Updates and a Review….

Good afternoon!

So today I wanted to update you on my progress as far as my novel is concerned.

A while ago I was editing my book and re-reading it. After the last NaNo I took a month off and needed to re-read the story to remember exactly where I was and how to proceed. So during my reading I was editing what I had.

After a while I had my novel in my backseat in a folder and it got blown around a bit, but all is still together. (That gave me a mini-stroke!)

As of right now I haven’t picked it up since, which is terrible! I’m no quitter! What am I doing? I need to edit and finish! I am a writer! No dice!

I could make excuses all day (cancer caregiver, work, etc.) but everyone has a life and it’s all filled with ups and downs. And I would be lying if I said I never had a free minute. Obviously, I have enough time to post something each Monday and Friday. And being a writer means actually writing when you have the chance.

So, I should be editing right now but…. let’s just chalk this one up to building a brand! Got it? I mean Kristen Lamb does say……oh well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Anyway, I also wanted to hit on one of the manga novels I picked up. Firstly, let me say I HATE when a series ends and you weren’t aware of it. I mean, am I the only one who doesn’t check before hand to see how long a series/manga is? Secondly, I fell hard and fast for this story.

Millennium Snow is an amazing manga! It is a first and has a few flaws. But Hatori does an excellent job of using that to her advantage. My only frustration is that I felt as if the ending was a little too hasty. A little “dio ex machina” was used. (Don’t worry no spoiler.) I would have loved to have seen a little more of the very end because I thought it was a beautiful story. I also would have liked hearing more of the other character’s stories. For, as much as the first three books really brought you into the story and held you there the ending was very quick and left a few loose tails. So be warned, this series only has FOUR books and makes me sad.

Other than that, have a good one!



My hubs decided to finally pick up a manga. Which thrilled me to death originally. After reading it he convinced me to read it and now I’m hooked! (Roll credits! )

Anyway he picked out the manga Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui. In the story an alien has come to earth to destroy the planet. But first he wants to teach middle school? The students of class 3-E must not only learn their average lessons of math, history, etc., they must also learn how to properly assassinate their teacher!


In this comedy there are very funny and very endearing characters. I’m not usually one to read alien type stuff but I really enjoy the style and writing.

If you need a new anime I highly suggest this one for your leisure.
Have a good one!

Bouncing Back…

Fights. Death. Renewal.

After surviving the drama filled funeral of our loved one it’s time to press forward. Through some of these difficult times I’ve been picking up a few manga novels.
One is Millennium Snow by Bisco Hatori. When Chiyuki, a young girl with a heart condition, meets Toya, a vampire who hates blood, her world changes drastically. Toya has one problem, in order to survive he must make a companion to live for a thousand years to feed off of. In this manga you meet many zany characters and have a few giggles. Hatori uses “dio ex machina” in a very amusing way to further her story and entertain.

The second being Kamisama Kiss. Nanami Momozono has lost her home due to her gambling father’s debts. But when she unwittingly crosses paths with someone who’s abandoned their shrine she manages to become the new deity. Now she must manage to subdue her staff and take on the responsibility of answering the people’s requests in the love department. In a manga much like the love child of Fruits Basket and Inuyasha I’m sure you’ll truly enjoy the humor and insanity of Kamisama Kiss.

Those are my biweekly recommendations I hope you enjoy them! Have a good one!

Because I’m slow….

I hate being slow to post! I’m sure you hate it too. But hey cut me some slack, it was valentines after all. Just kidding! Anyway, let me add one more for the day!

I am about to begin reading Finale. Super excited! Also, I will be taking on the next Soul Screamers book. So no need to fear I’m still on track. Though, alas I fear the Tempest book won’t be out until May.

However, in more exciting news… HIM is planning on coming to the U.S. on tour soon! Their next album, Tears on Tape, will be released on April 30th here in the states and Canada. They just wrapped up in New York and will be announcing their upcoming tour next week. (But for the little jerks who don’t know who HIM is let me give you a little bio. H.I.M. is the first Finnish Band to go platinum in the U.S. They are considered a “Love Metal” band. From their FB site: Razor & Tie A&R Executive Mike Gitter adds, “Few artists are able to tap into rock at its most emotional and forlorn and make it sound so damn uplifting and powerful. That’s Ville Valo and HIM’s stock-in-trade. They take the rawest of emotions and channel them into unforgettable anthems- invoking the spirit of great rock n roll in the process.” – I fully agree. )

Also, I’m putting up some anime stuff (I know, I very rarely do this). I recently stumbled across this little silly nugget on NetFlix. Rosario + Vampire. Check it out! It’s funny and a little twisted.

Anyway, before my laptop dies that’s our latest and greatest! Late!

Vampire Knight Disc 2

Continuing on from where we left off last time Yuki is learning more about her odd past, and so are we. Let me just say drama, drama, drama! The web just keeps getting more intricate as the story progresses. I want to like one character then I’m pulled toward another. And you probably know how it is if you’ve seen/read it.

With Yuki trying to care for Zero and still keep her heart in check she’s realizing things aren’t as easy as they may seem. With Kaname overshadowing her every thought she must face her fears from the past. Her hero may have some hidden flaws and she may be just beginning to sniff them out.

Zero is having to take on what he is and deal with it. Broody as ever, he has to find the strength to overcome impending insanity. Especially if he wants to have any hope of a relationship with Yuki. But his body may bring about his own ruin. Some things are forbidden but must take place for him to carry on.

And what about this new teacher? There is some connection between him and Zero. And he doesn’t hold back. Just what was the headmaster thinking letting someone like that teach a group of vampires? But I guess it makes sense.

Looking forward to the next night!

Vampire Knight

I watched the first DVD of this series. I’d read it but have no actual bookstores anywhere near me. Not to mention my e-reader doesn’t have anime in the store. 😦  So, anyway, after I dried my tears I picked it out on Netflix and sat down for a couple of hours of entertainment. I have to say that so far I enjoy the storyline. I appreciate the comedy as well as the drama. I don’t want to spoil anything, and don’t you spoil it for me, so I’m going to hold back a bit on the review. I think one of my favorite things about any anime is listening to the voice actors and how different they can sound for different characters. It shows just how talented they are at selling characters. Not to knock the people who hired them for the roles. 😉 But listening to the guy who voiced our beloved Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club as well as Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist doing a more subdued character was interesting. Anyway, that’s your anime update for the day!

Still working!

It’s been a couple of days since my last posting, so I figured it was about time to throw you fans a bone!

Our guy will be posting a review on Gravity Rush soon. I myself am still reading Underdead. I’ve been having to plan some personal events so I’ve been unable to read as much as I’d like. Still going to post the review though. Also, there should be some new anime reviews soon! Check in and make sure you haven’t missed anything!