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As If I Have Failed

We have been counting down the days until the release of Allegiant and it has been out since Tuesday. I’m having to postpone my reading of it because I want the hard copy. Which I will have by this weekend at the latest.

I had previously intended to try to get my hands on it last Wednesday but, alas, our entire family gets ill at the same time. So I fully apologize.

Anyway, according to my long list of novels I would like to once again update you on my progress.

1) Insurgent (the re-read) – I am approx. 60-70% finished with it.

2) Allegiant – haven’t started yet

3) Finale – 48% like… yeah. I’ll get to it eventually. I think it’s because I truly despise ending any series.

-And on that note I will certainly feel lost after Allegiant. This has become an obsession.

4) Changeless- exactly 50% and I’m dying to get back to this quirky mystery.

5) Outpost – I haven’t read this one yet but the third one comes out October 29th, 2013.

All I ask for now is that since I haven’t read Allegiant yet please do NOT post any spoilers. I am going to read it and post a review, as usual. I will go ahead and warn you that I intend on posting a very detailed review and it will probably contain spoilers. So please wait until you have read the book yourself to check out the review. I have heard through the grapevine that the ending is sad.

Thanks for stopping by!


It’s been a busy month!

First, I have been re-reading the Divergent and Insurgent books. And whilst I was doing that I had a very painful encounter with a tooth in dire need of a root canal. And considering strong pain killers knock me out and make me loopy I have fallen slightly behind.

But even so I am pursuing a few books as we anticipate the release of Allegiant on October 22nd 2013. I am still working on Finale (Yeah, I know… don’t bring it up), Changeless (which I apparently miss according to my odd dreams about it), and Outpost. It will all come together after Allegiant is reviewed for your eager pleasure.

Also, I wanted to refresh our take on the Razorland series. It is a post-apocalyptic novel with zombies. I’ve only read the first one and on October 29th 2013 the third installment comes out. Spread the word (via the author’s request).

Sorry about the delay, read on!

“Two things you should know about me; The first is that I am deeply suspicious of people in general. It is my nature to expect the worst of them. And the second is that I am unexpectedly good with computers.”  
―     Veronica Roth,     Divergent