Setting Sun

Today the world has base farewell to an amazing star, who by all rights deserves to be titled as such. The one and only Mr. Leonard Nimoy.

Now I had planned to write a well thought out and researched post on his life and accomplishments, that is until I read the New York Times bio on him. I honestly admit defeat to then today and think they did the best article on his life. So I thought I’d share.


Coming Soon

So, I wanted to keep you guys up to date on the latest reads coming out of some of our favorite authors.

First, we have the Fated hardcopy. Lisa Wiedmeier has, after much formatting hardship and many hours, compiled all of the Fated novellas into a single book and had them printed up just for you. If you have enjoyed the Timeless series I highly advise you pick up this companion to it. The book follows the same storyline as the original, only this is from the boy’s (and a few other side characters) perspective. Very good read.

Next we have Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger. This is the third in the Finishing School Series. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Sophronia stories, or even the Parasol Protectorate series, you’ll greatly enjoy this one.

Third in line, and to be released, is the Prudence book also by Gail Carriger. I am personally super eager to ready this series. I have loved all of her other books thus far and cannot wait to sink my teeth into this new series. It picks up some years after Alexia Maccon has given birth to her lovely and unique daughter Prudence. There are certainly some amazing adventures to come.

Now, that’s all I have as far as books. I do, however have some recommendations for movies.

First in line we have The Drop Box Film. It is the story of a man in South Korea whose idea to create a baby drop box for unwanted children saved many babies and placed them in orphanages. Check your local listings for showtimes and tickets.

Next we have the second movie in the Divergent series, Insurgent. I’m kind of looking forward to this one. I have loved the books and can’t wait to see how they’ve turned this into a film.

Lastly, we have the next Avengers movie. Avengers Age of Ultron needs little to no build up. I mean with these awesome actors and amazing story the movie speaks for itself.

I hope you are looking forward to all of these

Interesting and yet…..

So some months back I picked up a book that had been haunting me. You know the feeling, when you’ve browsed the stacks for weeks on end searching for your next victim- oh I mean- read. And one book keeps popping up. Then after reading a few reviews on the book you still can’t decide.

Well this is that book. And I’d actually like to challenge you guys as well. See, this book is a bit hard to read. Not because it is crazy complex story-wise. (Like our hush, Hush series.) No,it’s about how the book is written.

According to the back of the book the writers are both well educated and one writes for a living. So, I’m having a hard time figuring out why this story is so… for lack of a better phrase, poorly written. It isn’t grammatically incorrect, nor is it riddled with misspellings. This book seems to have forgot how to story.

The paragraphs spin a fascinating steam-punk tale about a woman, Eliza Braun, and her misadventures in the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. She isn’t your everyday British lady. No, Eliza seeks to be the hero. In her unusual garb of men’s attire she solves problems her way, which may get her into trouble more often than not.

And while the story is, indeed, captivating, it is the form that is nearly off putting. The sentences are combined in a very odd manner and the structure makes it difficult to decipher. It’s almost as if they wanted you to have to dig in order to find the story. To reposition it, as it were.

So, my challenge to you, fair reader, is to read the book. No really, just read the novel from start to finish. I have chosen to do the same. Read the novel and then post a review in the comments section of this post. I want to see if you think I’m wrong.

Title: Phoenix Rising: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel

Let me know what you think.

Have a good one!

Happy Monday!

And without further ado allow me to present to you the last review in the Hush, Hush series

-Finale- By Becca Fitzpatrick


Cheshvan, the holiday that will bring war. Nora is supposed to lead that war. And though she is a new Nephil there is still much doubt in the Nephil community. So to campaign she must appear to be hanging out with the right crowd. Enter Dante.

Dante says he wants to help Nora out, much to Patch’s dismay, and train her to be a more fierce warrior. So each morning it’s up and at ’em with the physical training. But something isn’t right, Dante is giving Nora a little boost. When she begins taking devilcraft the world takes on a new view. Suddenly she can jump higher, run faster, and fight harder – but to what advantage? And why does it seem like Dante isn’t available when she really needs his advice?

With the help of her friends and various acquaintances, Nora must figure out not only where she stands, but also what she is fighting for. She loves Patch, she is suddenly unsure about Marcie, she is sure she needs Dante, and she still has school!

In this epic conclusion to the dark and detailed series you had better keep your eyes and ears open. You never really know who you can depend on and how sure a plan is. Becca Fitzpatrick seamlessly brings the jaded world into focus and finishes the story with more than a little flourish. The story twists and turns until the very end. And while some points are expected and long awaited, there are still a bunch that are unexpected.

Will there be a war? Who’s swore an oath? How bad, exactly, is devilcraft? Why is Marcie being helpful? And just where do they keep all those fallen angel feathers?

All these questions and many more will be answered in the Finale!

I have to give this novel a nine out of ten. It has tons of backstory and many twists to keep you captivated. In the end you feel the victory and relief. You take on Nora’s happiness. And I think the only reason I refrained from the ten out of ten is because the end language was ever so slightly cheesy. Sorry, but it’s true.

But I totally encourage you to pick up, and devour, this last installment in the series, trust me you won’t be sorry. It may even make you want to reread the first three. It did me.

Have a good one!

And Yours Truly Got Sick….

Why is it when you make plans to be productive you always get sick?

I have been looking into ways to amaze and astound you guys in here. Many ideas are in the works. From reads to games, from hobbies to anime, from oldies to cool newbies! But then disease struck.

In our home we just contracted three upper respiratory infections and one case of flu. And unfortunately I am not the kind who can read and be coherent when I’m under the weather. So, to save you from many an acid trip review I had to postpone my reviews and other nonsense.

But rest assured, tomorrow I fully intend to hit the books hard and take you guys on a great journey into my mind.

For now allow me to give you guys a few ideas on what to expect in the coming weeks.

1) A long awaited review

2) More behind the scenes editing moments

3) Some new pages and links for your own reading/writing pleasures

4) New recommendations on up and coming works from some of my personal faves.

I hope you have a great one!

…And a Very Handsome Prince…

I’ve been watching television recently and have seen the advertisements for the new Cinderella movie. I have to admit this story is really one of my top three favorite fairytale stories. (The other two being Beauty and the Beast and Snow White.) But as I watched I began to ponder something that I think many of you have also chewed on. The idea of a handsome prince.

First, let’s journey back to the original fairytales. Back before they were Disney stamped and animated. Cinderella was originally a folk tale that was passed orally through the generations. It has often had may variations although the plot remains the same in each culture. A widowed father remarries and acquires two step-daughters. They abuse ‘Cinderella’ and she becomes their maid. After receiving many gifts from a ‘fairy godmother’ she attends a royal affair and loses her shoe on her departure. The prince then scours the land in search of her and eventually finds and marries her.

Now, I adore the story told. And who doesn’t enjoy the thought of marrying a handsome prince and being pampered for the rest of your long life?


In the real world people come in many shapes and sizes. Some more attractive, some less. Some are kind, others are cruel. And while this story does in fact portray many of these aspects, which I fully endorse, there are a few flaws.

The idea of everyone finding a handsome prince to marry is, let’s face it, unrealistic. There I said it. Let’s be serious. While many a lucky woman does eventually find a loving husband who cares for her, the reality is that this is the real world. Allow me to explore this.

Recently one of my favorite books has been made into a box office hit. Divergent is the dystopian story of a teenage girl who sets forth the demise of her world. During the story she meets a guy and a love subplot begins. In this story the main male character, Four, isn’t your ‘handsome prince’. He has a crooked nose and many faults. His strange attitude being one. But the crowd loves him!

In Twilight (sorry folks), Edward has a crooked smile and isn’t a really ripped guy.

In Hush, Hush Patch is a dark and seemingly sinister heartthrob.

Now, why do I point these out? Because these stories show more flawed characters. The hot, girl-saving guy is not a blonde haired, blue eyed, tall prince. (Race is a different post. Just research the origins.)

I feel that with many girls they believe your mate should be that style of person. I have a major issue with that. Here in the southern USA a bunch of women think that the man with a six pack, cowboy hat, tan, and a nice car is “the guy”. And look at why they think that way.

But thankfully, today the stories hitting the mainstream have characters that are well fleshed out. (Thank you editors!) These men are various skin colors, face styles, personalities, etc. I know each mother worries about their little girl dating that ‘bad boy’. But what defines a ‘bad boy’?

Now, I also have to insert here that many people are grateful for the movies Brave and Frozen for showing that a woman doesn’t need a man to be happy or productive. Which is fine. But maybe ignoring the prince is a good thing. Frozen, however, does emphasize Kristoff who is not a prince. And he is odd.

But looking back any mother would have looked at Hans and picked him for their daughter prior to being informed of his evil ideals. Who would pick Patch? Or who would pick Four? And why would they not?

Without these kinds of stories taking the forefront we wouldn’t be open to many styles of relationships.

My husband is shorter, with dark hair and deep eyes. But I find him very handsome and intriguing. He is smart, loving, kind, and supportive. Isn’t that what every mom asks for in a husband for her daughter?

Today’s ideal man is shifting. He isn’t the prince of old. He is unique. The world is beginning to realize that loving imperfections is what real love is about. No one is perfect. No one’s family is ‘normal’. But so long as love exists then the world will continue to grow.

It’s not about a prince. It’s not about a slipper, though these things are nice and make for good stories. But maybe it’s about learning to love the beast before he is a prince. Maybe it’s about showing how loving them can help them become the prince of the story. Remember, Ever After? He wasn’t really a prince until he met her. Ella Enchanted? Char wasn’t a prince until he met Ella.

A woman may not need a man, but maybe he needs her. Maybe it’s not about a prince saving a damsel, but a damsel saving her prince. And a very handsome one at that, I mean someone’s gotta teach them!

Winds of Change

So, this week I’ve learned a couple of things. Number one, buying a house is hard. Number two, the buyer’s opinion is all that matters. Number three, I will never buy and rent out a home. Number four, reading is excellent medicine.

We’ve been through the ringer this week and have decided to take a step back and rest. So the best way I can do that is by going back to my restful, enjoyable activities. Reading, writing, and drawing. It’s time to get back to my roots, and I don’t mean my dreads.

In order to be true to my amazing fans (aka you guys) I have taken on a long abandoned task. One in which you will finally receive a certain review you’ve been craving. Next, I am planning on doing even more editing in my novel.

On the editing note, here’s something I really want to advise you guys on. When you have finished writing your story print it. I had picked my story up time and again on the laptop and tried to reread it. But I noticed I began doing something I’m sure you may do as well. You know the story so well you begin skipping, or glancing over sections. When you have the hard copy in your hands it is not only uber exciting but it also makes you pay a bit more attention. In my novel I copy and pasted materials from my other works, or my other variations (which is why you should keep everything you write). From those previous excerpts I had to change some of the POVs from first person to third person. While reading it on the screen it looked great. But once I picked up that hard copy I saw a few ‘me’s and some ‘our’s. I have also noticed some timeline issues, and a few characters that knew things they weren’t present to have experienced. So, always print those many pages before doing any editing.

Another thing is spelling. Generally, a bunch of people type on their PCs now-a-days where word tries to correct everything (whether or not it should is a different post). But on the off chance you choose to use the old and wonderful technique of writing with pen/pencil and paper I have something for you as well. When I was in college my lit. teacher (it was tech school) had a really great way to identify those misspelled words. Read your paper backwards. Sounds crazy right? Okay, not read the words themselves in reverse, but read the paper backwards. For example:

“Sally then walked up the hil tword Jack and joined in the scene.” Would be read “scene the in joined and Jack tword hil the up walked then Sally”.

Sorry for the NMBC reference. Did you notice the misspelled words better forwards or backwards?

So, for the next two days it’s going to be me and my tablet on the couch deep in the world of literature. And what a wonderful world it is! Have a good one!