NaNoWriMo TIME!!!

I figured while I’ve got two seconds to spare (my child is waking up as we speak) I’d hit on something fun!

NaNoWriMo has arrived!! Yes – I know I’m a few days late, BTW why are you reading this? Shouldn’t you be writing?! That’s today’s point. When you do this challenge remember to JUST KEEP WRITING!!! Don’t stop to edit, just get it typed out or down on paper. And BACK EVERYTHING UP! Save everything on something external. A harddrive, flash drive, etc.

Press on, because you’ll be surprised what your mind spins out of those wee hours typing. Those crazy inspirations will come together. Don’t worry about the how’s and the why’s. There’s time in December to worry over editing and cutting and pasting. For now, get those 50k out and give yourself something to work with later.

Have a great time writing! I always had fun. Maybe next year I’ll hit it up again. I really liked the story I did my second year. Hmm… maybe today I’ll read it. For now, GET BACK TO WRITING!!!