rachel Vincent

Kaylee is taking lessons. Bean Sidhe lessons that is. One evening at a concert, though, may change her desires to know more about the otherworldly. When pop star Eden suddenly drops dead onstage the show comes to a stop. Especially when Kaylee realizes what is off about the whole situation, she didn’t wail. There was no dread.

Alarm sets in when an ancient reaper shows up and takes what was inside the pop star’s body. Demon’s Breath. And Tod seems to be quite curious. But when he learns that his ex-girlfriend is embodied with the chilling matter he feels he must intervene. Of all folks to intervene.

With Nash opposed to aiding in the saving of lost souls Kaylee needs to choose. Being a new bean sidhe she feels the urge to help her friend’s ex. With only a few days to convince the demon to release her soul they must get the show on the road.

Nash can’t say no to Kaylee, no matter the danger. So the adventure begins. Yet, sometimes you have to go where no one should tread. In a place where everything is out to get you and time passes at different speeds, Kaylee must make use of her less desirable gifts.

I have to give this book a seven. I really liked the story and the road it is taking. But my main hang ups were the following: One, Kaylee and Nash didn’t get much time to hash things out. Two, some of the side characters are difficult to follow as are their main points to the story. Three, I wasn’t hooked like I was in the first book.

Now I fully intend to continue the series, and I encourage you to as well. It is a great story and Rachel Vincent paints the Netherworld in a very intriguing way. So, do take the time!



My Soul To Save By Rachael Vincent

After learning that she is a bean sidhe (banshee) and saving those around her from dropping dead of no seeming causes, Kaylee is taking lessons. That is “How To Be A Bean Sidhe” lessons. While things heat up with Nash and her dad being a real father after all these years, Kaylee must learn to balance and save those around her at the same time.

Angel Time By Anne Rice

When Lucky murders another anonymous individual he seems to sense his own end. Why did The Right Man choose this man? Why in this room? It feels like fate. But as he aims to bring on his own demise someone suddenly notices. Coming to stop him, and fight the voice plaguing him, is someone claiming to be an angel. How else could someone look at Lucky with such unconditional love and compassion? Especially after all of his filthy deeds.

Pulse By Kailin Gow

(Just barely into this novel)

After her boyfriend died just as she may have been falling in love with him, Kalina meets his half brothers. Both need what’s written in the family Bible. But then again Kalina may need it too. As soon as it gets stolen Kalina begins to learn that her boyfriend may not be just who she believed him to be.

On Books and Writing

One of my favorite writer/authors (Veronica Roth) recently posted on Goodreads information for young/new writers. If you have ever dreamed about writing and wanted to try your hand at it I encourage you to take a glance at some of her blog entries. (Now, I am by no means a writer and have never published a book.) She is just a very humble writer and quite entertaining. (Especially ‘The Backpack’)

Also, I am still endeavoring to finish the books mentioned in pervious blog posts. I’ll post a mini-review on here just to keep everyone up to date and to touch base.

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The Process of RealNerdWorms

So… my mind needed a little fuel. Something with some meat to the storyline. Not to say I don’t like the couple of books I am reading (My Soul to Save By Rachel Vincent and Pulse By Kailin Gow), but more along the lines that I need something out of the norm. So I added a third one to the mix. Angel Time By Anne Rice.

So I have a couple of YA Fiction and one Literature. I spoiled myself with intense literary works in high school. I still love them very much, however I rarely have time to read them. (Today was a major exception.) I will be posting reviews on the blog soon for all three. With hopes to return to the Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers trilogy soon as well.

I look forward to filling you with many suggestions to fill your every free hour soon. Phew, that’s a lot of reading!

Moving on, as far as entertainment I must lightly recommend watching “Elementary”. I say lightly because I have hardly seen the show. Though, from what I have seen I enjoy it. Think Monk meets CSI whatever-you-please. It puts a new spin on the Sherlock Holmes mysteries with Dr. Watson portrayed as a female. Fascinating.

Borderlands 2 will have its place in the spotlight soon as well. I’ve been watching our guy playing it and it’s quite witty and worth trying out. If you know anything about the first one you’ll understand why it may take a little time to post a review. As I understand it the game runs in a bunch of possible directions, all of which are valid and worth trying out.

We are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for new and interesting trends in your entertainment world. (Unless it’s in books because, let’s face it, popular books usually have been out for years and are more than likely overrated, though there are exceptions to every rule.)

On a final and side note: Let’s not “follow” someone else’s blog to further your personal business venture. Thanks for your cooperation on this issue.

We thank you so much for your time and for checking out our suggestions and reviews. Let us know what you think in the comments sections!