Missing the Classics

OK. I know there are many series out there. Everything from Twilight to Divergent. They are huge books and many have good stories. Now let it go.

I miss the good old classics. The books that knew good sacrifice. That knew duty is sometimes more important than heart. (Hello Mulan reference. )

Everyone loves the happy ending, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But when deus ex machina shows its ugly head it bugs me. Oh the lead can’t follow his true love because he’s royal. Oh wait! He has a long lost brother? Abdication!

No. No, no, no!

I miss Sense and Sensibility. I miss Wuthering Heights. People who lost their loves.

Even though Marianne loved Willoughby she lost him. Happy ending: she gets with colonel Brandon.

Wuthering Heights showed us tortured love. Heathcliff and Cathy love each other and they won’t come together. They torment each other the entire time until Cathy dies! Tragedy!

But when did you last love a character that the author truly killed? A story that made you mad because they took a real character you cared about from you.

I can think of a handful. The Uglies series. The Dark Matter Heart series. These had a few people in them that you came to root for-then the author killed them!

As a writer I, like many others, fall in love with my characters. But one thing Scott Bell taught me is to become the masochist. Torture your characters. Put them through absolute hell. Have no mercy.

Now don’t leave your readers without hope. That’s what makes even a tragedy awesome.

In Wuthering Heights we had the hope of the children.

Heck, in Holes by Louis Sachar it focused on the child to save the family from ruin.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this: read a classic! It teaches you so much about history, life, and love.
A great lesson? Sometimes God says no.

Have a good one!



Afternoon guys from here in the states!

I just quickly wanted to hit on an awesome challenge sweeping our nation, the ice bucket challenge.

ALS is a disease that slowly and devastatingly kills its patients. It is a neurodegeneratove disease that causes motor cells to fail. To help raise awareness and money for research I challenge everyone to challenge everyone to take on the Ice bucket!

Go to the ALS site and donate within 24 hours! Challenge a friend to do the same. Here’s the catch, after being issued the challenge you must accept and dump a bucket of ice water over your head. If you don’t accomplish this task within the alloted time span you must donate $100 to the cause.

So go. Donate. Help save lives, and challenge others to do the same.

I had to take a break…

As life has become very busy and stressful I had to take a break from my writing and reading. (Don’t worry, I’ll get back with it shortly. )

In the meantime I have been studying how to be a Titus 2 woman. The book by Martha Peace is awesome. Truly a ten out of ten. It not only gives you biblical advice but Scriptures to back everything up.

However, it reminds me of my writing study books. After a couple of chapters I’m on information overload! Which in this case is not very good. To absorb the information and be capable of putting it to use I have to ration my study.

Whether you are leaning to write, be a godly wife and mother, or any other aspirations take your time. Read-mediate-practice. Read: learn the theory. Meditate: absorb and break it down to yourself, with help if you need it. Practice: put it to use.

Think about a lecture you’ve sat under. You listen and take notes. Why do we take notes? Our brains are prone to drifting. The lecturer says something about chicken and you remember that you forgot to take out your chicken for dinner. And now you have missed five minutes of lecture!

When you are reading some study book take notes. Your brain eventually will drift and after you’ve read that same paragraph eight times take a break to meditate over your notes. Allow your brain time to soak in all you’ve just learned.

I hope this makes sense for you. And I do encourage everyone to read Becoming A Titus 2 Woman by Martha Peace.

Have a good one!

The Sun Set


For those of you who may already know we have lost a very talented soul. This past week we have said farewell to Robin Williams. A man who brought laughter to people of all ages. A man who made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe.

A man who, however, died from his demons.

Many people through the years have watched Robin Williams portray various characters living various lives. From Mork and Mindy to the genie from Aladdin. Mr. Williams sure knew how to tickle that old funny bone.

But what occasionally fueled these comedic moments was something unfortunate: drugs. Many times during his stand up routines Robin would joke about drug use and rehab. As much fun as we, his audience, had laughing with him, behind the scenes the same fuel ignited something sinister. Depression.

The funny man was found to be hollow when it came to his perception on life.

I’d like to address here what depression truly is. I honestly wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it myself.
Depression comes in many forms. Whether it is bipolar, substance induced, major, etc it makes those involved miserable. It doesn’t matter how many laughs an individual with depression has if they don’t seek treatment. Robin Williams was a prime example.
Depression can be caused by many things. Such as: constant negativity, a chemical imbalance, seasonal changes,  hormonal changes, loss, self doubt, and many others.

Fortunately, there is hope.

I believe that Robin Williams died due to depression caused by drug addiction. When I look back he seemed very intelligent and clever. I believe in his mind he found himself to be more so while on drugs. But I also believe it became more than an addiction, it became a void. A black hole. A void that he couldn’t fill even with laughter. Because drug use isn’t very funny.

My hope is for his family and friends to find peace. I also hope his beloved fans remember him for his times of joy instead of his unfortunate end. He wanted to make people laugh, he lived to bring a smile to your face. I believe that we should grieve his loss for a season, but remember that spring does come.

I do implore you that if you are struggling with similar issues like depression, you will seek professional help! You mean something to someone. You are valuable. There is hope. Don’t wait, your joy and happiness are waiting!

Fated Part Three

By Lisa Wiedmeier

Everyone is concerned about Cheyenne. Some for Callon as well. If she doesn’t pull back from that sweet oblivion all hope is lost.

Each part of Cheyenne’ s family is worried. What happens when a timeless losses their light? The one thing that gives meaning? How does one handle this much loss?

From the eyes of each we get a glimpse of their take from the situation. The histories, the suffering, the losses, and most importantly the love.

In the third Fated novel we drift along memories and dreams. Picking up where the second left off, we experience all of Cheyenne’ s family’s heartache. Learning she’s truly not alone.

I give this one a nine out of ten. I enjoy learning the back stories and thoughts of everyone. Lisa truly fleshes out her characters very well. You feel their sacrifice and sorrow. If you’ve enjoyed the first two Fated novels and the Cheyenne novels through Daylight then immerse yourself in this companion to the series.

Have a good one!

Strange things

When I sit and write I imagine what my characters are doing and where. From time to time this is where I get hung up. I tend to be really particular about my when and where. That’s why a fast draft works well for me.

But on occasion when I look back at what I wrote the day before and do a little studying…. well, let’s just say I shock myself. Especially when my writing hits a mark I didn’t even know existed.

I’ve been to one of the places in my story, very briefly, so all I knew is what the traffic would be like. Now while thinking about this I don’t actually know the route or the travel time.

Without giving too much away, I managed to get my character to get destination in the exact time necessary. Creepy.

That just shows your brain knows what it is doing even if you don’t. Gotta love the fast draft!

Have a great one, and write on my friends!

I need a crowd!

To follow me. I need a huge group of anonymous fans to follow me. I say this because apparently I don’t get inspiration unless people are around.

For some reason when people are chatting around me things just click. In the book Dialogue, Gloria tells her readers to eaves drop on random conversations and place them in a more fascinating setting. I’m thinking my brain is automatically wired to accomplish this task.

My mind has always focused best in a group setting. Whether it’s reading, writing, or drawing all of these turn out way better when I’m surrounded.

There was a show on TV once that explained when a child with autism is panicking while rocking back and forth, covering their ears and humming, that this is called stimming. They said most people engage in this behavior. If you’ve been in a conversation and tapped your pen, twirled your hair, bitten your nails that is stimming.

Now I’m not autistic, but perhaps my version of stimming is writing. The way I deal with crowds and loud noise is by transferring it into something productive. Then again, who knows?

So, I’m assuming this is all a way for me  to explain why I have a VERY difficult time writing on my days off work. It’s what makes my creative process stunted.

On the bright side, I have plenty of brain power to blog updates for you and study more writing techniques. 🙂

So for all my fans, who can’t create my personal posse, I wish you all a great day!

What I should be doing…

I really ought to be reading the rest of Dialogue. But instead I’m stalking everyone on social media.

The good news is after coffee with two of my characters and a short chat with one disagreeable lady, I’ve gotten down 1,000 more words. These guys are bursting with excitement to tell their story, which in turn excites me to tell it!

As a writer I hate writing the parts that lead up to the excitement. Now don’t get me wrong, there can and should be pivotal moments in the valleys. But it makes me impatient which can sometimes make me jump the gun. Breaking James Scott Bell’s advice to drag out each scene and bit of tension for all it’s worth. This is why I like to write everything in a notebook before typing it up.

Guys, if I have learned anything from my writing experiences it is this: KEEP A NOTEBOOK! And index cards. I’m also a highlighter fan as well.

You know what? I could live in the office supply aisle. It’s very difficult to not find a use for something.

Anyway, I’m super excited that my story is now in full swing. I’ve made it through the valley and pressed on. I can’t wait to weave this tale tightly into an amazing novel for your reading pleasure.

Once again I beg you guys on my little knees, please tell EVERYONE about this book. Share this blog on your social media. Tell all your friends to repost it!  Every little bit helps.

I hope you all have a great one!