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Here’s hoping everyone escaped the cold that I caught. I also hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. Here in the US we are experiencing winter at it’s finest. Which, with it being cold out, means I get to read a bit more! So, without further ado…

Heartless By Gail Carriger

Alexia Maccon is eight months pregnant and should be slowing down. But when a ghost appears with a warning about the queen’s life Alexia, in character, launches into action. More like hobbling. Not only is she on the case of the queen she is moving her residence. After Lord Akeldama agrees to adopt the baby Maccon, at the sacrifice of his second and third best closets, the Lord and Lady decide to move into the townhouse next door. When werewolves are in the mix nothing is easy.

So while renovations are underway Alexia decides to investigate her case going undercover as a pregnant “Mrs. Floote”. But something seems odd. Some of the pieces aren’t fitting together properly. And when Formerly Lefoux, in her increasingly maddened state, exclaims the she’s on the wrong track Lady Maccon may have two cases to solve. However, it may be best to let sleeping dogs lie. Especially when lineage is involved. And Why does Madame Lefoux look so exhausted?

After solving the lesser of the two, Alexia has to start from square on all over again. Heading back to Madame Lefoux’s chamber she seeks to further question the aunt. But things are getting worse for the poor poltergeist. A terrible wailing can be herd even among the noisy contraptions. And where has Madame Lefoux vanished to?

Alexia must waddle around London and find the inventor before the worst can happen. Finally on the right track Alexia Maccon ends up in a dirigible, a hive, an octopus, and eventually her own bed. With only her poor bustle being the worse for wear.

I know this review seems a bit vague but it is very difficult for me to describe it without giving away very crucial details. So… as always take the time! I give this book a nine out of ten for yet again making me laugh and being filled with intrigue. Gail Carriger is a literary genius. I have never read a book, let alone a series, so well choreographed from beginning to end. These novels are like fine artwork in their construction.


Happy a bunch of things!

I hope those fans here in the states had an awesome Thanksgiving. I, meanwhile, have been a nerdy worm having finished two novels in under a week! So, without further ado!

Changeless By Gail Carriger

Lady Alexia Maccon has just moved into Woosley Estate with her husband, Lord Conall Maccon, and the rest of the pack. But for some strange reason she can’t seem to pin her husband down for a mere moment of chatter. And when the extended pack arrives and begins setting up camp on the front lawn the Alpha female has her work cut out for her. With her spouse suddenly out-of-town introductions are few and far between. But what has this group of werewolves brought along with them? It would seem Alexia is not the only curse-breaker around.

After some encouragement from a ghost of the estate Alexia ventures out for a new parasol at the local hat shoppe. Where upon she meets the rather unique, french Madame Lefoux. Who, as it turns out, is quite the inventor and adventurer. It would seem Alexia Maccon’s own adventure is about to begin. Via a dirigible. To Scotland. With her sister, an inventor, a claviger, and her old butler.

Scotland, it would appear, is antiquated. While visiting some in-laws -sort to speak- Alexia and her recovered husband delve back into some of Lord Maccon’s past. Which, it would seem, is very dramatic. And though there are some rough edges Alexia may just be the right woman to take on the job of mediator. As always, the lady must bring understanding to the werewolves.

I truly loved this second book. The characters are comical and very colorful. Not to mention the Earl is quite taken with his new bride. So I give it a nine out of ten.

I must ask that if you haven’t read the second yet then please do not proceed any further. The third gives away plot spoilers!

Moving right along then….

Blameless also by Gail Carriger

Lady Alexia Maccon is pregnant! A development that Lord Maccon can’t seem to grasp initially. How can this be?! A dead werewolf and a soulless woman? It would seem impossible. Although, it would seem all the more implausible. After a rather vulgar display from the Earl Lady Maccon is banished from her newest home. And after bouncing from her parent’s home to the vacated Lord Akeldama’s, Alexia is getting anxious. After recruiting the ever ready Madame Lefoux and Floote, Lady Maccon flees to Italy for her own safety. It would seem the vampires are out for her neck.

And with that price on her head an inebriated Alpha is in no right state of mind to aid the Lady. So it’s up to professor Lyall to save the day. And while dealing with the pack is enough having to handle all of BUR’s affiars is a whole other kettle of fish. He must find out where Lord Akeldama has vanished to, how to keep Lady Maccon safe and prove her faithfulness, keep the Earl out of his laboratory, find Major Channing Channing of the Chesterfield Channings and that dandy Biffy.

Alexia Maccon and her “infant-inconvenience” keep on the move throughout this whole book. Meeting some lovely as well as vile characters. There never is a dull moment when the Maccons are involved. And though some people are more fiendish than they seem others are more clever than previously credited.

I found this novel ridiculously funny! Gail has an amazing sense of charisma and knows just when to hit the nail on the head! I am always having to momentarily put the novel down just for a happy dance. I love this series and will give this piece another nine out of ten! I totally encourage you to take the time!

I hope you all have an amazing holiday season! I’ll keep you up to date with reviews during this winter season!