Crazy World

Somehow after quitting one job, I’ve become far more busy than I could have anticipated. And while the change is a welcome one, humans still require rest. Having a 17 month old kind of puts a wrench in that, but we manage.

One thing I have been doing is spending some time on Pinterest. Not that I’m being crafty, but I’ve found some very interesting writing prompts and advice on there. While some are extremely repetitive (one more seven deadly sins character prompt and I’ll hurl), others can really make your mind begin to churn. The ones I’ve personally enjoyed are the dialogue prompts. Two characters exchanging words amidst some unique situation YOU create.

I’ll give you my favorite example:

“Just, take a deep breath or something!”

“Take a deep breath?! It feels like my INSIDES are being RIPPED OUT!”

See, for me my brain instantly jumps to a woman in labor with someone extremely ill equipped to handle the situation in proximity. Possibly even trapped in an enclosure (elevator, cave, crash site). Not that those wouldn’t work for a perfectly good story, but it’s not exactly interesting. It’s birth. It happens everyday.

Instead, what other situation could this conversation be happening in? Make it hilarious! Is someone being turned into a bizarre creature? What about something burrowing into them? Are they dying and being reborn? Now THAT’S a birth that could be interesting! What if butterflies caused such a sensation? Or the sound of a helicopter? What if someone saying your name had you feeling such a torture?

When it comes to writing prompts the possibilities are innumerable. Always keep your eyes and ears open for random inspiration. When in doubt, people watch and make up conversations. Invite a friend along and you’ll be rolling before you know it. What can I say? It’s a crazy world!