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I just wanted to say that if you enjoy my book reviews and are not on Goodreads then you are missing out.

It is a site entirely devoted to books of all kinds. From the great american novel to instructional manuals everything is listed. You can review, recommend, discuss, and check out books. You can link it up with your Facebook page or other social networks. You can add friends and chat about your latest finding. You can even chat with authors and be their friend too!

I love to read and write in the discussions sections. I even re-post my reviews on there! You may even find one I haven’t put on here yet.

I really love this site and their recommendations are pretty relevant. So if you haven’t visited it or become a member I suggest you take a moment to flip on over there! (You can also look me up too!)


I’m Counting this as a Quote

My lady’s presence makes the roses red because to see her lips they blush for shame: The lily’s leaves for envy pale became, and her white hands in them this envy bred. The marigold abroad its leaves did spread because the sun’s and her power is the same the violet of purple colour came, dyed with the blood she made my heart to shed. In brief, all flowers from her their virtue take; from her sweet breath their sweet smells do proceed; the living heat which her eyebeams do make warmeth the ground, and quickeneth the seed. The rain wherewith she watereth these flowers falls from mine eyes which she dissolves in showers.

-Henry Constable

Iron Man 3!

This movie freaking rocks! Which reminds me… I need to purchase all these movies.

(Not My Picture)

So.. we ventured out on a double date two weeks ago and saw the latest Iron Man movie. As much as I love these movies (including The Avengers) I was looking forward to it, despite my uneasiness about the phrase ‘double date’.

And we get to the theatre:

The cinema wasn’t very crowded. And aside from the three hours of previews (I mean is it just me or is half of our ticket price just for previews alone?) I must say the movie ROCKED. Now, I must admit that I didn’t particularly enjoy the second Iron Man movie (SHUT UP) AT FIRST for odd reasons but I LOVED this one.

Tony Stark has been through a lot recently. Going from a billionaire, playboy who designs weaponry to a superhero in an elaborate metal suit was only the first step. When beings from outer space decided to do the whole earth thing that’s when life took on a whole new meaning for Mr. Stark.

Putting things into prospective has put Tony in a very surreal and uncomfortable place. Even the man who seems to always have it all together can be shaken to his core. What do you do when you can’t be the hero, or so you think? Who and what can you rely on? Why can’t you sleep?

These are just a few of the unexplored things Tony has to face.

This movie packs a mega punch to the face with a Stark Ind. rocket! You catch a painful glimpse into the psyche of your favorite hero. Who, in this episode proves he truly has a heart. (Say it with me folks, Awwww!)

So, in the end (after a less than awesome dinner) our double date was a success after all.

I highly recommend seeing this movie to any and all Iron Man fans. Ten out of ten for me!

Before I Wake

By Rachel Vincent

Wow. I’m really angry…

Kaylee is adjusting to life after death. Her death. And you’d think she’d be non-living happily ever after. But things are never as simple as anyone would like.

After ‘recovering’ from being stabbed (and killed) by her school teacher Kaylee is having trouble staying with it. Literally. With her new reclamation abilities she is fading in and out of her general humanity with her only tether being Tod. But he can’t be with her night and day, especially since Kaylee is trying to resume life’s normality.

Avari is still on the loose, and so is Thane. No one is safe while danger still lurks at their door. All of humanity is in danger and it’s up to Kaylee to choose who’s next.

In this breath-taking, heart-wrenching, soul-stealing installment of the Soul Screamers series you’ll let go and drift right along with our heroine. I feel like going on much more would tell too much. But the series must end and with it so shall many other things. Up to the end you feel this story’s gravity. You mourn and celebrate. You find no good stopping points, so keep food on hand.

I must give this book an eight. If you’ve followed this series this far, and kept up with it, then I suggest you read this and the final novel in our journey with Kaylee and the gang. If you ever loved Nash, if you fell for Tod, if you loved the rough-edged Sabine, if you treasured Emma, if you trusted Alec, if you craved Harmony’s cookies then pick it up. Do take the time.


Is the third book in the Divergent series. I’m sooo excited. Veronica Roth is a young author with lots of promise and an awesome imagination.

I totally encourage you to pick this up and hold on tight!

Anyway, Allegiant will hit shelves in October 2013 (I know, I’m dying some too) and the movie for Divergent shall be released about March 21st 2014.

I look forward to it!

It should have died a while ago.

Okay… here goes…

I, as well as many out there, began reading a specific series about six years ago. It is a vampire series that began with quite a strong direction. If you haven’t caught on yet I’m talking about the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

This series sprung out of Louisana began in a bar, Merlottes, with a girl named Sookie. Vampires came ‘out of the closet’ and the world had to adapt. Through out the series many awesome trials and relationships tumble out. One of the most memorable being between Eric and our fine lady. I laughed and really delved into every story for ten books. Following Sookie’s journey with many different men, in many strange situations, and with all good intentions.

There is much to be said about this series and about each individual book. (I fully enjoyed reading about a certain boy rubbing his head on a clothing rack!) But…. as time wore on we, as readers, became more aware of that time winding down. We got genuinely thrilled to discover an HBO series being made from these novels. (I watched my first episode while on vacation, really funny.) We then even credited the difference in direction to the desired audience. Overall, acceptable.

Then it rained…

I mean no disrespect to the writer because she clearly knows much more about the entire process and her story than I, and many others, do. However, I quit purchasing the novels after around book eleven. Ms. Harris, a writer for 32 years, seemed to create a major decline in this particular storyline. Many readers were becoming bored with the politics, then later, angry with outcomes. I, myself, was dissappointed with the lack of true envelopement into the story and the total lack of character loyality.

The books seemed destined for greatness and then (pardon my childishness) went to a drunken college frat party, crashed a yacht, subsequiently killed many individuals, and nose-dived their promising career.

Is there a chance I would have felt differently having read the final books in the series? Absolutely. Should you always believe what you read? Nope. But, I am wise enough to know that when your overall reader input is negative I most likely won’t spend my money on it.

So, for Ms. CH I must say this:

I absolutely adored the main of your Sookie Stackhouse series. It was an amazing journey and loads of joy as well as heartbreak. However, I am sad to say that as I do know you are a well accomplished author I still feel that your audience, who has been quite loyal and faithful, are your income. It is completely your right as the author to direct your story however you feel led. To take us all on the same journey you invision. But it is also our right, as your readers, to give you the most honest feedback. It’s the media. There will always be good and bad.

I often look forward to her releases. And should I look forward to many more new series by this author I hope she does it as much justice and, in the end, even more.

So, in the end to her Sookie Stackhouse series I say farewell.

All in a Week

I feel compelled, since I have reviewed two awesome bands, to explain some recent events.

Hayley Williams from Paramore has been experiencing a few troubling health issues causing the group to have to cancel a portion of their tour. Hayley has fervently apologized to her loyal fan base with intentions to make it up to them somehow in the future.

Also, lead vocalist Ville Valo of H.I.M. has been having health issues. His asthma has led to presumptive pneumonia causing the cancellation of tour dates as well.

From all the fans of both bands I’m sure, we wish you two the best in your health and recoveries. Good luck guys.