By Gail Carriger

A quirky, inventive, and fascinating series!

I loved this series from the sample I downloaded on my Kindle Fire.

Alexia Tarabotti is classified as a spinster in Victorian England. A bluestocking according to her mother. She is the product of an Italian Father and an English mother, which when combined makes for a voluptuous and slightly tan Miss Tarabotti. Unlike her sisters, who are fair and perfect in her parent’s eyes, she is slated to remain a clever spinster for the duration of her existence.

However, Alexia is no normal Italian, bluestocking, spinster. She is soulless. She has an absence of soul that causes her to be labeled a ‘curse-breaker’ by werewolves and a ‘soul-sucker’ by vampires. Each entails a certain ability to change that which is supernatural into that which once again becomes human. To vampires this gives fear. To werewolves it gives a bit of caution.

But what happens when the solitary roves of vampires are ill-educated of this fact? A supernatural killing. But where are these scuzzy vampires, who are usually the aristocrats, coming from? That is just what Alexia intends to discover. And with the aid of Lord Maccon, Alpha to the Woolsey Pack, and man she detests most intensely, she is whirled into the mystery.

With her strong will Miss Tarabotti pays visits to vampires and werewolves alike in search of answers. And encountering some kind of sub-human creature and his maker. In these times there are many inventions and Miss Tarabotti is quite taken with most, but this one is far more strange than any she has before noted. How do all the clues add up?

Alexia and Lord Maccon must work together to make sense of all the heinousness. A job neither takes lightly.

I highly recommend this series. Especially if you enjoyed the Jane True books. It has a similar clever sense of humor and Alexia is quite self-sufficient. They have a steam-punk style of inventing new machines combined with an entertaining mystery. There is also a slight romance to the story though it isn’t all flowery and doesn’t consume ridiculous amounts of time. I like that the author doesn’t spend time just babbling on to fill pages with script. Each movement has a purpose and is very well played out. Not to mention entertaining to read.

A nine out of ten for getting me to quite literally laugh out loud (much to the concern of those around me).


The Rock Allegiance Tour

Just in from the concert and decided to let you fans know about this awesome tour!!!!

So, I’ve never been to a concert in my life and this was a great way to start. Not only did I get every member of HIM’s autograph I also jammed out to some serious RNR.

I missed the performance by Airborne due to autographs, so I apologize. However I made it in just in time to catch some freaking awesome All That Remains. This band is more of your ideal metal. Hard rifts with screaming yet still interesting lyrics. The next band, HIM was amazing! I was concerned that with this not being a strictly HIM tour that they may play a couple of tunes then leave. But fear not, these rock gods didn’t let anyone down. They played every fave they have made from Funeral of Hearts and Soul on Fire to Tears on Tape and Buried Alive by Love. I loved every minute. And, of course, Volbeat closed out the night with some pretty great head-banging noise. They played with the crowd the whole way and even swapped out their backdrop mid way through. My ears are still ringing and I’m loving it!

If you missed one already there are still five shows to be experienced and I would make you go if I could. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Injustice stuff

So we went on our fancy smancy ps3 and decided to try out Martian Man Hunter.

This one I was particular hoping for just because he kept floating around the levels.

His fighting style starts off with your basic moves :punch, kick, duck, etc. Then you move on to learning his combos. This is where it gets interesting. His combos are very quick and effective. He does everything from throwing out exploding orbs to imitating his opponent in his ultimate attack. He is not only a useful fighter, he is fun to watch take on his opponent. Some of his moves are relatively sci-fy violent. Not your blood and gore, just rapid beat-downs.

Anyway, we enjoyed stringing along combos we hope you do too!