New and Shiny!

Hey! I have a new blog!

I decided to take up a new “hobby”. I am now chronicling my journey with my new dreadlocks! I am doing them myself and only have a few, but I have done a TON of research on them and decided to try them for myself. If you think you may be interested head on over to I have included a few links to my reference sites and places you can find plenty of advice on dreads.

Hope to see you there! Have a good one!


Random Annoyance!!!

Ok, so I am the kind of person who thinks a little differently than most people. And as a hairdresser I think that if it’s your hair it is your decision. (Now don’t get me wrong, that chick who shaved the bottom half of her head and then dyed the rest lime green should have just read a good book that night.) Moving on…

I recently read a blog post from a rather narrow minded woman. In her opinion Caucasian people should never wear their hair in dreadlocks.


Ok…let’s work this out. In her post she said that she thinks it looks bad on Caucasians, which she is at liberty to think. I, personally, disagree… but different strokes and all that. Her argument, however, began its decline pretty early on. She stated that this particular hairstyle is only for African American hair, in her terms African hair does this automatically. …No. It does not. It may mat up if not taken care of properly, but it doesn’t ‘lock’.

And let me digress here for a moment. Last time I checked Caucasians, Hispanics, Indians, Asians, and African Americans all colored, bleached, braided, and cut their hair. (Barring religious commitments.) So, saying any hairstyle is only for one particular race is insane.

Next, she went on to state that only African American people can pull it off because of either their features or their “smoothness”.


Guys, I’m not racist. I don’t care how anyone of any ethnic background wears their hair. But this was this woman’s argument. As an African American woman! Lady, come on.

Had her argument been that dreadlocks should be restricted to those who have a specific religious affiliation or particular lifestyle that I may understand. But using your skin color as your reasoning…just no.

Now, to be fair there are some people who’s features would be best accentuated by different styles or colors but that should never stop you from trying new things.

Well… that’s my random rant for the week. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m in need of a snack.

Have a good one!

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas! We didn’t have a huge gathering today seeing as how we had two or three the past few weeks. So today we decided to go hit the movies (with our gifted movie tickets)! Without further ado allow me to present…

Big Hero 6!

Hiro Hamada is a teen with an incredible brain for robotics. When his older brother shows him that there are greater ways to utilize his talents other than robot fighting, he decides to take on college. But when he loses his brother, plans change.

Baymax was the last invention left by his older brother. It is a medical robot whose job is to seek out those in pain and tend to their needs. His design is configured to alleviate fear and his programming is kind. After discovering one of his inventions, which he had believed to be lost, is in activation he has to find it .Who would use it? Or, more importantly, how would they use it?

With the help of his brother’s, and now his, friends Hiro begins to track down his creation and learn that loss effects many people in many ways. Not everyone deals with it the same way and it may just be a bigger problem than he first thought.

This movie has amazing characters, if they are predictable. Each one seems to have their own unique personality. Each individually enjoyable and fun. Their care for Hiro brings out more than just kindness. Each one is quirky in his or her own way. Hiro, himself, refers to them as nerds.

The story unfolds in a very realistic way. Though the ending felt a bit…rushed it still played out well enough that you didn’t feel left wanting. You get the emotions as they flow from the screen to you. And being a pretty amazing movie you travel through the ups and downs with Hiro. The relationship between the brothers is very endearing and believable.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film! It was very funny and the little things catch you off guard. My only hang up is that with it being a Disney movie the same thing happened that always happens… they kill off someone in the family. I mean come on Disney! Is this your easy out? Masochists…

But anyway, overall I would have to give this movie an eight out of ten. Great movie, wonderful story, beautiful animation. So I do encourage you to go and see it!

Have a great one!

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

I’ve been taking a personal break myself. Since November was such a rough month I didn’t want to follow it with even more stress. So what have I been doing?

Well, firstly I picked up a copy of Rise of the Machines- Human Authors in a Digital World by Kristen Lamb. I’m only a short ways in but I do highly recommend it. I swear this woman lives in my head, it’s scary.

Secondly, I’ve been doing some leisurely reading, which doesn’t really exist anymore for me. Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy reading, only now I’m absorbing how each story is written. Why it works, how the characters present themselves, etc.

I’ve also picked up a manga. It’s been a long time since I’ve read one instead of watching it. Maybe I’ll pick up a thing or two there as well.

Anyway, I plan on getting back to the old novel after the first. So don’t panic, I’ll be back in the saddle giving you the ups and downs of being a writer very soon.

For everyone who has continued to write through this hectic season my advice is to keep up with Kristen Lamb. It’s where I go when I need a kick in the pants!

Have a good one and a happy holiday season!

Letting Go to Move Forward

I’ve been MIA for a couple of days, which really shouldn’t be a surprise, in order to regroup after the NaNoWriMo trek.

After a few days of rest and relaxation I’m back and ready for action. But as a writer what does that really mean? Allow me to explain.

During NaNo I gave you guys my most honest view of the whole event. The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Can you say Earnest Scared Stupid?) After a while I began using more cliches than anyone I’ve ever met. My brain went into survival mode and I couldn’t come up with new material. (That, and I lost my index cards.) So I began to feel like a hamster in a wheel, not going anywhere significant and staring at that same scenery. I felt that in order to hit that 50k goal I had to finish my story. That simply wasn’t so.

I had lost focus on the main goal. Yes I wanted to hit 50,000 words, badly. Yes I wanted to order my t-shirt from the NaNo sight. I wanted cake and balloons!! But in the end I had lost what my main goal was. To write a good story.

My reason for writing got lost in the sea of goop that is NaNoWriMo. I wanted to write an amazing story to share with those who enjoy reading fiction. I wanted to take you away to a new place that still feels kind of familiar and let you bask there. The same way some of my favorite authors do.

Looking back I see now that I should have realized this sooner. But once there is a line in that darn record the song just keeps skipping. And, hindsight is 20/20 anyway.

After having put many hours into my novel and feeling like it’s utter crap (yep I finally hit that wall), I have finally figured it out. That if I want to be a writer then that’s what I should do. Write what I love. Write what I enjoy. Take the time of day and just go at it. Right now it’s not about quality, nor is it about quantity. It’s about doing what you love.

Anyone catch the second Mulan movie? Remember “my duty is to my heart”? Well with writing that’s how it should be. Take an idea and run with it.

Now, I also want to say this: if you have finished writing your novel, let it rest. It’s kind of like a good steak. You marinade it, grill it, and let it rest. You need it to sit a while before delving into it again. With a novel you need to leave it be for a week or so. In Scott Bell’s novel he says to walk away from it for some time. Then, when you are ready, PRINT it out and read it. Yes, PRINT. Because that gives you a different model to work with.

Create a system to edit with, different symbols to mark so you know to look back there later. But sit down and actually read your story from beginning to end. It’s like being a chef, you don’t let that dish leave without tasting the sauce first yourself.

When I read my stuff later it feels different. Yes, I remember my thoughts I had while penning it down. To me, though, it feels kind of like a dream. I know my characters, but as I go through I am reintroducing myself to them. I am seeing how they present themselves on paper for the first time.

This December take the first couple of weeks and break away from your laptop (it’s okay everybody’s doing it) and rest.

Thoughts? Comments? Let me know! Love reading your posts!

Also, I wanted to share some of my inspiration for this post. It comes from my favorite blogger Kristen Lamb.

December First! Finally.

Welcome to the last month of the year. I hope everyone has had a great year so far, so let’s go out with a bang shall we?

I want everyone to know just how glad I am that it is finally December. So in order to do that I have one thing to say…

It’s over!!!! NaNoWriMo is over!!!!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be out of November!

I have typed my fingers to the bones and carved deep circles beneath my eyes. My body is so blown out on coffee it’s now part of my DNA. I have read nothing AT ALL this month just to keep up with the goals. I have eaten more junk than I ever needed to and ignored my poor puppy. I have hid out at my job and built my own fort. And where did it get me?

45,086 words!!! I am freaking proud of that figure!!!

And I fully plan on celebrating by sleeping for the next two days.

But seriously, I truly enjoyed every moment spent writing. It showed me so much and led me to many wonderful places. I learned that not only am I capable of much more than I ever dreamed, but also that it can be done with a life to live. Writing is difficult and easy at the same time. You tell a story and you have to work with it.

Congrats to everyone who made or even surpassed their goal!!! You are rock stars! And to those going at it your first year how did you do? Did you make it or did you fall short? It isn’t so easy as you thought is it?

I also want to share that though I didn’t quite make it I will keep writing. I have so much more to tell! This story will continue for a few thousand more words. That fact really shocked me! I figured after about ten thousand words I’d be spent, and to now know that my story can’t just end at fifty? That totally blows my mind!

I hope everyone had as amazing a time as I have, and I hope you picked up some valuable lessons to carry with you. Never give up on a story. It’s like Hayley said, it’s not about where you think you should be, it’s about where you WANT to be. I wish you many wonderful days of writing and a great holiday season. I’ll still be posting for you so don’t worry!

But for now? Get some shut eye, you’ve earned it!