A Year In The Life

Gilmore Girls 

Finally we have what we’ve all been waiting for. The final four words have been spoken. The Gilmore women have returned in a prodigious way. If you would be so kind and lend me your attention for the next few moments as I remark upon the events of the four seasons. 

Rory has returned to Stars Hollow from Europe. She has many “irons in the fire” and is facing more stress than she understands. It would seem her world isn’t quite as well tethered as it seems. Lorelai’s is fracturing too. With the passing of her father her relationship with her mother is far worse than ever before.

One thing is certain, time passes. Over the six hour journey we see the transition of the Gilmore women. The death of Richard looms over each leading lady with a nearly tangible effect. While Emily faces grief head on she begins to discover who she truly is. Who is the woman when left to her own devices? As she stated in the original series she lived with her parents, went to college, got married, and Richard went to work. It’s time to learn something new.

Discovery is a unique journey for all three women, and I believe only two truly found what they were searching for.

This mini-series has marvelous highs and dejecting lows. If you have, at any time, followed the lives of the Gilmores you will laugh (probably at Kirk), you will cry (probably over Lorelai), and you will carry on (probably with Emily). But remember that not every tear is sad.

For Year I must say I truly enjoyed the excursion into the deeper parts of our ladies’ lives. Not only did this give the fans a look at where they are now, but it also hit on some very crucial character points I believe the fans needed. It pressed on nerves that had been lacking any feeling at all. While the initial series was often lighthearted and pop-culture centered this addition gave so much more.

On the whole I would say I genuinely enjoyed A Year In The Life. It was touching and crazy! Heartfelt and wonderfully new. I will say the final four words left me a little agast, and not in a way I expected. I won’t reveal their gravamen, but I did walk away hoping that Netflix decides to revamp the series in its entirety. 

So go. Watch. Pour yourself some coffee and grab a few dozen boxes of pop tarts to watch A Year In The Life. You won’t be sorry.