Can I be Sure I’m Saved…

Before reading this review I want to express something to you. Dear reader, I greatly enjoy reviewing books which entertain you. I love giving you inspiration on what could be your next adored series. But I also am a Christian and will occasionally post on certain topics concerning my faith. I hope to never post things that are hurtful or upsetting. I understand not everyone will hold with my same beliefs, and that is your prerogative. I do, however, ask that if you disagree or find offense with such a post that you either express it in a calm and polite manner or not at all. This is my personal blog and I never intend to hurt anyone. But at the end of the day it is my blog and I have the freedom of speech. I also have the ability to remove hateful comments. I believe it is my job as a Christian to love you, not to curse. However, my stance is with the Bible and it does not always say what people want to hear. And if someone posts rude, crude, or hateful comments I will remove them. Not on the stance that I am afraid of someone not agreeing with me. But on the belief that for someone to be hurtful to those who are like-minded to my religion is only spreading meanness and hate, and I will not tolerate it.

So without further ado, here is my review! (Haha, that rhymed!)

By R.C. Sproul

In our family this question had plagued us, myself especially. And while I don’t normally read religious materials, this one came at a very perfect time.

In his book R.C. Sproul breaks salvation down in five chapters. The book (or booklet) addresses the idea of what salvation is and how it is reflected in our everyday lives. Whether it is real or if we just imagined it. He takes the time to define four different views on it; those who are saved and know it, those who are saved and don’t know it, those who are not saved and know it, those who are saved and don’t know it. It sounds a little confusing at first but it makes a lot of sense later.

While this book is deep in theology and can seem a bit overwhelming, the writer really does a fantastic job of exposing where we all stand. I really admired how he used the scriptures to enlighten and explain. This booklet is packed with valuable information. I am convinced that if you hold a medium amount of knowledge about Christianity and are curious as to your soul’s condition that you will walk away from this book assured of where you stand.

I know my spirit while I read this felt brightened and soothed. I feel as if I finally was able to understand where my assurance comes from and how to maintain that hold during difficult times. This book will either uplift you or upset you. It may even frighten you. But that fear is the beginning of knowledge of God.

Ten out of ten for me.

Have a good one!



By Gail Carriger

Lady Alexia Maccon has just moved into Woosley Estate with her husband, Lord Conall Maccon, and the rest of the pack. But for some strange reason she can’t seem to pin her husband down for a mere moment of chatter. And when the extended pack arrives and begins setting up camp on the front lawn the Alpha female has her work cut out for her. With her spouse suddenly out-of-town, introductions are few and far between, though not without their hiccups. But what has this group of werewolves brought along with them? It would seem Alexia is not the only curse-breaker around.

After a suggestion from a ghost of the estate Alexia ventures out for a new parasol at the local hat shoppe. Where upon she meets the rather unique, and scandalously french Madame Lefoux. Who, as it turns out, is quite the inventor and adventurer. It would seem Alexia Maccon’s own adventure is about to begin. Via a dirigible. To Scotland. With her sister, her friend, an inventor, a claviger, and her french maid.

Scotland, it would appear, is damp and quite antiquated. While visiting her newly acquired in-laws, Alexia and her recovered husband delve back into some of Lord Maccon’s past. Which, it would seem, is very dramatic. And though there are some rough edges, Alexia may just be the right woman to take on the job of mediator. And being her direct self (not to mention mujah), that is exactly what she plans to do.

There are many things Alexia Maccon still has to learn, in a way only our stalwart heroine can. I truly loved this second book. The characters are comical and very colorful. Each one with their own set of baggage. Not to mention the Earl and his amorous affections for his new bride. It’s a nine out of ten for me! You just don’t see this kind of attention to detail often.

And yes, I did copy and paste this from another review I did previously. However, they are both slightly different from one another. If you want to see the original head on over to Goodreads and check it out under Lizi.


After doing my post on my reading habits it lead me to think about when, where, and how I read. I noticed that all of my reading moments are about balance. Why does this spark a post? Well, I feel like writers and readers alike can all seek solace in this particular area of life.

In my personal life I am constantly laying out my weeks. Sundays are for church, AM and PM. Mondays are lazy days. Tuesdays are chores. Wednesdays through Fridays are doctors appointments, work, and chores. Saturdays are unpredictable. All the while I’m taking care of and cleaning up after pets, being a wife, connecting with friends, getting together with family, shopping for household needs, and many other things. We don’t even have kids yet!


And somewhere in all of the madness we search for the elusive time to read and write. As a writer I look for inspiration and materials to aid in my writing journey. I also have to take time for my multipurpose blog. And oddly enough I can only read during some sort of madness.

So what do we do? How do we find time?

Simple answer, we don’t.

In order to accomplish anything we have to treat it just like everything else. When I lay out my weeks I have to take into account any time I want to fill with odd activities and the unexpected. I have to schedule time to write and blog. I then have to be disciplined enough to actually do it.

For me, though, I have recently had to realize some things are not attainable. There will always be laundry and dishes to do. Something can always be cleaned. But we have to ration. While I could say on Mondays I do only laundry all day and Tuesdays I could clean house my brain doesn’t work that way. Do I enjoy seeing my closet all neat and tidy, absolutely. Only, I can’t sit all day and wait on the laundry to do its thing while I could be doing something else. In the midst of the many chores I can accomplish while the laundry is washed and dried I have to decide what else I should do. Okay now the dishes are going in the dishwasher. Now what?


So I ration. I do a few loads of laundry and dishes, then I sit and blog, write, or read. Occasionally I do these while also working on my tan. (I live in the south, what can I say?) And for my attention span this works. I do sometimes schedule time to start laundry and write for hours.

Like I mentioned earlier I don’t have any children as of yet. I know sometime, hopefully soon, my “spare time” will be consumed by their needs. My weeks will be constructed differently. I’m also not actually a control freak. This just happens to be our current routine, which I’m just thrilled we finally have obtained during the cancer/chemo madness.

Just know that you are not alone. We all have different struggles. We’re thrilled when our chores overlap and multiple things get accomplished at once. Whether you have some disease, are a busy parent, or have a million jobs you are not alone. That’s why I blog. To advise, entertain, and encourage.

Have a good one!

Reading Habits…

I was asked to do a “Reading Habits” blog post by So here goes….

Do you have certain places at home for reading?

Nope. I don’t really read at home much. Too distracting, and that’s an irony you’ll see in later question answers.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?

Receipt. And occasional work tip, post-it note, or small snippet handed to me. So, random piece of paper I guess.

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter/ a certain amount of pages?

It really depends on what style of novel I’m reading. Most sci-fi/fantasy/romance books have great stopping points. Literary classics, however, usually require a self-imposed stopping point.

Do you eat or drink while reading?

Nope! Usually I don’t eat or drink while reading. It keeps me occupied and I actually forget to eat. Unless I’m reading about food stuffs… then I am starving by the end of the chapter. And normally ends up costing me all kinds of money. Thank you Tempest Series for the cardamom phase.

Multitasking: Music or TV while reading?

Something in the background. I really like music because I live for the moments when the text and the song suddenly align. Many a playlist were conceived through a novel. It can, however, ruin movies for me.

One book at a time or several all at once?

Oh several! I’ve been up to twelve before. My relatives are confused by it but I just liken it to watching a bunch of television series all at once. The Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time are totally different shows.

Reading at home or everywhere?

Everywhere but home. My brain wants to work while at home. It is constantly alerting me to tasks that need to be done. It’s annoying. I have to have some noise to drown out. I also enjoy ignoring people with my books. Not rudely, just their commotion. Parks, theatres, restaurants, work… any busy place really. I guess it can attribute it to learning to read in school while everyone else didn’t.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Silently. I only occasionally read aloud. That’s when it’s either to another person or I’m completely alone and am not sure how someone meant for something to come across.

Do you read ahead or even skip pages?

I used to but now I’m very against it. I’ll even put my hand over paragraphs to keep my eyes from cheating.

Breaking the spine or keeping it like new?

For goodness sake! If it’s a hardback it must be kept in as pristine shape as possible. But if it is a paperback I love leaving little creases along the spine. Signs of my love and affection.

Do you write in your books?

No! Never! Bad form.

Those are my little nerdy habits! I hope you enjoy! Have a good one!

Reviews to expect…

As I was scrolling through my recent blog posts I realized that my number of book reviews has faltered a bit. I’m such a terrible blogger. I know! I’m sorry!

So to remedy the situation I have at least nine, that’s right NINE, book reviews coming your way. One is a book I was asked to review by the author personally. The second was a group request. The third group are the rest of the Soulless books. And finally are a few I picked at leisure.

Now they won’t be in order of listing, aside from the first. And I also wanted to point out here that I have reviews on this blog as well as on Goodreads. I try to make sure all of my reviews are posted on both sites. I like Goodreads because it is a great resource for finding your next book and where to purchase them. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for on here, go on over to Goodreads!

If you ever have any suggestions on reviews don’t hesitate to message me. I love recommendations! I’ll respond to each suggestion and possibly post a review for you!

Have a good one!


I like to think of myself as a casual gamer. With a husband who is an awesome gamer it’s difficult not to pick up a few things. But occasionally yours truly knows a little more than my man.

As a child I had the joy of playing a certain little game known as King’s Quest. To be fair I was only able to play 6 – Heir Today Gone Tomorrow. But this particular game was so memorable I did everything I could to play it repeatedly over the years. Obviously, after technological advances and such using that disc became impossible (because only the PS3 has backwards compatibility). So I sat sadly in my little corner pining for the good old days while the hubs played everything from WoW to FNAF4.

Then I find out recently that Sierra has been working secretly to develop King’s Quest A Knight to Remember. These episodes of the story take us back through time before Alexander of Daventry. These stories are from King Graham to his grandchildren.

Having played the first chapter I am geeking out! The first thing you’ll notice is the art style. It is a beautifully designed game. Hand painted then animated the world of Daventry is alive with vivid colors and unique characters. Every person you meet has their own individual personality and temperament.

The second thing you’ll notice is the throwbacks. Aside from the winks from past games, you’ll find the play style is incredibly similar. Being a King’s Quest game you’ll find it is not linear. Exploring and trial and error are key in your many adventures. You may need grapes but you must first meet a troll, cross a bridge, settle a disagreement, and find a potion to use on the grapes. You still run around villages and forests insane amounts of times, but at least you’ll have fun and good scenery!

The humor is still the same, even better in my opinion. Whether you turn the wrong wheel, walk into the darkness unprepared, or forget to hide from dragons you’ll definitely get a laugh. Sometimes it’s just the other zany characters who crack you up!

This game is also heart touching. It does a fantastic job of showing and not telling. For example; you start off in an underground cave. You find a bed and, naturally, crawl into it. Hey, that’s cute! you think to yourself. Then you realize this is a tool for later survival. For anyone to have that amount of thought when creating a game takes a touch of magic. So often today games tell you everything. Go here. Do this. Kill this monster. But in this game it flows so naturally, and each character so human, that it draws you in.

There is so much to these games I could go on for weeks! If you’ve never played them, even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve really missed out on a special treat. Many people of different backgrounds have enjoyed these games. I wouldn’t call it a cult classic but something from the “golden age” of video games. It truly is a very cool series. And did I mention the original creators gave it their total blessing? Yeah, it’s that good.

Anyway, have a good one!

Back and Books…

After a MUCH needed vacation I’m BACK!!! I have recently gotten back from the state of Washington and can I just say it was AMAZING! If you are ever given the opportunity to visit there, take it! The scenery is gorgeous and the people are so nice. My first plane trip was not so fun, it was terrifying. I hate take off and landing. Worth it, but I don’t have to like it.


I took a few novels with me on the trip. I did not get the chance to pick up any of them, however. But I will tell you where I’m sitting with my books. I am reading Deceptions by Lisa Wiedmeier, Prudence by Gail Carriger, and Conflict & Suspence by James Scott Bell. There are a few others I am toying with, not having caught my interest yet. I may finish those, I may not we will see.

I did have one recommendation. While on my fabulously tranquil vacation I did take a unique tour of the city of Seattle. Their history is incredibly entertaining, and I’m no history buff. Honestly it is not my thing. But this city has a special history that is worth reading about. (Or touring if you are in the neighborhood.) The book is called Sons of the Profits: There’s No Business Like Grow Business The Seattle Story, 1851-1901. I know it is kind of a mouthful, and it is an older book. But it tells of the history of our unique Seattle in a way I don’t think you’d find anywhere other than the Speidel’s Underground Tour. The tour is 90 minutes of hilariously fascinating history anyone can enjoy. If you ever have the chance to go on the tour, take it. Ask for Jake.

Other than that, have a good one!


Today is travel day and my slacker self is totally ready for vacation!
My slacker self has also been using this week to clean, pack, do laundry, shop, pack, care for pets, pack, attain sustenance, pack, and did I mention pack? I managed to pre-plan some posts for this past week but not for the coming week. So for the next 7 days I’ll be taking a break from the interwebs and having a freaking blast!
I hope you do as well!
Have a good one!