The Truth When Packing for Labor…

I recently experienced the wonders of giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. ( No, this isn’t a gross post. Don’t worry.) Prior to D-day I read every post on the subject and what to expect. Today I thought I’d add to the masses my own personal experience. What I packed and what I actually used (as well as a commentary on specific items).

The Hospital Bag

So I packed what I call the basics. Clothes (a gown for laboring in and an outfit for the ride home), a robe, house shoes, cosmetic stuffs/ toiletries ( hair brush, ties, dry shampoo, toothbrush), pads, baby’s going home outfit, chapstick, a blanket, and my necessary meds. Everything had a purpose. Some blogs list more items they deem necessary. During my labor what did I actually use? The blanket, pajamas, toiletries, and our going home outfits. 

That’s it! And here’s why…

See the hospital provides everything you need from diapers and clothes for baby to underwear (big disposable undies useful for packing all kinds of soothing goodies in) and meds for you. Seriously. The only thing I needed was mittens for baby’s hands. 

If you plan to have a baby any time soon check with your hospital to see what they provide then pack accordingly. I liked to be prepared so I packed a few uncertain things. 

If you want comforts from home I totally understand. But in my experience I was mainly dozing or dealing with contractions too much to notice anything else. 

Here let me stop and address one little detail. I’m aware they now make cute labor gowns which are advertised everywhere. They claim hospital gowns are gross, annoying, and unfit for everything dealing with labor. Um…No. See, here’s the thing, the gowns used in labor and delivery are different from regular hospital gowns. They have covered slits in the front which are great for breastfeeding. They have an open back with off set ties so you are covered but still accessible for an epidural. Also consider this…if you use a birthing gown you brought it may sit in your bag essentially marinating in whatever fluids coated it during your labor and delivery (I know I said it wouldn’t be gross, sorry). The nurses, however, will take a soiled hospital gown and immediately launder it providing you with a fresh one. And I can promise you their detergents are a thousand times better than those you use at home. Also, no-one ever seems concerned about any of the linens which receive the same abuse as the gowns do… So, in my opinion, just use what the hospital provides. Less laundry for new mama later.

I liked my blanket just because it was more comfy than the hospital ones. For dad it’s also good to pack a nice blanket and pillow along with some clothes and toiletries.

Those are just a few of my thoughts on the truth for packing for labor. Good luck!