Winds of Change

So, this week I’ve learned a couple of things. Number one, buying a house is hard. Number two, the buyer’s opinion is all that matters. Number three, I will never buy and rent out a home. Number four, reading is excellent medicine.

We’ve been through the ringer this week and have decided to take a step back and rest. So the best way I can do that is by going back to my restful, enjoyable activities. Reading, writing, and drawing. It’s time to get back to my roots, and I don’t mean my dreads.

In order to be true to my amazing fans (aka you guys) I have taken on a long abandoned task. One in which you will finally receive a certain review you’ve been craving. Next, I am planning on doing even more editing in my novel.

On the editing note, here’s something I really want to advise you guys on. When you have finished writing your story print it. I had picked my story up time and again on the laptop and tried to reread it. But I noticed I began doing something I’m sure you may do as well. You know the story so well you begin skipping, or glancing over sections. When you have the hard copy in your hands it is not only uber exciting but it also makes you pay a bit more attention. In my novel I copy and pasted materials from my other works, or my other variations (which is why you should keep everything you write). From those previous excerpts I had to change some of the POVs from first person to third person. While reading it on the screen it looked great. But once I picked up that hard copy I saw a few ‘me’s and some ‘our’s. I have also noticed some timeline issues, and a few characters that knew things they weren’t present to have experienced. So, always print those many pages before doing any editing.

Another thing is spelling. Generally, a bunch of people type on their PCs now-a-days where word tries to correct everything (whether or not it should is a different post). But on the off chance you choose to use the old and wonderful technique of writing with pen/pencil and paper I have something for you as well. When I was in college my lit. teacher (it was tech school) had a really great way to identify those misspelled words. Read your paper backwards. Sounds crazy right? Okay, not read the words themselves in reverse, but read the paper backwards. For example:

“Sally then walked up the hil tword Jack and joined in the scene.” Would be read “scene the in joined and Jack tword hil the up walked then Sally”.

Sorry for the NMBC reference. Did you notice the misspelled words better forwards or backwards?

So, for the next two days it’s going to be me and my tablet on the couch deep in the world of literature. And what a wonderful world it is! Have a good one!


Step One (And a Half)

Good afternoon my nerdy worms! I hope you are still sticking to those resolutions. I am and they seem to be making life a little sweeter.

Anyway, after taking a month long break from the novel I decided to pick back up and press on. (On my new awesome tablet! The hubs got it so I can now write easily anywhere!) But seeing as how it has been a month I needed a bit of a refresher. So instead of just re-reading the last couple of pages of my 143 page novel I decided to take on part of the editing process.

After a cup of coffee and a few emails I now have my first printing of my hard work. (Thought you were going to get a title, didn’t you?) So now I have been sitting down doing one of two things. I am either editing or reading. Finally, I’m reading again!!! This is kind of a big deal to me because I’ve had a few personal issues that put me off kilter a bit, that and the holidays.

But after a lot of prayer and good advice I’ve gotten my groove back!

I have a very special review coming your way here very soon as well. Work has been slow and that has given me the perfect amount of time to get something accomplished I think you guys will enjoy. 🙂

Anyway, I want to wish everyone a very exciting year filled with new adventures! And I’ll share some of my good advice with you guys, enjoy life. Take some time for yourself. We tend to be so busy now a days that we don’t seem to take time to just go outside and smile. So when you finish reading this, put aside some time to take a day off. The world won’t end if you take a short vacation, so learn to say no. Just for a moment.

Have a good one!

Two weeks

Sometimes it takes a seasonal change to encourage personal change.

I know it’s been a minute since my last update. I’ve been making a lot of changes. A few of which are good for you guys. I’m going to aim toward the literary aspect of my life for a while and see how it sticks.

What does this mean for you? More reviews, more posts, more writing advice, more resources, and hopefully by the end a new story to read. I’m really excited and slightly anxious.

All I ask is that you share and build up this mystery book. Something is coming. Help me spread the word and get this going. We’re excited, and excited people tell other people!

Thanks! Have a great one!


I know I’ve been MIA recently and the short version is that I’ve got allergies really bad.

So! Where are we now? Let me give you an honest entry.

Since The Host I have been doing very little reading. I have also been re-thinking my whole take on my blog. I’ve decided that it is unfair to promise certain reviews and not come through with them. Instead any major literary endeavor will be listed as Mystery Books. Things like Les Miserable, Dracula, Wuthering Heights, etc. shall be alluded to as such Mystery Books because with my current schedule it is easier to keep up with YA Fiction than it is the classics. (Imagine early mornings and late evenings, thus is my life.)

So, I truly apologize for anticipated reviews that have exceeded any decent publication time.

Now for the good news!

In music:

HIM Has officially released Tears On Tape here in the U.S. as of yesterday. Paramore’s NOW came out recently as well.


Jane True is expected to return to us May 28th 2013. Daylight (A Timeless Series Novel) will be out on May 20th. With All My Soul came out on April 1st.

I have the following book reviews still in the works (for serious): Finale By Becca Fitzpatrick and Before I Wake By Rachel Vincent. Add the to-be-released books to this list as well.

I have two Mystery Books in the works as well, but no promises.