Travel Rant…

Okay, I’ve never traveled by plane before so I decided to do some research. Here’s what I’ve uncovered:

1) Every woman must wear a scarf. I have no idea why, but if you don’t you are apparently sinning against God.
2) A maxi dress is acceptable travel dress for extended flights. I object, but that’s not important right now.
3) Packing is weird. I mean I’ve seen women packing clothes in black trash bags and shower caps! Nope, not suspicious. AT. ALL.
4) Earphones are awesome!
5) Looking moderately together for a flight is the LAW. You never know who you’ll be seated next to.
6) Zip Lock bags are life.
7) Yes, gum.
And lastly I must add my own….
Number 8 – the week before your flight make sure your dreadlocks look fabulous, BUT DO NOT ADD METAL CHARMS!!!
(I’ll keep you updated on that one.)

Anyway, that’s all for today! Have a good one!



Each day we all do something careless. Whether it is something we write or a chore half finished. Everyone has a careless moment from time to time, day to day. I am just as guilty as the next person. No matter how hard I try to not half @$$ anything there are days when I’ve had enough and let something slide.

This weekend, however, I learned a little more about carelessness. Recycling sounds like something only the health conscious do. I don’t mean that offensively, on the contrary I greatly admire those efforts. Until now I have seen the senseless discarding of glass and metal on the roadside as nothing major. I mean, it’s a resource from the ground itself and so shall it return. Right??

Wrong. You see, we put up a fence for a few reasons. Firstly, to protect our yard from further erosion due to the kids next door. Secondly, for privacy. And lastly, to allow our dogs a bit of freedom to roam. Our yard was meant to be a safe place for all of us, including our animals, to spend time outdoors. Then Jak came in bleeding. Apparently the previous owners had (aside from a criminal record) the same mind set about littering as I did. Glass and metal will biodegrade over time. What neither of us realized is how long it would take for it to degrade.

While my dog is getting stitched up (or something similar) I now comb through our small patch of trees trying to find whatever he slashed his foot on. Finding multiple glass bottles/cups, metal cans, and plastic water bottles I was saddened.

I’ve never been a “tree hugger” but I do try to be considerate of the world I live in. I’m not the only creature here and those others rely on us to be responsible. If, each day, we throw out one piece of trash errantly then our lands would be covered in refuse and disease. Those bugs we cringe over would be positively EVERYWHERE. Doing exactly what they are designed to do, break down the garbage. Vultures are horridly gross creatures, but without them the dead wouldn’t deteriorate nearly as fast. Without beetles carcasses would litter roadways for even longer periods. Throwing out waste that does not easily break down slows the process down. Wasting the time of those perfect creatures and harming others.

You’ll never see an animal knowingly consume glass. You’ll never see one devour plastic and live happily ever after. These products are hazards to those who had no hand in their conception.

So, on behalf of animal lovers and pets owners, please be careful with your trash. Find any available bin or recycling location and use it effectively.


So, did you ever notice that when you go to Starbucks you see loads of people on their Internet devices? Well, did you notice that most of them are Apple products?

Yet, go down the street to your nearest Dunkin’ Donuts and everyone has an android?

Also, why can’t you find a decent phone with a slide out keyboard in America? One that’s also connected to AT&T? I know how to use a touch screen, heck I’m posting now via a touch screen. I enjoy the drag and type, but I’m nostalgic for the tiny buttons. ūüė¶

I mean does everyone need a bigger phone? I like my tiny devices. I mean, compare the ipod nano with your cell phone. See what I mean?

Now, while I’m a happy android owner I did very much enjoy my little ipod…

And don’t get me started on the necessity for a Square reader.

Yup, that’s my Monday post. What can I say? It’s Monday after all!

Have a good one!

Them Games…

So, I recently finished watching a ‘Let’s Play’ that I found slightly entertaining. Although it does bring to mind the inner struggle. Why do people play these games?

Hunie Pop is a dating simulator. In said game you complete puzzles (bejeweled) and achieve successful dates. Ultimately, your goal is to… you guessed it, go “all the way” with the different girls you meet.

Now, watching someone like Jacksepticeye play a game of this nature is highly entertaining and silly. But it does make me wonder about those who would, on any given day, purchase a game of this nature for their own personal kicks. I mean, I understand simple curiosity. What bothers me is the thought that someone out there takes these games very seriously, and I don’t mean in the strategy way.

See, for gamers who play these style games with an open mind to just be entertained I think it’s fine. But you see, these developers took legitimate time to carefully construct the graphic images you find in these such games. And while over-sexualizing females is a topic for another post, I still feel there are people who would rather spend time fondling themselves to such absurdities than actually becoming a decent member of society and…. well you get the picture.

It is very odd to me that in some societies this has become the only “interaction” some people see. Filling your time with so much work that you aren’t able to have otherwise healthy relationships. When, really, the clock itself was designed to tell monks how much time they had allotted to certain tasks such as prayer and chores. So, filling your time with a game that’s purpose is to arouse and not much else seems like a waste of time and genius invention.

So, today, take time to… enjoy time. Doing something valuable with it is worth it. That’s what it was designed for. If you want to play a game for fun, go ahead! But if you’re looking for affection, actually go out and seek a person. Or, if you’re just wanting to prove that these games exist go ahead….

Anyway, have a good one!


This morning I was scrolling through the ol’ Facebook feed when I began to notice something that really irked me. And it’s not just Facebook posts where I have encountered this particular notion. I’ve been walking down the street and had the same incident occur. Maybe you’ve even been in the same scenario?

Allow me to explain. Two days ago I was walking down the street with Jak, my new Greyhound buddy, and Morgan¬†when a neighbor stopped me. They were curious about our newest addition and asked a handful of questions. I mean, it’s not everyday you meet a Greyhound. However, at the end of the discussion, after telling her he was a rescue, she uttered this phrase, “…well god bless you for doing that. Not many would adopt.”

This is where my inner lioness kicked in. I wanted to shout, “Hey lady! I have two fur babies! Not just one!” And I’ve discovered that there is a stigma going around the dog-loving community about where your dog comes from. Apparently, this also says a lot about you as a dog owner.

*shakes head*

Well, I get where they are coming from. In many people’s eyes a purebred dog must come from a puppy mill. The parents must be locked away in some ruddy crate and never get any attention. Or, the dog comes from a breeder who is contributing to the overall over population of animals in the US.

Now, while I also hold with the idea that all pet stores should cease selling dogs from puppy mills and said mills should be shut down, I can’t say I agree with the second idea. You see, I understand that shelters are filled with many dogs. Everything from purebreds to mixes are arriving daily. But, not every stray/abandoned dog is caused by breeders.

I have one of each now. I have my new rescue, Jak, as well as Morgan, who I technically got from a breeder. But Morgan’s breeders adore his parents and love their puppies. They carefully pick who the puppies will go home to. And it is then the owner’s responsibility to care for and love them.

Now, in an ideal world each dog would only be bred if there were people to care for the puppies. In an ideal world there would never be strays/disowned dogs. But unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. And to face facts if you want a pure breed dog it has to come from a purebred family. Whether that animal came from a shelter or not, it’s original parents were bred to produce purebred dogs. So, that shelter Boxer/Pit/Corgi came from either a puppy mill or a purebred breeder.

So, my issue has been this: my dogs are both purebreds. One just happens to be a rescue. Neither really has a tail. One injured his in the track, the other is a herder. The Corgi tail is docked to prevent injury in the instance the dog is used to herd cattle. Cows like to bite the dog’s tails. And our breeder docks them early, prior to choosing a home.

So, the next time you see a dog owner with purebreds think first. Don’t praise them for rescuing one and then ignore the other dog. That’s discrimination. Both of my dogs are fixed and the places we attained them from are responsible. We love our fur babies and wouldn’t trade them for the world!

(P.S. This is in no way intended to knock mixed breeds. I’ve owned two of them myself and loved the stew out of them! And those can be in the same boat: bred vs. rescued.)

Have a good one!

Oh It’s Exciting!!!

Good evening!

So, during the past few weeks we’ve had all kinds of adventures and illnesses. I’ve seen amazing hospitals, I’ve seen death, I’ve seen cities and towns, I’ve met amazing people, and while that’s been great…. let’s face it, it’s also been exhausting. (Not even mentioning the day job.)

Anyway, through all of this we decided that a ten year dream was ready to come to fruition. Something the hubs has wanted for a long time and has researched multiple times each year. Planned trips to ‘meet and greets’ along with random run ins. Allow me to introduce to you our newest buddy, Jak!
(No this is not his bed, he stole Morgan’s.)

Jak is a retired racing Greyhound. He is a lover and melts your heart. He and Morgan are exact opposites. We now have our short, stocky, feisty Corgi and our gentle, affectionate, silly Greyhound. He is still getting comfortable in our home, but today he decided to finally tell us his thoughts! It is really neat watching him take to us each day. Morgan knew who we were from birth and visited prior to adoption, but Jak is still adjusting (which he is doing rather well actually).

We are so happy, and he seems to be too! I hope you have a great one!

Doing it right…

(Look who’s actually posting on Friday!!!)

Last night I’m laying in bed watching Markiplier and Jacksepticeye per the norm, when it struck me. This is someone doing this right.

See, back in the eighties the technology of today was just really beginning to become a thing. In the nineties we, as kids, began to use PCs in the classroom. Pagers were for parents and drug dealers. Those faded with the 00’s and became cell phones and Bluetooth devices. A tablet or laptop is now the norm for nearly every household.

So, through these years you had the invention, the new user, and the hacker. And while everyone was learning to utilize this new normal we also seemed to fail repeatedly. Not for lack of trying, more for the fact that the tech was new and we were still learning to use it as well. The hackers, which are still out there today and is another story for another day, made technology a swear word to the older generation. So what has changed today?

Today’s technologies are based on those inventions from the eighties and nineties. They use those things we learned on to create bigger and better devices. If you can use a PC you can, essentially, translate over to a smartphone. But that’s only the beginning.

Today our world is very frightening. I don’t watch as much television because I disapprove of many things they show. Everything from shows to commercials all seem to trouble and promote things I would rather stay away from. So, like today’s growing generation, we have turned to sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for all of our entertainment. If you need information on the world you can find it online for virtually free.

But what are these such channels and sites doing right? Well let’s break it down.

First of all they present their show, or ideas in a fashion that is vibrant and entertaining. They can hit the hard stuff, and not gloss over it, with freedom. They are using their freedom of speech to share, educate, and entertain their viewers. They do it in a way as to not offend and take advantage of being universal.

Secondly, they don’t have boundaries. By that I mean language, nationality, or religion. These internet celebrities are reaching out to everyone. The prep, jock, introvert, depressed, and everyone in between. They reach all ages and dynamics.

Thirdly, they are giving their fans a JOB. If you watch Markiplier you know you can suggest games for him to play, comment on his mistakes and successes, and give tips. If you enjoy Rhett and Link you know you can send ideas for Songbiscuits, or seek advice. These guys are taking control of YouTube and have learned the right way to keep their fans involved and enjoying the experience. They are enthusiastic and genuine.

These sites are learning to hone technology to their advantage. Not only do we enjoy watching them, but also interacting with them. They make themselves attainable. They are real to their viewers and truly become almost transparent about their cause. Not only are they connecting with fans, but they are also promoting their causes. Be it cancer, depression, or violence.

If you ever need help in connecting with such styles of internet concepts I encourage you to pick up Kristen Lamb’s book Rise of the Machines – Human Authors in a Digital World. She does a great breakdown of building your brand among other things. How to create an unmoving brand in a sea of thousands.

Well that’s all I’ve got for today. Have a good one!

Building a Statue

Good afternoon! I’m so glad you stopped by. If it weren’t for you this blog wouldn’t even exist.

I wanted to update you guys on my current life events. First of all I’ve been aiding a family member, who is near and dear to my heart, with cancer. So as I’ve been MIA recently it’s been due to this truly terrible illness. Cancer is awful and does the worst things to the best people. Secondly, I’ve been running rampant with a million things to get in order. Life goes on, as my motto goes.

And thirdly I’ve been hitting the stacks and scenes. I’ve decided to go back to the roots, no not mine. To some anime roots. I picked up Millennium Snow Vol. 1-2 at the book store yesterday and am really enjoying it.

I wanted to delve into Bisco Hatori’s origins and this is a great place to start. She has little notes in the margins here and there describing her journey to fame and love of manga. Yesterday as well we hit up the Carnival of Madness show to see The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm. Pretty cool show (and you can even see my little person in the stands of the photo they took!).

Yep, I’m a nerd.

I’ll also add here that I’ve begun honestly studying Japanese. The language as well as the culture. And really if you want to truly understand a country and it’s history you need to look first at their food. When it comes to food there are many differences as well as similarities. For example, in many animes you’ll hear them say the phrase ‘Itadakimasu’ prior to a meal. In their country there are a lot of Buddhists. In their beliefs there are many animals as well as plants that signify other gods or idols. So it would be nearly impossible to eat healthily without offending some deity. The phrase ‘itadakimasu’ means ‘thank you for your life’. A sort of prayer, if you will.

(Oh, and Pimsler. Trust me.)

So, while all of this has been going on I haven’t been able to read and keep up as well as I would have liked. And I feel like I’m letting you guys down. So to help make up for that I am going to do everything I can to post twice a week. I’m going to try to do as best I can to put up something every Monday and Friday.

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with this. You matter to me. I may not know you or your circumstance, but you are important. I’ve learned that it is not about perfection. Each day comes with its good and bad. But seeing a 93 year old woman walk in and say she is doing well is such a blessing. Today may not have been what you planned it to be but you do matter, and there will be days when you are doing well. If that’s you today then celebrate it! If not you still matter to me.

Have a good one.

…And a Very Handsome Prince…

I’ve been watching television recently and have seen the advertisements for the new Cinderella movie. I have to admit this story is really one of my top three favorite fairytale stories. (The other two being Beauty and the Beast and Snow White.) But as I watched I began to ponder something that I think many of you have also chewed on. The idea of a handsome prince.

First, let’s journey back to the original fairytales. Back before they were Disney stamped and animated. Cinderella was originally a folk tale that was passed orally through the generations. It has often had may variations although the plot remains the same in each culture.¬†A widowed father remarries and acquires two step-daughters. They abuse ‘Cinderella’ and she becomes their maid. After receiving many gifts from a ‘fairy godmother’ she attends a royal affair and loses her shoe on her departure.¬†The prince¬†then scours the land in search of her and eventually finds and marries her.

Now, I adore the story told. And who doesn’t enjoy the thought of marrying a handsome prince and being pampered for the rest of your long life?


In the real world people come in many shapes and sizes. Some more attractive, some less. Some are kind, others are cruel. And while this story does in fact portray many of these aspects, which I fully endorse, there are a few flaws.

The idea of everyone finding a handsome prince to marry is, let’s face it, unrealistic. There I said it. Let’s be serious. While many a lucky woman does eventually find a loving husband who cares for her, the reality is that this is the real world. Allow me to explore this.

Recently one of my favorite books has been made into a box office hit. Divergent is the dystopian story of a teenage girl who sets forth the demise of her world. During the story she meets a guy and a love subplot begins. In this story the main male character, Four, isn’t your ‘handsome prince’. He has a crooked nose and many faults. His strange attitude being one. But the crowd loves him!

In Twilight (sorry folks), Edward has a crooked smile and isn’t a really ripped guy.

In Hush, Hush Patch is a dark and seemingly sinister heartthrob.

Now, why do I point these out? Because these stories show more flawed characters. The hot, girl-saving guy is not a blonde haired, blue eyed, tall prince. (Race is a different post. Just research the origins.)

I feel that with many girls they believe your mate should be that style of person. I have a major issue with that. Here in the southern USA a bunch of women think that the man with a six pack, cowboy hat, tan, and a nice car is “the guy”. And look at why they think that way.

But thankfully, today the stories hitting the mainstream have characters that are well fleshed out. (Thank you editors!) These men are various skin colors, face styles, personalities, etc. I know each mother worries about their little girl dating that ‘bad boy’. But what defines a ‘bad boy’?

Now, I also have to insert here that many people are grateful for the movies Brave and Frozen for showing that a woman doesn’t need a man to be happy or productive. Which is fine. But maybe ignoring the prince is a good thing. Frozen, however, does emphasize Kristoff who is not a prince. And he is odd.

But looking back any mother would have looked at Hans and picked him for their daughter prior to being informed of his evil ideals. Who would pick Patch? Or who would pick Four? And why would they not?

Without these kinds of stories taking the forefront we wouldn’t be open to many styles of relationships.

My husband is shorter, with dark hair and deep eyes. But I find him very handsome and intriguing. He is smart, loving, kind, and supportive. Isn’t that what every mom asks for in a husband for her daughter?

Today’s ideal man is shifting. He isn’t the prince of old. He is unique. The world is beginning to realize that loving imperfections is what real love is about. No one is perfect. No one’s family is ‘normal’. But so long as love exists then the world will continue to grow.

It’s not about a prince. It’s not about a slipper, though these things are nice and make for good stories. But maybe it’s about learning to love the beast before he is a prince.¬†Maybe it’s about showing how loving them can help them become the prince of the story. Remember, Ever After? He wasn’t really a prince until he met her. Ella Enchanted? Char wasn’t a prince until he met Ella.

A woman may not need a man, but maybe he needs her. Maybe it’s not about a prince saving a damsel, but a damsel saving her prince. And a very handsome one at that, I mean someone’s gotta teach them!

Winds of Change

So, this week I’ve learned a couple of things. Number one, buying a house is hard. Number two, the buyer’s opinion is all that matters. Number three, I will never buy and rent out a home. Number four, reading is excellent medicine.

We’ve been through the ringer this week and have decided to take a step back and rest. So the best way I can do that is by going back to my restful, enjoyable activities. Reading, writing, and drawing. It’s time to get back to my roots, and I don’t mean my dreads.

In order to be true to my amazing fans (aka you guys) I have taken on a long abandoned task. One in which you will finally receive a certain review you’ve been craving. Next, I am planning on doing even more editing in my novel.

On the editing note, here’s something I really want to advise you guys on. When you have finished writing your story print it. I had picked my story up time and again on the laptop and tried to reread it. But I noticed I began doing something I’m sure you may do as well. You know the story so well you begin skipping, or glancing over sections. When you have the hard copy in your hands it is not only uber exciting but it also makes you pay a bit more attention. In my novel I copy and pasted materials from my other works, or my other variations (which is why you should keep everything you write). From those previous excerpts I had to change some of the POVs from first person to third person. While reading it on the screen it looked great. But once I picked up that hard copy I saw a few ‘me’s and some ‘our’s. I have also noticed some timeline issues, and a few characters that knew things they weren’t present to have experienced. So, always print those many pages before doing any editing.

Another thing is spelling. Generally, a bunch of people type on their PCs now-a-days where word tries to correct everything (whether or not it should is a different post). But on the off chance you choose to use the old and wonderful technique of writing with pen/pencil and paper I have something for you as well. When I was in college my lit. teacher (it was tech school) had a really great way to identify those misspelled words. Read your paper backwards. Sounds crazy right? Okay, not read the words themselves in reverse, but read the paper backwards. For example:

“Sally then walked up the hil tword Jack and joined in the scene.” Would be read¬†“scene the in joined and Jack tword hil the up walked then Sally”.

Sorry for the NMBC reference. Did you notice the misspelled words better forwards or backwards?

So, for the next two days it’s going to be me and my tablet on the couch deep in the world of literature. And what a wonderful world it is! Have a good one!