Them Games…

So, I recently finished watching a ‘Let’s Play’ that I found slightly entertaining. Although it does bring to mind the inner struggle. Why do people play these games?

Hunie Pop is a dating simulator. In said game you complete puzzles (bejeweled) and achieve successful dates. Ultimately, your goal is to… you guessed it, go “all the way” with the different girls you meet.

Now, watching someone like Jacksepticeye play a game of this nature is highly entertaining and silly. But it does make me wonder about those who would, on any given day, purchase a game of this nature for their own personal kicks. I mean, I understand simple curiosity. What bothers me is the thought that someone out there takes these games very seriously, and I don’t mean in the strategy way.

See, for gamers who play these style games with an open mind to just be entertained I think it’s fine. But you see, these developers took legitimate time to carefully construct the graphic images you find in these such games. And while over-sexualizing females is a topic for another post, I still feel there are people who would rather spend time fondling themselves to such absurdities than actually becoming a decent member of society and…. well you get the picture.

It is very odd to me that in some societies this has become the only “interaction” some people see. Filling your time with so much work that you aren’t able to have otherwise healthy relationships. When, really, the clock itself was designed to tell monks how much time they had allotted to certain tasks such as prayer and chores. So, filling your time with a game that’s purpose is to arouse and not much else seems like a waste of time and genius invention.

So, today, take time to… enjoy time. Doing something valuable with it is worth it. That’s what it was designed for. If you want to play a game for fun, go ahead! But if you’re looking for affection, actually go out and seek a person. Or, if you’re just wanting to prove that these games exist go ahead….

Anyway, have a good one!


Another Share!

Each night in our home is probably a bit different than yours. There is the usual ritual of dinner, chatting, games or other time wasters. But then night falls and we climb into bed and turn on the Chromecast. This is probably one of my favorite times of day. Why? Because we get to watch our favorite web shows!

I’ve already done a post for you guys about Rhett and Link. They have all kinds of channels. From their daily Good Mythical Morning (and Good Mythical More) to their music videos and podcasts.

Now, some months ago we stumbled upon a new web show that makes us giggle. Okay, okay it makes us laugh really hard. This guy reviews videogames. Generally PC games, and often horror games. While I don’t exactly like the bad language, this channel is pretty entertaining. The name? Markiplier.

In 2012 Mark began doing video commentaries on PC games. His attempts at survival and his comedic reactions have made him a YouTube sensation. And he doesn’t just post a single video on each game. Often he has many parts of his journey.

With many other endeavors under his belt, including charity livestreams, he has taken the internet by storm. He has the voice for radio, the humor of a stand up, and the insanity of a true madman. He often teams up with other YouTube celebrities such as The Game Grumps, Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, Yamimash, and his buds Bob and Wade to do many collaborations and shenanigans.

If you ever need a good laugh, or just want to watch some poor guy’s terror, head on over and check it out. I will say it is definitely an older teens/adult style of channel, so you’ve been warned. (Language, game violence, thematic elements, occasional sexual content -mature games.)

Gaming News

So… I misunderstood…

There are quite a few characters available for download on Injustice Gods Among Us.

I started listing them off under the impression there would be only four, but the season’s pass only bought you the first four. So here’s our listing of downloadable characters thus far:





Martian Manhunter


And I was quite excited to see Martian Manhunter because watching him hover around on one of the levels without being able to use him was driving me nuts. And I’m like the rest who thinks it was a cop-out putting in Scorpion.

Anyway, that’s our gaming news for today!

Injustice: Gods Among Us

This game is pretty freaking cool!

Set in a comic book world your favorite DC heroes are sent to an alternate dimension. When right and wrong are less than clear anymore.

This game is much like Mortal Kombat in that it is your basic fighting game. With unique basic and combo attacks for each character and villan. You have some characters that are more small and agile (like the Flash) and others (like Solomon Grundy) who are more strength oriented. But you also have folks like Raven who are the exception to the rule.

In the game you move through a storyline as if you are part of the comic. And for every metaphorical moment of “POW” or “BAM” you are the one inflicting the movement. Yet, it is not real cartoony looking and each battle arena attributes its own useful breakables you can punt someone into. You don’t get that long video clip where you’re saying, “Gee, I wish I was putting the hurt on instead of the AI”. Instead you are playing every vital moment of battle.

The character lineup combines all of the classic DC characters such as Batman, Robin, Solomon Grundy, the Titans, Shazam, and many others. Also, there will soon be add on characters released (one of whom I believe is Lobo).

I like that there is not much gore like you’d find in some of the MK games, and most of your movement is realistic. The animation is very well thought out and the movements are clean. Now, there are backgrounds that include more adult themed pieces. For example, in one of the areas you’ll find a theatre that boasts ‘Live Nudes’.

I must say that discovering each character’s special attack is cool. I mean, when a freaking shark comes out of nowhere…. Not to mention the more you play the more you unlock new clothing options and such. Also, each character has its approximate villain. One of which I was insanely pleased to find in this game.

I would not say this is a kids game. Though it is entertaining and fun to kick your friends’ butt at.

I would give it on a scale of one to ten an….. eight.

This game is really fun and tries to make Aquaman cool. So try it out!

We’re Baaaaack!

We have had quite the adventure this past week. But I wanted to update everyone on our progress thus far.

First I have been reading probably around five books simultaneously to keep all the reviews coming for a little while. Also, one of my trusted readers has kept me in the stacks as she piles on the literature. Currently I am reading My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent, Finale by Rebecca Fitzpatrick, Pulse by Kailin Gow, Angel Time by Anne Rice, the sample of The Secret of Ella and Micha, and attempting to re-finish the twilight series within the week. So.. my plate is quite full but feel free to leave a suggestion or two for me to check out. 😉

Mr. Technology has been working on Borderlands 2 (or at least he should be), Pokemon Soul Silver and White, and Xenogears on PS Vita.

Now since we’ve been absent I feel the need to give you a few recommendations via my reliable reader friend. Her references are based on the main genres I tend to read. So if you need more reading material than I have go ahead and add to your piles Wither by Lauren Destefano and Pure by Julianna Baggott.

I hope you’ll forgive us for hiding from you for a week or two. We’ll deliver again soon.

The Process of RealNerdWorms

So… my mind needed a little fuel. Something with some meat to the storyline. Not to say I don’t like the couple of books I am reading (My Soul to Save By Rachel Vincent and Pulse By Kailin Gow), but more along the lines that I need something out of the norm. So I added a third one to the mix. Angel Time By Anne Rice.

So I have a couple of YA Fiction and one Literature. I spoiled myself with intense literary works in high school. I still love them very much, however I rarely have time to read them. (Today was a major exception.) I will be posting reviews on the blog soon for all three. With hopes to return to the Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers trilogy soon as well.

I look forward to filling you with many suggestions to fill your every free hour soon. Phew, that’s a lot of reading!

Moving on, as far as entertainment I must lightly recommend watching “Elementary”. I say lightly because I have hardly seen the show. Though, from what I have seen I enjoy it. Think Monk meets CSI whatever-you-please. It puts a new spin on the Sherlock Holmes mysteries with Dr. Watson portrayed as a female. Fascinating.

Borderlands 2 will have its place in the spotlight soon as well. I’ve been watching our guy playing it and it’s quite witty and worth trying out. If you know anything about the first one you’ll understand why it may take a little time to post a review. As I understand it the game runs in a bunch of possible directions, all of which are valid and worth trying out.

We are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for new and interesting trends in your entertainment world. (Unless it’s in books because, let’s face it, popular books usually have been out for years and are more than likely overrated, though there are exceptions to every rule.)

On a final and side note: Let’s not “follow” someone else’s blog to further your personal business venture. Thanks for your cooperation on this issue.

We thank you so much for your time and for checking out our suggestions and reviews. Let us know what you think in the comments sections!

Gravity Rush – It should have been a platformer.

Gravity Rush

So, For those of you who don’t know… Gravity Rush is a Sandbox, mission based Video Game (You know, Like GTA)  on the PS Vita.  The gimmick for this game? You play a super powered girl who can alter gravity.  The concept is good, and the game -is- fun, but a few things fall short.

For starters, the mission based gameplay seems to fall short for a sandbox style game.  While it’s fun to fly around the city, and run up the sides of buildings, there just doesn’t seem like enough for you to do.  The missions seem few and far between, and the “challenge” missions take only a few minutes to complete, and they’re just isn’t enough of them to keep you busy for long gaming sessions. On the other hand, the
missions being short make the game easy to pick-up-and-play, which makes it a great portable game (On the Portable system? No way!).

The only other problem I have with the game is the combat, which seems a bit repetitive.  Combat on the ground is less so, But it still sort of dodge-hit-dodge… Air combat, on the other hand; Is -very- repetitive… When facing Flying enemies, you are more or less forced to spam one or two of your 4 gravity based attacks.  Boss Fights tend to be long and drawn out, unless you max out your Gravity Shift timer early on (Which lets you stay in your Gravity shift state longer), Because if not, You’ll end up grounded until your timer resets

Despite minor flaws, this game is till enjoyable.  The story is interesting enough; though not ground breaking, and exploring the city is one of the real highlights of gameplay.

If I had to make a suggestion on Gravity Rush, I’d say:

Give It A Try.

Gravity Rush is a good pickup-and-play game that’s good for those moments of downtime, but may not be for everyone.