Beneath the Stacks

Hey guys! As you know we’ve been counting down until the release of Awakening. Well, Lisa did us a favor and released the book on the 24th! Super exciting! So, at the moment I’m re-reading Daylight and about to take up Awakening. You can expect the review soon, though I intend on taking my time on the final Cheyenne novel.

In other news I’m also still working on my own personal story, which is awesome. And by that I don’t just mean the story, I mainly mean the fact that I’m still sticking to it. Fast draft is an awesome idea.

Now, I’ve yet to make it to the bookstore to pick up my copies of writing tip books. Which may be good as I would probably spend so much time reading the info books I’d never get any writing, reading, work, etc. done. I already have a crazy life that constantly distracts me, especially during prom season (I do hair), and have to be extremely disciplined to get anything done.

So, here’s to another week with new reads!