And I’m re-reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer. If you were unimpressed by the Twilight series or loved it I still suggest you read this book. It is completely different from the vampire world and filled with amazing characters. In this book Stephenie Meyer brings to life each and every person involved in the story with incredible realism and emotion. The world has been invaded by aliens, and not the little green men of your nightmares. These peaceful creatures have changed our “violent” world into one full of kindness and trust. Though not every host is compliant with this way of life. But how could any humans still exist, let alone retake their own planet?

Yes I have seen the movie adaptation, and I believe it’s a fair version of the story. The novel contains over 600 pages of this adventure so to say you could relate the story in its entirety in a single film is unlikely. Though you do get the sense of betrayal, love, and instinct from the book along with Melanie Stryder’s mentality. I do think you could understand the film having not read the book, however you’ll never fully experience the endurance and determination of humanity until you do.

I will admit that during my first journey through the novel I was very confused and likewise bored during the first sixty or so pages. Not that it should at all discourage you! After completing those chapters the story really takes off. This is why I am reading it a second time, to truly understand and experience the post-body snatchers world.

On another note; I will get back on track with our afore-mentioned books as soon as I finish this book for the second time. I will also be posting a review for The Host once I have finished it.

If you need Book Tunes while reading The Host buy the soundtrack. It fits quite well.