Requested Review

I was asked to review this novel by the author Jordan Elizabeth Mierek.

Never enter the Hollow. That’s what everyone says. That’s what everyone warns. But when Honoria, who lost her parents in the September 11th attacks, takes on a dare to enter Witchwood Hollow she may have stumbled upon a mystery.

Arnn is a unique town with a bewitching history. Everyone who enters the Hollow disappears. Many a visitor and resident has vanished. “It’s the witch” they all claim. But witches are only myths. Right? That’s what Honoria sets out to discover in her new home town.

Through the years the town’s history has pressed on. The loss of many relatives has caused a strong superstition to befall the citizens. Many a case cold. No bodies ever found. Maybe there is some truth to this urban tale.

The story unfolds within the pages of Escape from Witchwood Hollow. This story didn’t follow my expectations. Just when I thought I had it figured out, someone else went “missing”. If you need a haunting read this may be the right story for you. It’s not incredibly long but does have a touch of eeriness.

Have a good one!


Tired, NaNo, and the Week Ahead…

Sudden sleepiness has set in but the blogging must continue!!!

Anyway, I am so sorry for all the wonky posting here recently. I had stockpiled posts and material to write about and then I read the list and…. it was completely scattered and repetitive. Scattered and repetitive.

So! Due to prior commitments I have decided to multitask and dole out craziness until Halloween. Here’s my hopes for the next week. First I would like to get you guys at least two more of the nine reviews I promised. One is an audio book and can be accomplished while doing other tasks, SCORE! Secondly, I will be sewing my Halloween costume, or rather half of it, for our Halloween party. And finally, I’d like to get back into the swing of things with a new group of blog material.

Also let’s not forget the countdown to NaNoWriMo! I can’t wait for this season! I was hit hard with inspiration and am truly looking forward to seeing where it takes us. Last year I blogged each day or so and was able to track my progress and emotional journey, because it is emotional. I have never been so mentally exhausted and left feeling so accomplished. I can only imagine it being something akin to birthing a child. Not in the pain, only the mental toll. This year is sure to be just as challenging and awesome!

Again I encourage you to take on the challenge if you never have before. It is truly incredible.

I’m not sure why my lack of sleep keeps my posts more coherent but such is life! Anyway, other than my surprise addition to our review assembly that’s all I’ve got for today.

As always, have a good one!



By Gail Carriger

A ghost. Suspended among the ether. Floating along. What was it she was supposed to tell? Who was she supposed to tell? To wait for? Oh, why can’t her mind remember? Wait a moment… THE QUEEN!!!

Alexia Maccon is fairly far along in her pregnancy when a ghost warns her of impending doom for the queen. Never one for procrastinaion, Lady Alexia must seek out who is threatening the queen. As mujah, it is her civic duty to protect the crown. No matter the cause.

Together with the aid of her most fabulous friends and numerous contacts, Alexia traverses London in search of this ghost’s prior residence. Biffy at her side, she attempts to reconcile him to his new pack duties. It is unfortunate how he came to be a werewolf, yet it is the gift he was given and he must accept it. On the other hand, a broken heart among the supernatural set can have eternal ramifications. It would seem that there are more than just Lord Akeldama and Biffy who have experienced broken hearts. But how are they all interconnected? And does it have anything to do with the death threat on the queen?

The royalty is at stake and time is not on anyone’s side. Not the ghost’s, not the wolves’, not the queen’s, and definitely not Lady Alexia Maccon’s. As her due date grows near so too does the danger to the queen. Is she on the right track or is she lost? The ones she may encounter could dig up some old graves and the pasts of those closest to her. Will she turn out the ones she cares so much about? Will Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings be of any help?

It all leads up to the final book and this series goes out with a bang! So definitely read this on your way to the last book in the Soulless series.


On a side note I have a Halloween treat for you guys.

Yay! I luv tweats!

Yay! I luv tweats!

I have a new gem I stumbled upon and I think many of you may greatly enjoy. I must say I’m ridiculously excited over it! I’m going to give you guys a new review and the only hint is that it has already been TEN YEARS!!!

So on that note… Have a good one!

The thing we call life…

Hey guys! I just wanted to post and let everyone know I’m still writing. It’s been a minute since I uploaded anything. Some unexpected personal matters popped up and I’ve not had the chance to do any stuff for you guys. For that I’m sorry! But I’ll be back later this week with more reviews! Until then have a good one!