A Test of Endurance

In honor of the upcoming film adaptation being released, and due to my absurdly small knowledge of it, I have undertaken the novel (tome) from which it is based. Yes my little fans I am reading Les Miserables! As you can imagine it is a very steep endeavor, but I am quite excited!

I must be adamant in this: every review I researched was positive, even from those who never read classics. Let me describe, in my little piece of understanding, the general (and I use the term as loosely as possible) idea. I would say story, however, there are many in this single compiling so I address it as I have, an idea. Les Mis is a telling of the lives of many individuals who, for the greater good, are forced into many disagreeable circumstances. It points out the humanity of man and the way we seek to exist. A fine lady forced into prostitution, a thief attempting to better himself falls inevitably short, a child born into hardship is raised to life. There are quite a few different stories all of which are linked to one another. Showing how our lifestyles as well as our actions effect not only ourselves but flow out to encompass many others.

This compilation of stories, this novel, this tome, is a classic. A classic which has been translated from french and often abridged. Now, I have great respect for those who have worked so hard to translate this classic and also retain the spirit of original intent. If you so decide to trek through the greatness Les Mis with me I implore you to consider the translation you choose with care. Some are as true to the text as can be, meaning a bit more difficult to read , while others are more plain. Personally I have the Norman Denny version to read. I have found his reasoning for his translation to be well thought out and sensible.

This book, if it can so be called without loosing its value, is divided and subdivided. It has stories, chapters, and sub-chapters leading it to have very brief segments. They do, no matter the translation, take a bit of thought to read through. You may have to re-read a portion or eight to fully grasp the context. It is such in any classic I assure you.

So the big question, will I review and rate this book? Well… I do hope to. I see it as being very difficult to review such a complex novel fairly and give it a rating based on that. But I will try. I always encourage you to read, especially classics. So, take the next month or so and pick one up!


You’d think the piles would be getting shorter

So… I’m working on My Soul to Steal which, as you should know by now, is the Soul Screamers series. Obviously I’m hooked so I encourage you to pick up the first if you haven’t yet. 🙂

Our guy is kicking butt at playing PlayStation All-stars. As far as play style is concerned think Super Smash Bros. but for the PS3/PSVita. Plus they’ve included one of my favorite and funniest characters, Sir Daniel Fortesque! And if you don’t know who Fortesque is DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! (Here’s a hint PS1, Medieval) They may have hinted at a possible revamp of the games, just saying.

As far as upcoming movies to see it looks as if The Hobbit will be an awesome movie this December. A great prequel to the Lord of the Rings series. We recently watched Wreck It Ralph and throughly enjoyed it. Quite funny with great video game references. If you’re a big gamer I highly recommend seeing it. Also coming soon is Les Miserables. Now, I’m not a super huge musical fan, in fact most creep me out. However, I really look forward to this one for a couple of reasons. The first being how the movie was filmed. Meaning they filmed the singing in real-time and with an honesty true to the characters. The second reason? Have you seen the cast?

And lastly, don’t forget to send us your suggestions! Thank you for stopping by!


By Kailin Gow

A pretty quick read I must begin with. I liked the pace although I definitely should have read it on its own and not while I had a few others to broach.

Kalina still aches over the death of her ex-boyfriend Aaron. Blaming herself for not staying with him, blaming him for being drunk all the time, she can’t help but be angry. But when Aaron’s half brother’s show up and spring the frightening truth on her things change and rapidly.

The Greystone trio are vampires… who run a winery. The selling of vampire wine allows for vampires to coexist alongside humans (Think TruBlood). Though not all of the brothers use this method. Stewart and Jaegar have fought for centuries. Constantly in search of a very special family, or very special person. The one who gives them the key to either great power or humanity. Each has picked a side and stands firm.

Kalina’s blood holds their future. It’s rarity draws in all sorts of vampires. Octavius above all others, a very old and important vampire. The one who may be responsible for the whole mess to begin with. But when everyone is after Kalina the two brothers must work together to keep everything about her safe. But what, or who, will Kalina choose? Or will she even get the chance to choose? It all depends on what the vampires want.

I will have to give this book an eight. It had a pretty great storyline with a fast paced feel. I did feel that it was only slightly choppy. It would move from one scene to the next with little more than a breath or an explanation. I look forward to the next book with high hopes. Pulse leaves something to be expected in the following volume.