Psst….you there…

It’s been a minute since my last post. Okay, okay… it’s been a very long time. My life has majorly changed in many ways over the past 18 months. From having my first baby (who is sunshine), to getting a new job in sales, to raising a baby (we kept her alive and thriving for an entire year, WOO!), to getting ready for our second baby. Guys, this year has been amazing! I feel completely awful I have left this blog in the dark for so long though.

Let’s be real… parenting is hard and wonderful. It does, however, take up a lot of my time and attention. Then with two jobs (neither of which are consistent) you can see how I’ve lost a little track of things.

Balance has become a new challenge. I’m seeking some form of normality. Some days are better than others. My brain works better some days than others. ^_^

So, for now I’m looking to find some good reads to blog about again. I’d really like to breathe new life into this blog again. It’s fun! I enjoy giving you guys my thoughts on books, and it’s flattering when authors request a review from me.

These are my goals moving forward: read more, review more, and give whatever guidance I can.

I hope your year has been amazing and challenging as well!