I know I’ve been MIA recently and the short version is that I’ve got allergies really bad.

So! Where are we now? Let me give you an honest entry.

Since The Host I have been doing very little reading. I have also been re-thinking my whole take on my blog. I’ve decided that it is unfair to promise certain reviews and not come through with them. Instead any major literary endeavor will be listed as Mystery Books. Things like Les Miserable, Dracula, Wuthering Heights, etc. shall be alluded to as such Mystery Books because with my current schedule it is easier to keep up with YA Fiction than it is the classics. (Imagine early mornings and late evenings, thus is my life.)

So, I truly apologize for anticipated reviews that have exceeded any decent publication time.

Now for the good news!

In music:

HIM Has officially released Tears On Tape here in the U.S. as of yesterday. Paramore’s NOW came out recently as well.


Jane True is expected to return to us May 28th 2013. Daylight (A Timeless Series Novel) will be out on May 20th. With All My Soul came out on April 1st.

I have the following book reviews still in the works (for serious): Finale By Becca Fitzpatrick and Before I Wake By Rachel Vincent. Add the to-be-released books to this list as well.

I have two Mystery Books in the works as well, but no promises.