Oh my God! Nerd alert!

Sooooooo, I’m geeking out!

Now I know you can only give tabloids so much credit. A massive portion is absolute smut. But in this case I’m having a slight freak out.

After reading some funny Divergent fan pics I happened to stumble across this little tidbit.

I mean really?! I can’t choose. Theo? Ian? Don’t make a woman choose!

And I know, for those of you who have been following me for a while you’ll know I really didn’t want the Hush, Hush movie to be made. The novels are amazing and the story is deep and a little darker. There are just a lot of intricacies that are imperative for audience understanding without having to change the story.

But…. if you’re going to make it anyway…..we’ll see!

Have a good one!