By Lisa Wiedmeier

This one was originally posted to Goodreads so I’m bringing it over here too!

I am in love! It is not very often I read a novel I can’t put down.

Cheyenne is a story about an eighteen year old girl whose life is more important than she ever dreamed. When school ends for Cheyenne, her best friend, Colt, along with two others kidnap her. Now, in their defense it’s for her own safety. But this is not to her liking. Having just lost her adoptive parents she must now begin to discover just who, or what, she is.

But with Colt, Callon, and Daniel being so cryptic and holding her against her will she’s at a disadvantage. Sometimes, however, being held captive by three handsome guys isn’t totally a bad thing. Especially when they seem to have a bunch of answers. Just what is a Timeless? Why is she such a big deal? And why does it seem like two hot men seem to be fighting over her?

I adore this story. It’s one I can read again and again. It’s not your average teenage girl story. It’s fantastically written and makes you want to turn the page. Lisa Wiedmeier is incredibly talented and doesn’t use cheap tricks to make you keep reading. She pulls you into her world and you just want to bask in it. Cheyenne is clever, headstrong, and easy to relate to. I highly recommend this book. I would be surprised if you didn’t take the time.