By Lisa Wiedmeier

So, I realized that I didn’t review this one first and haven’t at all on either goodreads or here. So without further ado…

Cheyenne’s life is complex to say the least. We pick up right where Lisa left us last time. Heartbroken over her engagement and apparent destiny to marry either Callon or Marcus.

But what about Colt? Her light in the dark?

She is transforming right before everyone’s eyes. Fevers set in for lengthy periods bringing with them exhaustion. Her heart and body struggle to survive her transformations. Each one stronger than the last. How does anyone know when it’s over? Does being timeless feel any different?

Cheyenne is determined to find out, and as soon as she does she’s gone. Away from Colt and Callon. Away from her perceived danger. Away to find solace discovering who she truly is and what she wants.

But while searching there’s a mysterious stranger who keeps popping up. Appearing in alleys, at restaurants, next door. Who is this guy? Why is he so interested in her all of a sudden?

As time passes she finds herself missing her trio. Even inviting them to visit, on her terms of course. But when Tresez show up plans change.

Suddenly she’s shoved into the arms of the enemy. An enemy with a very familiar face. How did she manage to end up here? How could she have been so fooled?

New friends and old come together to aid in Cheyenne’s safety and destiny. Trust is a necessity. Faith and hope are too. Take the time to grow with her, love with her, and fail with her. Sometimes it’s the hardest times that make life worth it.

An eight out of ten for me.

Also, while reading Promises I was reading Fated Part Two. And I have to say it made me love the brothers even more. Your heart breaks for them in different ways. Definitely purchase both of these and experience all sides of love.

Have a great week!