Being a Real Nerd Worm

So, I’ve obviously been reading a ton lately. I decided to take a short break from the Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers series and read something different. Not that I don’t like those books, I love them actually, I’m just taking a step back for a few days. I picked up my sample of My Soul to Take By Rachel Vincent and proceeded to purchase it. So we’re going to focus on that for a minute. It hooked me already.

Now if you follow my Goodreads account and see some that are marked as to-read don’t be shocked if they don’t come up anytime soon. Chances are I’m interested but don’t have the time. Much of those consist of literary classics. And classics take a quiet room, which I hardly ever find myself in, and good focus. But if you have read them and enjoyed them feel free to let me know. šŸ™‚

Moving on, my guy is still playing games when he can. For those of you who are dying to follow those reviews I have to apologize for taking up his time. We are planning a wedding and so when we aren’t working we are usually tied up with wedding business. But I assure you, yet again, that those reviews are coming. We often talk about the ones we are working on. So don’t lose hope!

And finally, I am so glad you guys have taken the time to check out our blog and I will keep you filled in on any new updates as always!


From Out of Chaos (Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers #2)

By Nathan Wrann

Ew, ew, ew. Ew, ew, ew. This one deserves an award for throughly grossing me out.

Picking up in the mud where the last book left off, Cor must get to safety. As Mr. Gifford begins the final destruction of The Creeper a chain of events begins. Taylor is at its head. With all the lore that has become fact in the matter of only a few days there has to be more truth out there. And Mr. Scientist is dying to find out.

Caitlyn, meanwhile, seems to be the new teacher’s pet. Which Cor isn’t taking lightly. Why her? Why not his own son? She gets all the benefits and Cor doesn’t understand why. But as these books go, Mr. Gifford’s reasoning is soon explained and just in time.

While the three are working through their personal issues, like why Cor and Caitlyn are no longer drawn to one another, Taylor has bigger fish to fry. He’s been experimenting with old literary fiction. And as it seems, the gore begins to pile up. When you’re a mad scientist with a couple of body parts up your sleeve what are you to do?

The story takes some wild twists and turns as Cor unravels his world. He must face new love as well as loss. And through I was freaked out, which was clearly the intention, I still felt sorrow for these characters. They are enslaved to their own demise. Running and constantly falling short. The story moves rapidly and leaves you with even more loose ends. Some people never seem to learn.

On a scale of one to ten I’d give it about an eight. Only because of personal taste. The author really has strength in being able to dissect and assemble characters. His ability to graphically freak someone out is incredible. And these things are necessary for you to fully grasp the content of each matter. Cor and his friends are not finished with their story yet. So if you liked the first I advise you to continue learning about who and what these people are. Take the time for yourself!

Dark Matter Heart

By Nathan Wrann

This book latches on to you and doesn’t let go. I loved every minute of it.

Though he is sickly, Cor just wants to blend in and finish high school and with juice box in hand at a new school that’s just what he plans to do. But of course trouble finds him on his first day. While his new friend Taylor guides him through his classes he happens upon the jocks. Who by all means are terrible and violent. But when Cor refuses to fight back something seems odd. What is it with this new kid?

Cor needs to keep a low profile. And when he has to work with one of the jock’s girlfriend things just keep getting out of hand. From the minute he meets her he is drawn to her. She is young and innocent and Cor needs to avoid her. Especially when it seems that every person he happens to randomly meet turns up dead. Dead and drained of blood.

When Cor’s teacher tells him to keep close to Taylor he takes the advice not knowing where it will lead. But in a school where you need someone to have your back Taylor’s your guy. And soon Cor is telling him his biggest secret, as well as why he carries around juice boxes.

Taylor is just what Cor needs and has connections to valuable places. Aside from a library and diner. Maybe even enough to find out why Cor is always so sickly when the sun is up. And why after a severe beating one afternoon, he is perfectly fine.

This book is short and moves really fast. I read it in three days, could have been one if I’d had the time. It flows smoothly and though you may panic at how brief it is, it is an amazing read. I had to give this book a nine out of ten. I couldn’t let it go. Which is exactly why I immediately purchased the second one. I do push you to take the time!

World Entertainment News!

Let me address a couple of topics:

The first being the Twilight star’s personal lives. We all know by now that there has been a stir over some questionable decisions by one of our leading ladies and her leading man. All I’m going to say is that tabloids tend to lie and we weren’t there so may never know the whole story. So I’ll leave it at that.

Secondly, I’m totally looking forward to the following movie releases: Hotel Transylvania, Frankenweenie, Wreck it Ralph, The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part Two, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. There are a few further down the line as well like The Host and Catching Fire. It seems like they all hit around the same time too.

And thirdly, Avril LavigneĀ is now engaged to the frontman of NicklebackĀ Chad Kroeger. He proposed August 8th with a 14-carat diamond ring. Hardly anyone knew the two were together at all though they’ve been together since February when they met while working on an album. Both stars are from Canada and though there is a ten-year age difference (Chad being 37 while Avril is only 27) the two hit it off. This will be Chad’s first marriage and Avril’s second.

That’s all for today’s news in the world of entertainment!


I will be trying to read two books soon. The first being the second UnderdeadĀ series book titled UnderdeadĀ in Denial. If you read my last review you may understand why. I make no promises to finish said book but will give it a good old-fashioned try. The second book is Dark Matter Heart. One of my friends gave it a good review so I am going to attempt to tackle that one as well.

Also, in gaming news, we are still anticipating the Kingdom Hearts Review. Our guy is still playing it and from what I’ve seen it should be a positive review.

So check back for random reviews soon!


By Liz Jasper

This one took me a while to complete, which is abnormal. I wasn’t hooked at any particular point. So here’s my honest review.

Jo is a middle school science teacher who is just trying to get through the year without being the subject of gossip. As the new teacher she feels as if she needs to prove herself. But when sitting at the Christmas dinner she is noticed by a very handsome man, which her friends proceed to point out. They encourage her to go near him and when she does she is drawn to him. He’s not like most superficial men. But when he suddenly takes a kiss too far Jo flips out and has to leave the party.

Following the event she hears about murders of women with similar features as hers. And when she sees that a detective is in on the vampire hunt she befriends him. Detective Gavin encourages Jo not to take any chances outdoors. And as she begins developing half-vampire symptoms she finds that to be the least of her worries. She is becoming a detective herself. Keeping her eyes and ears open around the school for any leads. But that means stepping into the gossip pool. And soon one of her coworkers turns up dead so rumors start to swirl. Gossip is a give and take deal. And now Jo is very popular.

As she struggles with her messed up skin, blurry eyesight, and sensitivity to sunlight Jo attempts to carry on a normal life. So….What’s my issue with this one you may ask? Well, I found her quite dull. She goes to work, goes home. Goes to work, goes home. Back and forth with nothing shocking happening. Pretty boy vampire guy appears maybe three times in the entire story with hardly any input aside from a short chat then vanishing. And though I was slightly interested to hear about her finding new clues, I was disappointed that some things seemed to fall through the cracks. You don’t hear about any more vampire murders after the initial couple. Nothing seems to come together until the very end, which is typical of a mystery I know, and it seems like it is grasping at straws. And I couldn’t connect with the sudden mood swings she or Gavin were having seemingly without cause.

And though I had issues with it I can’t help but wonder if this is one of those “first books“. And what I mean by that is that in the first book of a series oftenĀ an author feels the need to explain all necessary information. Which, in turn, can make a first book quite dull or confusing. So I am planning to take on the second one to see if that is the case. (If you still don’t understand the “first book” concept read The Host By Stephenie Meyer. Awesome story, really difficult beginning to understand, as if a “first book”.) Who knows, it may turn my opinion around, which I really hope it does.

I’m still looking forward to the second one. But as it currently stands I would have to give this book a four out of a possible ten. Though I enjoyed trying to piece the puzzle together and find out who knew Jo’s secret some of the ending just didn’t add up. The ending is the main point where it really picked up and I almost couldn’t put it down. But don’t just take my word for it, take the time.

A Certain Slant of Light

By Laura Whitcomb

I have read this story a couple of times. It has a bittersweet quality to it. You can’t help but feel for these two souls as they linger in this world.

Helen died 130 years ago and since then has shadowed various hosts throughout their lives. Always hovering in the corner, over their shoulder, and behind flags or curtains. Her most recent host is an English Literature teacher. She loves to watch him grade his student’s papers, even if he has no idea she exists. No one does. Normally.

James is a young boy whose eyes seem to follow Helen’s every move. But why is it he can see her when no one else can? When she finds out he’s another soul having possessed a body she envies him. As they find Helen a body she can overtake they learn just why these bodies are seemingly void of life. And not all bodies are inhabited by good things.

The lives of the two teens they have embodied are not exactly the best. Jame’s has a troubled past with a difficult family. How can someone who comes from a polite background correct another’s messed up life? While Helen’s host’s family isn’t quite so obviously tortured. On the surface they seem to have it all together, it’s what lies in the closets that is misleading. Too much structure can be just as painful as too much freedom.

The unlikely pair beginsĀ to aid one another inĀ correcting the lives of those around them. Rebuilding relationships and abolishing others. They learn that no matter how ruined some families may seem that they are still family at the end of the day. They discover the meaning of true love, which may be the key to their actual freedom. They can’t remain in these bodies forever.

When a hard moment starts to overcome Helen a sudden shock awakens her host. It may be just the shock both teens need toĀ return toĀ their own lives. To learn that life goes on no matter how difficult. And that abandoning your life doesn’t solve anything.

I felt for all those involved. There is such a personal love involved. These two beings truly care for each other and make the most of every moment. It gets a bit deep and explores some tough issues in the teenage life. Just how hardships can affect someone. How life can make you want to give up from time to time. Yet, it shows how vital it is to keep going. I recommendĀ this as a quick read that tells a great story. Such is a difficult find but this one delivers. So, of course, take the time!

Gravity Rush – It should have been a platformer.

Gravity Rush

So, For those of you who donā€™t knowā€¦ Gravity Rush is a Sandbox, mission based Video Game (You know, Like GTA)Ā  on the PS Vita.Ā  The gimmick for this game? You play a super powered girl who can alter gravity.Ā  The concept is good, and the game -is- fun, but a few things fall short.

For starters, the mission based gameplay seems to fall short for a sandbox style game.Ā  While itā€™s fun to fly around the city, and run up the sides of buildings, there just doesnā€™t seem like enough for you to do.Ā  The missions seem few and far between, and the ā€œchallengeā€ missions take only a few minutes to complete, and theyā€™re just isnā€™t enough of them to keep you busy for long gaming sessions. On the other hand, the
missions being short make the game easy to pick-up-and-play, which makes it a great portable game (On the Portable system? No way!).

The only other problem I have with the game is the combat, which seems a bit repetitive.Ā  Combat on the ground is less so, But it still sort of dodge-hit-dodgeā€¦ Air combat, on the other hand; Is -very- repetitiveā€¦ When facing Flying enemies, you are more or less forced to spam one or two of your 4 gravity based attacks.Ā  Boss Fights tend to be long and drawn out, unless you max out your Gravity Shift timer early on (Which lets you stay in your Gravity shift state longer), Because if not, Youā€™ll end up grounded until your timer resets

Despite minor flaws, this game is till enjoyable.Ā  The story is interesting enough; though not ground breaking, and exploring the city is one of the real highlights of gameplay.

If I had to make a suggestion on Gravity Rush, Iā€™d say:

Give It A Try.

Gravity Rush is a good pickup-and-play game thatā€™s good for those moments of downtime, but may not be for everyone.

Vampire Knight

I watched the first DVD of this series. I’d read it but have no actual bookstores anywhere near me. Not to mention my e-reader doesn’t have anime in the store. šŸ˜¦Ā  So, anyway, after I dried my tears I picked it out on Netflix and sat down for a couple of hoursĀ of entertainment. I have to say that so far I enjoy the storyline. I appreciate the comedy as well as the drama. I don’t want to spoil anything, and don’t you spoil it for me, so I’m going to hold back a bit on the review. I think one of my favorite things about any anime is listening to the voice actors and how different they can sound for different characters. It shows just how talented they are at selling characters. Not to knock the people who hired them for the roles. šŸ˜‰ But listening to the guy who voiced our beloved TamakiĀ from OuranĀ High School Host Club as well as Edward ElricĀ in Fullmetal AlchemistĀ doing a more subdued character was interesting. Anyway, that’s your anime update for the day!