No Matter How Small…

Today has been an uplifting day! It is so encouraging when you’ve been pressing on to see little victories.

This morning I woke up and did a little happy dance….which isn’t unusual unless it’s before noon. My email light on my phone was flashing and, as usual, I swiped the blooming thing to get it to quit harassing me. But as my finger left the screen my little brain noticed a teeny email that was from my WordPress account. So, naturally, it peaked my curiosity.

I cleared my eyes of their blurry haze and unplugged my phone from the charger. Then as I was scrolling through my junk folder I found a couple of gems. Someone thinks rather highly of my little posts and decided to share some!

So, I don’t know you but THANK YOU!!! You guys are the reason I do my blog. I want to share my experiences and advice with you. It is so cool when something I have learned can help you to either be entertained or learn something new!

It really made my day, and it also reminded me to get my butt back to work on my story! Haha!

Now, on another note… I know I missed this Monday and for that I am eternally sorry! How any caregivers keep their days straight is beyond me. For the days when you’re crying because I’ve failed and you need some advice click on over to Kristen Lamb’s blog and read her awesome blog. Or check out any of my faves from my Sharing is Caring page (which I have added to)!

Have a good one!


Building a Statue

Good afternoon! I’m so glad you stopped by. If it weren’t for you this blog wouldn’t even exist.

I wanted to update you guys on my current life events. First of all I’ve been aiding a family member, who is near and dear to my heart, with cancer. So as I’ve been MIA recently it’s been due to this truly terrible illness. Cancer is awful and does the worst things to the best people. Secondly, I’ve been running rampant with a million things to get in order. Life goes on, as my motto goes.

And thirdly I’ve been hitting the stacks and scenes. I’ve decided to go back to the roots, no not mine. To some anime roots. I picked up Millennium Snow Vol. 1-2 at the book store yesterday and am really enjoying it.

I wanted to delve into Bisco Hatori’s origins and this is a great place to start. She has little notes in the margins here and there describing her journey to fame and love of manga. Yesterday as well we hit up the Carnival of Madness show to see The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm. Pretty cool show (and you can even see my little person in the stands of the photo they took!).

Yep, I’m a nerd.

I’ll also add here that I’ve begun honestly studying Japanese. The language as well as the culture. And really if you want to truly understand a country and it’s history you need to look first at their food. When it comes to food there are many differences as well as similarities. For example, in many animes you’ll hear them say the phrase ‘Itadakimasu’ prior to a meal. In their country there are a lot of Buddhists. In their beliefs there are many animals as well as plants that signify other gods or idols. So it would be nearly impossible to eat healthily without offending some deity. The phrase ‘itadakimasu’ means ‘thank you for your life’. A sort of prayer, if you will.

(Oh, and Pimsler. Trust me.)

So, while all of this has been going on I haven’t been able to read and keep up as well as I would have liked. And I feel like I’m letting you guys down. So to help make up for that I am going to do everything I can to post twice a week. I’m going to try to do as best I can to put up something every Monday and Friday.

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with this. You matter to me. I may not know you or your circumstance, but you are important. I’ve learned that it is not about perfection. Each day comes with its good and bad. But seeing a 93 year old woman walk in and say she is doing well is such a blessing. Today may not have been what you planned it to be but you do matter, and there will be days when you are doing well. If that’s you today then celebrate it! If not you still matter to me.

Have a good one.