New and Old

I will soon be posting two book reviews. The first being Hush, Hush which I have already read once. However, were I to write a review now I’d give everything away. The second being Underdead. This one is new to me. I will give you a hint though, it’s not like all the other vampire books that are more popular.

Also, my guy will be posting a couple of game reviews. One will be Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, which is being released today 7/31/12. And the second will be Deus Ex.

The reason we put out new and old game/book reviews is just in case you haven’t heard of or played some of them. Also, if you’d like for us to review a game let us know via comments. I’ll reply if we choose your suggestion. That’s it for today!


Divergent ST

Way too Far – Korn

Coming Undone – Korn

Bleed it Out – Linkin Park

Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Cage the Elephant

Loser – Beck

Rockstar – Nickelback


It’s called Dystopian!

Here’s my list of neat Dystopian novels:

The Hunger Games series- See review

The Uglies series- In a world where your average human is considered ugly and surgery is a common every day practice, Tally Youngblood learns that not all good things are what they seem and even technology can’t be fully trusted.

The Divergent series- See review


By Veronica Roth

This second book in the Divergent series picks up with the train ride. With Tris having watched her mom die and shooting one of her best friends she’s on the run. From not only the bad guys but also the memories. How do you go on after having seen such horrific thing?

When they seek refuge in Amity we get to see just how Amity operates. Though inspiring, Tris, Four, and the rest of the fleeing dauntless quickly realize just how much they won’t fit in. When you’re from a faction that is inherently tough and quick to explode, a non-confrontational faction is hardly a refuge. There is more in society that needs to be done. And when Marcus is the one with the information Tris must once again choose what’s in everyone’s best interest. Even if it means betraying those she cares for most. It’s trust that’s most important here.

And maybe being factionless isn’t the ultimate loss. There may be something to learn even from them. And when the leaderless need a leader someone must step up. Someone must become exactly what the nobodies need. Tris begins to realize there may be more to life than living in some faction. What exactly was it the Dauntless were protecting? What were they locking out? What is outside the gates?

The ending of this book blew my mind. When it all comes to a head trust is what makes it through. If you’ve read the first one you know the taste of this world. Take on the second. I laughed, got angry, and was disappointed at times. But by the end all the things that have happened come together. I encourage you to continue in the Divergent series. You won’t be let down. Take the time for sure!


By Veronica Roth

As I said on my Goodreads account, this book is an addiction. Veronica Roth has created not only a wonderful story but, for someone close to my age, an inspiring series. I highly admire her as a writer.

In a futuristic world, Beatrice Prior lives in a selfless society. One of five unique factions. Where each attempts to keep the peace by valuing knowledge (Erudite), Truth (Candor), no confrontation (Amity), selflessness (Abnegation), and fearlessness (Dauntless) above anything else. But when the time comes for the teens to choose their future faction some testing can be dangerous. Where you usually only fit right for one faction, Beatrice fits three. She’s Divergent. For some reason this is very hazardous.

When the proctor tells her to hide it she knows something isn’t right. And when the choosing ceremony comes Beatrice is torn. What should she pick? How does she know where she fits in most? A snap decision puts her in a faction more fitting of her personality. Dauntless is all about fearlessness and being tough. Jumping on moving trains, off buildings, climbing to the highest point, and falling in love can all be daunting tasks. Especially when you must compete with native-born Dauntless for your right to stay in the faction. But it would seem the better you are at fitting in the less you blend in. When people are plotting something Beatrice must watch her back. Not only are there jealous initiates but someone isn’t too keen on the Divergent.

As her instructor, Four, begins to realize something is different about her, aside from her determination and attractiveness, things begin to change. Things heat up between the two as some of her fellow initiates fall behind. No one wants to be factionless. And as the faction society begins brewing and slandering one another it takes the ‘faction before blood’ motto to another level. Beatrice must learn just who is trustworthy. With Four’s help and guidance she becomes stronger than she ever knew she could be.

I absolutely adore this book. The timing of everything is amazing. I couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with Four, and the fact that he’s freakishly similar to my man didn’t hurt either. He is an amazing teacher as well as a wonderful match for Tris. I laughed and cried over this book. My heart was pounding and palms were sweating time and time again. At times I held my breath. Tris’ heart is so good while her mind is easy to relate to. You feel each emotion and are in every fear with her. Tris’ journey captivates. It shows just how society, no matter how hard they try, is never perfect. She grows and changes, learning that heroes are the brave, selfless, truthful, and knowledgeable. That being yourself, no matter how dangerous, is what’s most important. I very much push you to read this series. On a scale from one to ten I give it a 9.9. It fully deserves it. Take the time!

Wuthering Heights

By Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is a classic literature novel. Set in the 1800’s a tenant, Mr. Lockwood, comes upon the heights old home during his journeys. When he is haunted by a womanly spirit he inquires with one of the maids about the history of the property. Ellen Dean, Nelly, begins to spin a tale so vile, foreboding, and lovely Mr. Lockwood is insistent on her bestowing the full tale. A fierce storm inhabits the Heights and Nelly takes up her knitting as she informs him. Those living in the house have had a long history.

Our main three characters, Heathcliff, Catherine, and Hindley are siblings, Heathcliff being adopted. Hindley grows jealous of Heathcliff and treats him horribly. Their parents eventually pass on and Hindley is left to run the house. He despises his other siblings and forces Heathcliff to become a servant in his own house. However, a relationship begins to spring up between Cathy and Heathcliff. But when the two go to spy on a neighboring family, the Lintons, Cathy gets attacked by one of their dogs. The Lintons take her in and Heathcliff is sent back to Wuthering Heights. Sometime later she returns and is otherwise transformed into a lady, scoffing at Heathcliff’s less than adequate appearance.

Thus, the torment ensues. The Linton family heir, Edgar, is attracted to Cathy. Cathy also has learned just what society expects of a lady, and in doing so turns Heathcliff away. But Heathcliff doesn’t take so kindly to being forced away from Cathy’s presence and treated as a mockery. Cathy turns quite conceited. Her affections torn between Edgar and Heathcliff one night overcome her. She decides to confide herself in Nelly, knowing not that Heathcliff is in the shadows listening to every word. Basing her love on merely superficial substances Nelly condems it. Claiming such things can fade. Heathcliff leaves upon hearing.

Three years later Edgar and Cathy are married and Heathcliff returns as a wealthy gentleman. Cathy rejoices his return. Edgar takes to it less kindly. His sister, Isabella Linton, falls for Heathcliff. Having seen him as a hero. In spite, Heathcliff takes Isabella as his wife and treats her harshly.A pregnant Catherine falls ill after an arguement with Edgar and locks herself away. Heathcliff begins to swindle away Hareton’s, Hindly’s son, inheretance. Soon Cathy gives birth to a daughter, Cathy, and dies in madness. Following these events Isabella runs away eventually giving birth to Heathcliff’s son, Linton. Years later, Isabella dies and Edgar goes to reclaim Linton. Heathcliff insists on having his son with him. He plans to have Cathy marry Linton so he can inherit Thrushcross Grange. But the two escape and not long after Linton dies. Lockwood having had enough of the place, leaves to return south. Eight months later Mr. Lockwood returns and finds Nelly to be filled in. Hareton, having had an injury has found himself stuck inside and Cathy has taken to him. Heathcliff begins seeing ghosts of his Cathy and shortly passes on himself to be buried beside her. Mr. Lockwood later hears that Hareton and Cathy plan to marry.

It’s a very long, yet short, review. This story is very complex and at times confusing. It is gripping in its tragedy and sorrow. I loved this unconventional tale. I really would recommend any classic, but this one highly. It may take a bit more time, a family tree, and some intense concentration but do take the time.

Ball of Fire (1941)

First of all let me say black and white movies are great. Ball of Fire is a story of a group of men who are attempting to compile an encyclopedia. When they come across a woman who uses all types of jargon they decide to compile some of that too. To define all types of turn-of-phrase. But Professor Potts gets a touch distracted by Ms. Sugarpuss O’Shea who is a lounge performer and fast talker. And it’s a good thing she is such a quick wit because the mob is after her. As Potts becomes more and more enamoured with Ms. O’Shea the plot deepens with her mob connections. One of the mobsters has his own plans for the leading lady. But it would seem these Professors are wiser than they seem. Hatching a plan to rescue O’Shea for the sake of Professor Potts affections. Potts learns that maybe knowledge is better obtained through experience. I loved this movie. On a scale of one to ten I’d give it an eight. It’s funny, screwball, and simply cute.

A Sad Time for the Movies

This past week we here in the U.S.A. have experienced a horrid tragedy. Twelve people were murdered during a showing of “The Dark Knight Rises”. It was a terrible act by an evil man. In today’s world where movies and other media are seen as an escape from the pressures of every day life, this brought fear and loss into the lives of not only the families of the victims but also each American. During one of the speeches each name was read followed by a mantra repeated by those assembled of “we will remember”. And this is certainly true. Some of the victims were heroes who protected their loved ones by being a human shield. Some were trying to escape. Some were merely babies. It is a horrible display of just how vile mankind can become. How calloused. But the important thing to remember is not the violence of one person, it is the lives of those who died and the meaning of them. These people were husbands, wives, daughters, sons – people who mattered. So I believe that each of us individually can overcome such evils. We are stronger than such tragedy. Pray for these families. They are upset, hurt, angry, lost. Think of your loves ones, be glad they are with you now. Also pray for the injured. The survivors. The police, firemen, and paramedics. What they’ve experienced is unimaginable. There are things in this world you cannot unsee. There are things in this world that cannot be undone. So pray. Pray for peace, hope, laughter in the hardest times, recovery, and… eventually… joy.

Metal Gear Solid (1998)

I could probably walk you through this game over the phone without visuals. I have played this game repeatedly and acquired every item there is. Then played it yet again just to screw with the guards, and if you’ve played it through you know what I’m talking about. Metal Gear Solid is a continuation of the original series from back in the day. Here Snake is on Shadow Moses Island. We start out with a briefing as he is sent through icy waters to his infiltration point. As Snake you must evade the guards and ascend the elevator without triggering the alert.

After reaching the top you meet your team. Of course you’ve seen the Colonel by now. Mei Ling is your save as well as your information on your radar system. Naomi Hunter is your medical person in charge. Nastasha Romanenko is your weapons specialist. And Master Miller is your field coach. As you progress throughout this stealth game you are to locate two hostages the DARPA chief, Donald Anderson and Arms Tech president Kenneth Baker. But as the enemy would have it your encounters with them are hardly what the mission requires. You become entangled with a couple of bosses along the way such as Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf, and Vulcan Raven to name a few. Each one becoming increasingly difficult and annoying. Of course each one has their own sob story of why they’re in the war to begin with. But to progress further you need some of their information.

This game takes you through a rather cool story that I can’t even describe. It’s more or less a four-hour game if you know what you’re doing, especially after beating it once. I throughly enjoyed beating the crap out of Liquid again and again and again and AGAIN. The guy just won’t seem to die. But in the end it’s got enough action with a proper storyline so on a scale of one to ten I give it an eight. Check it out!