Tempest Rising (Book 1)

By Nicole Peeler

(I finally re-read it and am now reviewing it.)

Something is fishy and it’s not just Jane!

After living for twenty plus years as a human everyone deemed crazy, Jane True learns she is a little more than human. Or less, depending on how you look at it. And in a small, gossip-loving town that’s not exactly a good thing.

One evening while secretly swimming in frigid ocean waters she discovers a corpse, setting off a series of encounters with some very unique characters. From a tiny gnome to a hell hound. From a kelpie to a vampire. Each of which inform her that she is, indeed, special. And for someone like Jane, who for so long felt abnormal, this is a shock.

Soon Jane sets of on an amazing journey to learn more about herself and whoever killed the man from the beach. All the while being escorted by a super hunky vampire who feeds in quite the seductive way.

But it would seem someone is after Jane and she must keep her eyes open and her hands to herself, otherwise someone may get burned!

The Tempest series is riddled with mystery, fantasy, quirky comedy, and some uber sexy escapades! These novels are sure to make you giggle and want to go make out with your significant other. I give them a slightly naughty nine out of ten. Nicole Peeler is quite clever and talented. Her books keep you on your toes. And while some chapters, and later novels, leave you hanging, she craftily builds the anticipation and intrigue until you can’t put it down!
(I only had to tell myself it’d be there in the morning a million or so times!)

But they truly are great books. For any of you who read the Sookie Stackhouse novels you will love these even more, I’m sure. (Especially the ending…)

Good Reads!


Insert Key, Rotate!

So I recently had an experience with my car. Each time I tried to start the engine you would hear that dreaded *whur,whur,whur* before the engine caught. Which it then did and I drove the thirty minute commute to my job. One day I tried to start my vehicle and it *whur,whur,whured* and died. Phhhhtt! After replacing the battery the car runs great!

Well, I am beginning to understand what my car was going through.

We’ve been house hunting (in between all the other bazillion things we have to do) this past month or two. It has been quite the journey. From hell holes to perfection we have seen it all. Whether it just needs a few paint jobs or a fire and rebuild we have considered all of our options.

While looking for a house we have dealt with placing a loved one in assisted living, working to build business, taking care of our puppy, doing household necessities, and reading/writing.

So after making two separate offers on homes we either liked or loved (and I’m talking adored) both were ripped out from under us before we had a chance. (Our running joke is, if you want it to sell let us see it once.)

My brain is now making a whurring noise each morning and then every time I find a semi-cute house.

Luckily we aren’t desperate for a house and can stay where we are comfortably for a while. (So take that investors!)

Until then, I just keep hidden beneath the stacks and enjoy my view from under the pages.

I hope your week is going better than mine!

Guest Gamer Review!

The hubby finally wrote another review! Even I like this game and I hate scary stuff! Without further ado:

Five Nights at Freddy’s

It’s Me.


So I don’t normally play horror games, but there is something about Freddy and his BFFs. Something that draws unsuspecting players in.


In Five Nights,  you play as a newly hired security guard for a Chuck E Cheese knock-off called Freddy Fazbears’s Pizza. In the day, Freddy and friends entertain children with song and dance. At night, they entertain themselves by hunting down a novice security guard… You.


In Five Nights, you find yourself unable to move or fight back against your attackers. You only have so much power to last through the night. If the power goes out, Freddy will come to play. And when I say play, I mean kill.


Due to your lack of escape or a means to fight back, Freddy’s is a true nightmare. All you can do is watch as robots converge on you, lock down the office, and pray you can last the night.


Can you survive five nights at Feddy’s ?




Let’s eat !

The indie game Five Nights at Feddy’s suffers from what most indie game do, low budget and a small production team. The graphics are little more than still images that change slightly depending on who is in the frame. This really put me off when I first saw the game.


The sound is what really sets the mood and draws me in. The sound, in addition to the dark lighting really amps up the creepy factor. Hearing someone or something singing, or walking near my door really gets the heart racing.


At only $5, this game is sure to give any horror fan a few hours of fun, or at least a short distraction.

Call Me Old Fashioned

So, here’s my daily rant:

I’ve been reading again and watching movies. As some of you may have noticed I enjoy a good science fiction/ fantasy novel with some romance thrown in. I love reading about couples coupling without all the uber explicit stuff. I can’t read a legit romance novel without gagging.

My problem comes when I’m looking for that movie with a good make-out scene or a bit of romance. Even some books have this. Why is it that so many movies, books, and even web sites are encouraging cheating? Nobody likes being cheated on!

I’ve gotten so irritated with this! And the people who are reading all of this wonder why their relationships are failing. And the writers that put this in their novels? Ugh!

Now if you want to write about a single girl dating around that’s fine. People do that. But with marriages suffering enough as it is why are we adding to the fire?

I am a realist and I understand that life does lead people in different directions and people have different values, but cheating on your significant other is wrong in pretty much every culture.

Taboo. Everyone wants to indulge in the taboo stories. But see, here’s the deal- when you read a story you automatically find things in real life to relate to it. Songs, for example, or foods. How many times have you listened to a specific song because it fit the scene or was mentioned in the book? How many times have you cooked and tried that dish because the author made it sound so yummy? So then, how many times have you read about a hot guy and started comparing real individuals to them?

Reading about that stay at home woman getting with the milk man, or whatever job he has, will only encourage misfortune.

Ugh! I mean reading about pretty girl and attractive guy dating and whatnot is one thing. I just can’t stand all of these ‘steamy romance’ stories that are only folks cheating on their spouse.

I think that’s why I really loved the Parasol Protectorate series. It’s funny, clever, and sexy without being some story about cheating.

Anyway, that’s my daily rant.
Have a good one!

Meet Me on the Equinox!

Felicitations! It’s the first day of fall! When time slows down, the days get shorter, and the aroma of pumpkins and spices fill the air. A very beautiful, quiet time of the year.

But you know what is one of my favorite parts? (Besides pumpkin spiced lattes) Reading.

Books. Actual books. Not Kindle substitutes (no offense). The smell of a good bookstore and coffee. Sitting under a plaid, flannel blanket beside a sunny window with a fat cat and a good book.

*contented sigh*

So I am challenging everyone who reads my blog to read all of the books on my fall reads list before December. That’s nine weeks of books!

So just as a refresher here is the list:
The Tempest Series by Nicole Peeler
The Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvarter
And if you need extra filler add the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

Also post your review under the comments section for each book! I’d love to hear what you think!

Good luck and good reads!

Where do I belong?

Today I read a post on Kristen Lamb’s blog that inspired this idea.

Being a writer is kind of like doing hair. You spend countless hours honing your craft. You work extremely hard to get yourself noticed. Then you have your actual life.

Taking care of loved ones and children. Cooking, cleaning, and being everywhere all at once. Having everyone ask you ‘what if it doesn’t work?’. Being beaten down by family and friends for something they don’t think will ever make you into anything. (I swear if I hear ‘when are you going to school?’ one more time!)

So much of the world feels against the writer. No one seems to just get it. That between all of your obligations you are trying to matter and better yourself. That you are attempting to finally do something you enjoy. To take that leap of faith.

Ugh! I can’t live off of the ‘what if’. I’m going to make it happen. If you always worry about everything you’ll never do anything!

But here… On the blog o sphere you have support. We all face the same struggles. We all are trying to make our dreams a reality. To get those blasted, loud, crazy, fun characters out of our heads and down on that page! To give those who read something to read!

When you hear those negative opinions saying that it may not work or it isn’t reliable, just pick up that old phone or tablet and read a writer’s blog.

You are not alone. You CAN do this. Remember why you started. Remember that zeal. You are a writer!

So write!

I don’t always get a chance to sit and put my 1000 words down. But that doesn’t mean I’m done writing. We all struggle and stumble but there’s still a story to be told.

I hope this helped yall as much as it did me!

Sharing is Caring

So I enjoy telling others about things I like. Some would call that promoting. Well today I’m promoting Rhett & Link.

If you go on YouTube and type in ‘Good Mythical Morning’ you will see many episodes of a rather neat show by co hosts Rhett and Link.

Each day during the week there is a new episode. You can buy GMM merchandise and view all sorts of fun videos. The two are really funny and family friendly.

I wanted to do this post because I think if you want to watch a YouTube only show, this is a great one.

Have a Good Mythical day!

Coming Soon!

It’s almost time for your fall reads! And to keep those stacks nice and high here are a few books coming out this fall.

October 28th- Lestat by Anne Rice

November 4th- Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger

Fall 2014 – Fated Part 4 by Lisa Wiedmeier

And if you’re looking farther into the future for 2015 books then you’ll have to catch
The Custard Protocol Series (book the first) : Prudence by Gail Carriger
March 17th

Read, write, and have coffee!


Okay, so let me tell you a little about myself. I am a fall season advocate. I love fall! Some may say it is my obsession. Did you ever see that special where people were uber obsessed with Christmas? The ones who spent truckloads of money on decorations and lights. Well that’s me with fall.

It gets so bad that I berate my friends into putting up their decorations up as early as possible, but in a loving (slightly obsessed) way. Honestly, here in the southern US we don’t usually start to have cooler weather until sometime in October. I’m usually putting stuff up in August. (I mean if we wait until we feel the cold the season is nearly over!)

I mean to me fall is the most beautiful season we experience. You get to snuggle with those you love. You get to drink and eat wonderful things. You get to wear the best clothing. And the trees are lovely!

So when I read a certain post on one of my favorite sites I nearly had a stroke!

While browsing Pinterest in search of a good Pumpkin Spiced Latte recipe I stumbled upon a post that I was shocked to read. Here is the exact post: ” One time, long ago I ordered a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, took one sip, and threw it away (true story). It was disgusting…overly sweet with a funky aftertaste.”

…*deep breath* Okay let me state this to begin with – I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion. And if you do or do not like something is your choice. BUT when you start spouting blasphemous things such as that I have an issue with you! I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t like coffee and absolutely LOVE these autumn drinks. Then for someone to attempt to post a PSL recipe who doesn’t like the best one ever made…. *shakes head* just no. Your opinion no longer counts.

Now I have to admit she said she was in southern California and I have heard their water is terrible so her POV may be skewed.

She said she never went down that road again. Really? I mean, if so many people love a particular drink you need to try one made elsewhere.

For example; I don’t like guacamole. Sorry but I don’t. I have tried a dozen different recipes and can’t find one I have enjoyed. Every time someone says that so-and-so makes the BEST, I’ll try it.
Another example? I don’t like Pina Coladas. Generally. But when my sister-in-law makes them they are awesome!

Also, your taste buds change every few years. What you didn’t like as a kid you may now love. What you couldn’t stomach some years back you may enjoy now.

All in all this drink defines the best fall has to offer. It smells and tastes wonderful. Cinnamon, nutmeg, coffee, pumpkin- you can’t go wrong.

(Now if you aren’t from the US you may not like these drinks as much, I get that. You like what you are familiar with. I’m not a fan of Thai food but if that’s your comfort food, cool!)

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome Autumn and a wonderful fall!

What makes you a writer?

This is today’s question: what makes you a writer? Really. Think about it for a minute. Why do you write? No, think about it for a while.

I think it’s important to understand your motivation. Is it money? Bragging rights? Enjoyment? Let’s talk about that (as Rhett and Link would say).

Each day we make our way through work, chores, and obligations for various reasons. One of those reasons being money. There ain’t no rest for the wicked. We’ve all got to eat and pay our bills. I get that. But to call yourself a writer just so you can make a buck won’t work.

I feel like when we do things out of obligation two things happen. One – we don’t do our best work and that bothers us. Two – it overwhelms you and you become the wicked witch of the west. Writing you simply cannot do for money.

Then we all have those friends who want to tell the big tale. They need all of the attention on them. Their fish was bigger, their gater was longer, they really did get abducted by aliens! And for all it’s worth they do have freedom of speech to spin that wonderfully imaginative story.

When you are writing you can’t do it to say you’ve done it. Been there, done that, bought every t-shirt! While it is cool to have finally (after a TON of hard work) gotten your work published, that can’t be your goal either.

To be a writer you must do it for you. For your enjoyment.

The writer’s brain is designed a bit differently than others. Writers observe the world while their mind ad libs. You automatically place conversations, song lyrics, or illustrations in some unique scenario. A writer’s mind may be ADD or seem to have multiple personalities, but that’s what makes it work.

While you may sell many copies or may finish and have bragging rights, at the end of the day do you enjoy what you do? Writing takes work, and loads of it. But if you take the time to put some effort into it, along with some discipline,  you really can have all three.

Ultimately don’t forget how hard you have to, or had to, work to get published and/or noticed. And remember trends change. Start your own!