Coming Soon

So, I wanted to keep you guys up to date on the latest reads coming out of some of our favorite authors.

First, we have the Fated hardcopy. Lisa Wiedmeier has, after much formatting hardship and many hours, compiled all of the Fated novellas into a single book and had them printed up just for you. If you have enjoyed the Timeless series I highly advise you pick up this companion to it. The book follows the same storyline as the original, only this is from the boy’s (and a few other side characters) perspective. Very good read.

Next we have Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger. This is the third in the Finishing School Series. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Sophronia stories, or even the Parasol Protectorate series, you’ll greatly enjoy this one.

Third in line, and to be released, is the Prudence book also by Gail Carriger. I am personally super eager to ready this series. I have loved all of her other books thus far and cannot wait to sink my teeth into this new series. It picks up some years after Alexia Maccon has given birth to her lovely and unique daughter Prudence. There are certainly some amazing adventures to come.

Now, that’s all I have as far as books. I do, however have some recommendations for movies.

First in line we have The Drop Box Film. It is the story of a man in South Korea whose idea to create a baby drop box for unwanted children saved many babies and placed them in orphanages. Check your local listings for showtimes and tickets.

Next we have the second movie in the Divergent series, Insurgent. I’m kind of looking forward to this one. I have loved the books and can’t wait to see how they’ve turned this into a film.

Lastly, we have the next Avengers movie. Avengers Age of Ultron needs little to no build up. I mean with these awesome actors and amazing story the movie speaks for itself.

I hope you are looking forward to all of these


Winds of Change

So, this week I’ve learned a couple of things. Number one, buying a house is hard. Number two, the buyer’s opinion is all that matters. Number three, I will never buy and rent out a home. Number four, reading is excellent medicine.

We’ve been through the ringer this week and have decided to take a step back and rest. So the best way I can do that is by going back to my restful, enjoyable activities. Reading, writing, and drawing. It’s time to get back to my roots, and I don’t mean my dreads.

In order to be true to my amazing fans (aka you guys) I have taken on a long abandoned task. One in which you will finally receive a certain review you’ve been craving. Next, I am planning on doing even more editing in my novel.

On the editing note, here’s something I really want to advise you guys on. When you have finished writing your story print it. I had picked my story up time and again on the laptop and tried to reread it. But I noticed I began doing something I’m sure you may do as well. You know the story so well you begin skipping, or glancing over sections. When you have the hard copy in your hands it is not only uber exciting but it also makes you pay a bit more attention. In my novel I copy and pasted materials from my other works, or my other variations (which is why you should keep everything you write). From those previous excerpts I had to change some of the POVs from first person to third person. While reading it on the screen it looked great. But once I picked up that hard copy I saw a few ‘me’s and some ‘our’s. I have also noticed some timeline issues, and a few characters that knew things they weren’t present to have experienced. So, always print those many pages before doing any editing.

Another thing is spelling. Generally, a bunch of people type on their PCs now-a-days where word tries to correct everything (whether or not it should is a different post). But on the off chance you choose to use the old and wonderful technique of writing with pen/pencil and paper I have something for you as well. When I was in college my lit. teacher (it was tech school) had a really great way to identify those misspelled words. Read your paper backwards. Sounds crazy right? Okay, not read the words themselves in reverse, but read the paper backwards. For example:

“Sally then walked up the hil tword Jack and joined in the scene.” Would be read “scene the in joined and Jack tword hil the up walked then Sally”.

Sorry for the NMBC reference. Did you notice the misspelled words better forwards or backwards?

So, for the next two days it’s going to be me and my tablet on the couch deep in the world of literature. And what a wonderful world it is! Have a good one!

Step One (And a Half)

Good afternoon my nerdy worms! I hope you are still sticking to those resolutions. I am and they seem to be making life a little sweeter.

Anyway, after taking a month long break from the novel I decided to pick back up and press on. (On my new awesome tablet! The hubs got it so I can now write easily anywhere!) But seeing as how it has been a month I needed a bit of a refresher. So instead of just re-reading the last couple of pages of my 143 page novel I decided to take on part of the editing process.

After a cup of coffee and a few emails I now have my first printing of my hard work. (Thought you were going to get a title, didn’t you?) So now I have been sitting down doing one of two things. I am either editing or reading. Finally, I’m reading again!!! This is kind of a big deal to me because I’ve had a few personal issues that put me off kilter a bit, that and the holidays.

But after a lot of prayer and good advice I’ve gotten my groove back!

I have a very special review coming your way here very soon as well. Work has been slow and that has given me the perfect amount of time to get something accomplished I think you guys will enjoy. đŸ™‚

Anyway, I want to wish everyone a very exciting year filled with new adventures! And I’ll share some of my good advice with you guys, enjoy life. Take some time for yourself. We tend to be so busy now a days that we don’t seem to take time to just go outside and smile. So when you finish reading this, put aside some time to take a day off. The world won’t end if you take a short vacation, so learn to say no. Just for a moment.

Have a good one!

Ready, Set, Write!

While I’ve been reading and working like a little busy bee my mind has been spinning! And it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally noticed the date.
Saturday is the kickoff of NaNoWriMo!!!

It’s that time of year again! Where thousands, maybe even millions, of writers tackle that 50,000 word novel!

Join the fun on! How?
By signing up for a free account! When you sign up you are given access to people who encourage you as we all endeavor to succeed!
And while writing that many words seems quite daunting, never fear! There are loads of items in their store you can purchase to aid in the journey. All kinds of things to pump you up!

When joining the NaNoWriMo community you are added to that region’s role and have access to all sorts of writer’s gatherings! Be a part of all the socials, pep-talks, and forums! Learn that you are truly NOT alone in this world called literature. And when you’ve felt like you’ve struggled enough there’s someone around to cheer you on.

NaNoWriMo is an amazing month! Don’t miss out!

I, myself,  will be taking on the challenge. Putting my creative brain to work as I scribble furiously to finish my novel. I am committing to posting something each day to encourage you to keep writing!

So go to your local office supply store and stock up on pens, pencils, index cards, highlighters, and battery chargers then dart over to your super market and pick up all the coffee and RockStar you can to prepare for weeks of writing!

Remember you ARE a writer!

For those of you who are more tech savvy I highly recommend using One Note. It allows you to type up your thoughts and create tabs you can search. It is a GREAT way to neatly compile your chaotic writers mind for future reference. It connects with most devices (except Kindle Fire apparently) and syncs up automatically. So whenever you are on your laptop, cell phone, or tablet you are viewing the same list you made on the others.

(No I am not sponsored by any of the companies listed, free advertising is free. )

Have a great day and get ready to write!

Coming Soon!

It’s almost time for your fall reads! And to keep those stacks nice and high here are a few books coming out this fall.

October 28th- Lestat by Anne Rice

November 4th- Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger

Fall 2014 – Fated Part 4 by Lisa Wiedmeier

And if you’re looking farther into the future for 2015 books then you’ll have to catch
The Custard Protocol Series (book the first) : Prudence by Gail Carriger
March 17th

Read, write, and have coffee!


So, since I haven’t written any decent reviews on a few of my favorite books I’m going to reread them for review!

The Tempest Series by Nicole Peeler
The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvarter
And possibly. … maybe the Vampire Chronicles by Ann Rice

The latter being amazing reads but definate literary endeavors that I’m not sure I could finish before Prince Lestat makes its appearance.

Fall will be full of amazing novels!

What I should be doing…

I really ought to be reading the rest of Dialogue. But instead I’m stalking everyone on social media.

The good news is after coffee with two of my characters and a short chat with one disagreeable lady, I’ve gotten down 1,000 more words. These guys are bursting with excitement to tell their story, which in turn excites me to tell it!

As a writer I hate writing the parts that lead up to the excitement. Now don’t get me wrong, there can and should be pivotal moments in the valleys. But it makes me impatient which can sometimes make me jump the gun. Breaking James Scott Bell’s advice to drag out each scene and bit of tension for all it’s worth. This is why I like to write everything in a notebook before typing it up.

Guys, if I have learned anything from my writing experiences it is this: KEEP A NOTEBOOK! And index cards. I’m also a highlighter fan as well.

You know what? I could live in the office supply aisle. It’s very difficult to not find a use for something.

Anyway, I’m super excited that my story is now in full swing. I’ve made it through the valley and pressed on. I can’t wait to weave this tale tightly into an amazing novel for your reading pleasure.

Once again I beg you guys on my little knees, please tell EVERYONE about this book. Share this blog on your social media. Tell all your friends to repost it!  Every little bit helps.

I hope you all have a great one!

Getting to know you

Sometimes when I’m sitting and reading I get a little tap on my brain. Other times it’s a loud knock. But either way I open that door to hear what my characters have to say. I have to say the person on the other side had me stunned!

I’ve been wracking my brain for the perfect male for my story. What is his name? What does he look like? And when I try to force myself to imagine him he would just disappear around a corner.

But apparently my subconscious had been keeping this guy a secret until now. And I was quite glad it did.

Today he decided to let me get to know him. To show himself to me and my main character (she’s thrilled by the way and angry I told you that). He has decided to tell me his part of the story. He wants me to tell you that he can’t wait for you guys to meet him in my book.

So without further ado, I’m going to go have coffee and chat with these two. May you reap the benefits!


So… How’s it going? Are you having a good day? Well that’s nice. What’s new with me? Oh well nothing except…..

A new Lestat book!!! Who doesn’t know who Lestat is? OH!!!!!

Okay for you little losers who don’t know who the vampire Lestat is allow me to enlighten you.

Back years ago a woman by the name of Anne Rice decided to write a little tiny book titled Interview with the Vampire. It was the autobiography of a vampire named Louis who details his journey from birth into being a vampire. It featured Louis, his maker Lestat, and a child vampire by the name of Claudia. It depicted Louis’ struggle to deal with immortality and his journey to becoming the ultimate immortal creature. The story didn’t stop there, however, it continued through Lestat’s perspective for quite a few more novels. Telling of his wild nights and his beginning.

Lestat’s escapades and crazy antics (including a rock star stint) spun off two movies and a few more side stories. All of these compiled together to form what the world has come to know as the Vampire Chronicles.

Lestat, the original blonde haired, blue-eyed sexy as hell vampire was a huge underground hit! To this day it is still the main of a cult of followers. But after reading the novels you can hardly blame anyone for falling for the aristocrat.

So, after introducing you to the devil himself I am here to inform you about the next in a line of amazing gothic literary novels. Prince Lestat.

It will be available for your reading pleasure on the 28th of October 2014. So a little wait but not too bad, considering we didn’t really know it was coming. According to Anne Rice the Vampire Chronicles were supposedly closed but after a statement in 2012 about wanting to “hear what Lestat has to say” fans have had hope.

This installment will be a ‘true sequel’ to The Queen of the Damned, the third volume in the vampire series. It will follow Lestat and the other vampires as he settles into his new role as ‘tribe leader’.

And… I’m super excited!!! I can’t wait!! These books busted open the doors of literature for me. They were a huge reason as to why I even began reading. I LOVED big books (and I cannot lie)! They are quite brilliant and beautifully detailed. The characters are amazing and captivating. These novels have caught many a vampire fan.

And if I may say so they really were the springboard for any vampire series since. They paved the way picking up where Bram Stoker left off. I cannot even consider anyone a true vampire fan if they haven’t read these books. These are what opened the door for series like True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Although, in my opinion they still blow the others out of the water. (Especially the “ending”. *cough-stackhouse-cough*)

So be on the lookout for your copy in bookstores this fall.

Two weeks

Sometimes it takes a seasonal change to encourage personal change.

I know it’s been a minute since my last update. I’ve been making a lot of changes. A few of which are good for you guys. I’m going to aim toward the literary aspect of my life for a while and see how it sticks.

What does this mean for you? More reviews, more posts, more writing advice, more resources, and hopefully by the end a new story to read. I’m really excited and slightly anxious.

All I ask is that you share and build up this mystery book. Something is coming. Help me spread the word and get this going. We’re excited, and excited people tell other people!

Thanks! Have a great one!