NaNoWriMo TIME!!!

I figured while I’ve got two seconds to spare (my child is waking up as we speak) I’d hit on something fun!

NaNoWriMo has arrived!! Yes – I know I’m a few days late, BTW why are you reading this? Shouldn’t you be writing?! That’s today’s point. When you do this challenge remember to JUST KEEP WRITING!!! Don’t stop to edit, just get it typed out or down on paper. And BACK EVERYTHING UP! Save everything on something external. A harddrive, flash drive, etc.

Press on, because you’ll be surprised what your mind spins out of those wee hours typing. Those crazy inspirations will come together. Don’t worry about the how’s and the why’s. There’s time in December to worry over editing and cutting and pasting. For now, get those 50k out and give yourself something to work with later.

Have a great time writing! I always had fun. Maybe next year I’ll hit it up again. I really liked the story I did my second year. Hmm… maybe today I’ll read it. For now, GET BACK TO WRITING!!!


Psst….you there…

It’s been a minute since my last post. Okay, okay… it’s been a very long time. My life has majorly changed in many ways over the past 18 months. From having my first baby (who is sunshine), to getting a new job in sales, to raising a baby (we kept her alive and thriving for an entire year, WOO!), to getting ready for our second baby. Guys, this year has been amazing! I feel completely awful I have left this blog in the dark for so long though.

Let’s be real… parenting is hard and wonderful. It does, however, take up a lot of my time and attention. Then with two jobs (neither of which are consistent) you can see how I’ve lost a little track of things.

Balance has become a new challenge. I’m seeking some form of normality. Some days are better than others. My brain works better some days than others. ^_^

So, for now I’m looking to find some good reads to blog about again. I’d really like to breathe new life into this blog again. It’s fun! I enjoy giving you guys my thoughts on books, and it’s flattering when authors request a review from me.

These are my goals moving forward: read more, review more, and give whatever guidance I can.

I hope your year has been amazing and challenging as well!

LuLaRoe Conversation

Today’s post is off topic. Normally I would post about my reading or writing ventures, but today I felt the need to post on something that I felt has been unfairly judged. A hot topic that many women have been talking about. A company a little different than others you may have heard of. 

That’s right, LuLaRoe.

LuLaRoe on the surface appears like many other home sales companies do. Ran by women, pyramid scheme, pushy sales consultants, overpriced, and something you can buy anywhere else. At first glance I’d agree with you. I was wary about dealing with them. And in the next few paragraphs I’d like to address each of these points along with a few others.

Ran by women

The company was founded by a woman and is primarily populated by female consultants… for now. Many husbands have taken to not only supporting their wives and significant others in the business, but have also walked away from their jobs to also work along side them in the LLR business.

Pyramid scheme

So as a consultant you have an upline and possibly a downline. Sounds like a pyramid scheme, right? Wrong. Here’s why: in your typical pyramid scheme the upline take a portion of the downline’s sales. In LuLaRoe the downline’s sales are theirs alone. The upline then gets paid from the company the percentage they would have taken from the downline’s sales.

Pushy sales consultants

Okay, here’s the sticking point for me. No matter what sales company you are looking at (Macy’s, car dealerships, Mary Kay, Charlotte Russe, etc.) you will find pushy sales consultants. Period. There is no exception. However, in the same industry you will also find sales consultants you love and wanna take with you everywhere. Holding a single company aloft for having such a consultant is irresponsible and frivolous.


Go to a mall. Everyone up charges their merchandise. Everyone. It’s called profit. It’s also called supply and demand. But let me ask you this, when was the last time you found a quality piece of clothing that fit well, had a unique print/feel/design, and was practical? It’s okay, I’ll wait…

I thought so. Their clothing is made specifically by their company. They are the only place you will ever find these fabrics, prints, and modest styles. They are not just cheaply made and trashy. They are very stylish and comfortable. Something you will be hard pressed to find in the same price bracket. 

Sure you can find cheap comfy clothes at Wal-Mart but they will be either boring yoga pants or sweats. You’ll hardly find easy throw on clothes that look and feel this good. Which hits my next point really well…

Can’t find it anywhere else

These clothes are printed only once. Each pattern has 2,500 pieces per pattern and that’s it. You will never again see the same pattern as that same dress again. Anywhere. 

I also wanted to say that some have complained about the fact that they may be a small in one style and a large in another. Again, holding a single company responsible for this and not faulting others is highly unfair. I can go to Target and pick up one brand of jeans in a size 6 and have them fit, I can pick up another brand from the same  store in a size 6 and it not fit. But I still shop there. I have enough common sense to know that different cuts fit differently, as do different fabrics. Who cares what your number is? If you look and feel fabulous then rock you!

Now, have I heard some legitimate complaints? Sure. But understand this company is still very new. As of right now they are only 4 years old. They have some growing to do and with that comes some challenges. But that’s to be expected with a new business. 

The other main complaint I’ve heard is about how they sell their items. They sell through many outlets such as albums, live sales on Facebook, in home sales, and what’s called Pop-ups where they set up in your home like a Tupperware party. My advice on this? If you don’t like it then shop elsewhere. 

I understand not every store is right for every person. Not every style is right for everyone either. And that’s okay! I’m not going to force LuLaRoe on someone who doesn’t want anything to do with it. That’s perfectly fine. But if you are going to call out one company for doing something that many others do then you must call out the others as well.

Do your research. Ask questions of those in the business and those who have had various experiences with them. Hear both sides. 

*As of right now I do not sell nor assist in the sale of LuLaRoe. I am merely a consumer. My consultant is awesome and very professional. She does exchanges on any merchandise that is either unsatisfactory or faulty.*

A Year In The Life

Gilmore Girls 

Finally we have what we’ve all been waiting for. The final four words have been spoken. The Gilmore women have returned in a prodigious way. If you would be so kind and lend me your attention for the next few moments as I remark upon the events of the four seasons. 

Rory has returned to Stars Hollow from Europe. She has many “irons in the fire” and is facing more stress than she understands. It would seem her world isn’t quite as well tethered as it seems. Lorelai’s is fracturing too. With the passing of her father her relationship with her mother is far worse than ever before.

One thing is certain, time passes. Over the six hour journey we see the transition of the Gilmore women. The death of Richard looms over each leading lady with a nearly tangible effect. While Emily faces grief head on she begins to discover who she truly is. Who is the woman when left to her own devices? As she stated in the original series she lived with her parents, went to college, got married, and Richard went to work. It’s time to learn something new.

Discovery is a unique journey for all three women, and I believe only two truly found what they were searching for.

This mini-series has marvelous highs and dejecting lows. If you have, at any time, followed the lives of the Gilmores you will laugh (probably at Kirk), you will cry (probably over Lorelai), and you will carry on (probably with Emily). But remember that not every tear is sad.

For Year I must say I truly enjoyed the excursion into the deeper parts of our ladies’ lives. Not only did this give the fans a look at where they are now, but it also hit on some very crucial character points I believe the fans needed. It pressed on nerves that had been lacking any feeling at all. While the initial series was often lighthearted and pop-culture centered this addition gave so much more.

On the whole I would say I genuinely enjoyed A Year In The Life. It was touching and crazy! Heartfelt and wonderfully new. I will say the final four words left me a little agast, and not in a way I expected. I won’t reveal their gravamen, but I did walk away hoping that Netflix decides to revamp the series in its entirety. 

So go. Watch. Pour yourself some coffee and grab a few dozen boxes of pop tarts to watch A Year In The Life. You won’t be sorry. 

The Truth When Packing for Labor…

I recently experienced the wonders of giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. ( No, this isn’t a gross post. Don’t worry.) Prior to D-day I read every post on the subject and what to expect. Today I thought I’d add to the masses my own personal experience. What I packed and what I actually used (as well as a commentary on specific items).

The Hospital Bag

So I packed what I call the basics. Clothes (a gown for laboring in and an outfit for the ride home), a robe, house shoes, cosmetic stuffs/ toiletries ( hair brush, ties, dry shampoo, toothbrush), pads, baby’s going home outfit, chapstick, a blanket, and my necessary meds. Everything had a purpose. Some blogs list more items they deem necessary. During my labor what did I actually use? The blanket, pajamas, toiletries, and our going home outfits. 

That’s it! And here’s why…

See the hospital provides everything you need from diapers and clothes for baby to underwear (big disposable undies useful for packing all kinds of soothing goodies in) and meds for you. Seriously. The only thing I needed was mittens for baby’s hands. 

If you plan to have a baby any time soon check with your hospital to see what they provide then pack accordingly. I liked to be prepared so I packed a few uncertain things. 

If you want comforts from home I totally understand. But in my experience I was mainly dozing or dealing with contractions too much to notice anything else. 

Here let me stop and address one little detail. I’m aware they now make cute labor gowns which are advertised everywhere. They claim hospital gowns are gross, annoying, and unfit for everything dealing with labor. Um…No. See, here’s the thing, the gowns used in labor and delivery are different from regular hospital gowns. They have covered slits in the front which are great for breastfeeding. They have an open back with off set ties so you are covered but still accessible for an epidural. Also consider this…if you use a birthing gown you brought it may sit in your bag essentially marinating in whatever fluids coated it during your labor and delivery (I know I said it wouldn’t be gross, sorry). The nurses, however, will take a soiled hospital gown and immediately launder it providing you with a fresh one. And I can promise you their detergents are a thousand times better than those you use at home. Also, no-one ever seems concerned about any of the linens which receive the same abuse as the gowns do… So, in my opinion, just use what the hospital provides. Less laundry for new mama later.

I liked my blanket just because it was more comfy than the hospital ones. For dad it’s also good to pack a nice blanket and pillow along with some clothes and toiletries.

Those are just a few of my thoughts on the truth for packing for labor. Good luck! 

Suicide Squad

So, I’ve finally gotten around to seeing the movie I’ve been waiting patiently for.

First of all let me say I really enjoyed this movie. It was mostly what I expected and I would watch it again…. despite the flaws. Which…there were quite a few that drove this writer crazy.

Suicide Squad starts off addressing each character and telling their backstory. I felt this was unnecessary. We have five or six villains whom most of us already know about. Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, all of these most of your audience knows about. But they take the time to have Amanda Waller doing narration. Yay….

Moving along… We have the reason for assembling all of these villains. They want to have a group of meta-humans at their disposal in case of emergency, and these hodgepodge baddies are their hope. Okay, cool. And we all know what the bad guys really want- freedom/power. So how do we control them? Exploding neck implants. Mmmkay.

Here’s where it starts to unravel for me. There has, until this point in the movie, been no problem. No major plot has been set into effect. No real reason to gather these guys together. There is no national/global emergency in effect which requires their unique skill set. Then one manages to go rogue… oh and, by the way, she wasn’t shot with one of the implants. Great!

Now we have a problem. Witchy chick wants to rule the world because…. well why not? Still with me?

As all of the following events unfold in a manner one would pretty much expect in a movie like this, we begin to see more of a few of the character’s backstories. Many a flashback from Deadshot and Harley connect us to their motivations. Harley wants Mr. J. Deadshot wants his daughter.

Then things begin to heat up among the government officials pertaining mainly to Amanda Waller. She started this mess and now everyone wants her to fix it. Even the other squad members. The recruits learn the truth of how the problem came to be and decide they may want to stop witchy chick for their best interests.

Here’s where we get all of the mega-cool special effects. From a witch and her brother who look like two of the coolest videogame villains I’ve ever seen, to Diablo looking like some tribal skeleton with a headdress that is on fire. It sets the scene for one really awesome battle.

Now, about the Joker. Because I know you’ve been waiting for my input on the one guy everyone seems to be talking about. I had no problems with Jared Leto’s Joker. In every imagining of every Batman storyline each Joker is different. Whether it be similar to Batman the Brave and the Bold where the Joker is more silly or Batman the Dark Knight where Heath Ledger manufactured a darker Joker for the new series. Yes, this Joker is a bit more… I dunno… stoic? He is crazy and has less humor. But this is his interpretation and I can’t knock him for doing it his own way. Honestly, I think I works for this particular movie.

All in all, I enjoyed this film. I liked Harley Quinn and her silliness. I really got a laugh out of Killer Croc and the other funny banter.

So, in my opinion I’d give this movie a seven out of ten. It’s not exactly perfect and had a few moments that dragged simply due to exposition. Yes, the plot was filled with holes and lacked in a few areas. But if you like these characters and are curious I’d encourage you to see it.

Anyway, have a good one!

Been Reading!

This is kind of a big deal for me. Since I obviously can’t handle commitment. I’ve been reading a book for about a week or so that is very stereotypical but for some reason can’t put down. The writing is really unique, yet easy to follow. I can’t help but enjoy these broken characters. I’ll give more in the review ( date TBA). 

Until then, I have one thing to say. When was the last time you read a book and, while it was good, you still weren’t halfway through and felt the “mileage”? It’s an odd sensation. Feeling like you are almost finished with it because it is so dense, then realizing you are not even at the midpoint.

Anyway, have a good one!

Out of Wack…

Usually my life is one where I have some semblance of normalcy. I work Wednesday through Saturday, I rest Sunday or Monday, and do errands and bookish things on Tuesdays. This was a pretty good system until our lives were flipped upside down.

From cancer to new life my world has been rocked in multiple ways since last year. Unfortunately, this has left you guys in the lurch for a while. I am truly sorry for that.

It pains me to look back on my beautiful writing days and see the fun blog posts I’ve done and then watch how they’ve petered out. My reading has even been fairly nonexistent. The Rememberance post I took on as a way to bring myself back to my passions.

As I look to the future of this blog I am going to have to become more disciplined. While my life has changed drastically, and is still in transition, I must now create a new normal. Soon we will be welcoming a new baby in our midsts and that will change everything again until we find our groove.

So, don’t give up on me just yet! I still love to bring you reviews and topical posts for your entertainment! I truly miss my books and hope to have more reviews out to you within the next few weeks. I also want to help you to further your writing skills and knowledge. It makes me learn more as well.

I have every intent to bring us back to new post Mondays and keeping you up to date on all things nerdy wormy. Keep your eyes open for those new posts! Have a good one!


By Lisa Wiedmeier

First of all I must state the following:
I received this book as an Advanced Reader in exchange for an honest review.
Can I just say how incredibly excited I am to finally be able to say that?!

After feeling drawn to a man she doesn’t know, or so she believes, Cheyenne has been taken in by him and his family. Colt, meanwhile, is struggling with having his wife back while she doesn’t know him. Kitty is missing her dad who now seems to have some light in his eyes. Who is this new friend of his? What happened to her memory? When will she get to meet her?

Many questions have to be answered. As Cheyenne grows closer and closer to her estranged family she begins to have flashes of things that were once familiar. Memories of the past begin to surface with a vengeance. Painful nightmares and visions take hold when the past begins to surface.

While Cheyenne learns once again who she is, Sheana learns more about those around her. She begins to absorb the decisions she will have to make in her future. Will Beau or Dev be the one she choses? Why does she have to follow what her mother choose not to? She’s read the journals.

Though big things are occurring for everyone in the family, a bigger concern is brewing. Marcus is still a out there and sure to be plotting revenge. With glimmers of light playing around the O’Shea estate something seems to be starting.

You can’t miss another beautiful work from Lisa Wiedmeier. She envelopes you in her world yet again, putting more than just Cheyenne’s visions before you. She pulls at your heart strings and then gives them a good battering before returning you to reality. You can’t help but love each and every character she puts before you. Every person takes more and more of a place in your heart.

Make time to spend in the forests again!

Quote for this week is….


Thank you for your time.

In other news: Remembrance by Lisa Wiedmeier is set to be released this winter.
She is also offering the chance to be a “Super fan”. Which means you get early access to her books in exchange for feedback/reviews. ( Not to mention bragging rights. 🙂 )

Also, I’ve been trying to slow my life down to get some reading done. I may soon be able to upload some more reviews. I am reading a couple of really interesting books, I just haven’t been able to sit down and focus. ( At least on things not baby related.)

Once again I apologize for the delay. It’s been one of those hectic seasons unfortunately. Fun but hectic.

I hope you’ve all had an awesome year so far!
Have a good one!