A Weekly Recommendation

I have been thinking recently of different ways to get back in the game. To commit to making sure I post often and actually post things worth writing about and not just some type of drivel. So, I am planning on doing a weekly recommendation post each Saturday. Something to hopefully broaden your interests, educate you in a skill, entertain you, or even show someone else a little love! That said, let’s get going!

Yesterday I decided to hit up one of my favorite blogger’s pages, Kristen Lamb. Now, if you have been on my blog long you’ll know how I’m a huge fan of hers and highly recommend her for anything and everything regarding writing. In a recent blog post she addressed the sale of bookstore giant Barnes & Noble to Elliot Management Corp. In it she clearly and concisely explains what this means for authors and how this came to be. Plus, she does it in a way that cracks me up.

Got kids? I do. Want a show that is pretty well written and the songs aren’t as soul deadening as some? I gotcha! Check out Netflix’s True and the Rainbow Kingdom. It’s a really cute show that whisks your kiddos away to a land that is somewhat reminiscent of Pokemon. Kind of… Pokemon for babies is you will. But it is clever enough that you’ll find yourself watching right along with them. Plus, the music is written by various pop music individuals, so it’s catchy and fun. The only thing that’s kind of annoying is the way they list the seasons. They have different titles for different seasons so you have to search for them separately.

If you’re anything like me you have a few hobbies. Something that is entirely satisfying to me (no, it’s not ASMR… )is when those hobbies mesh seamlessly. Speaking of seams, if you like historical clothing or sewing you’d really enjoy Bernadette Banner. She is a YouTuber who painstakingly researches historical garb and practices, then uses them to recreate pieces or draft new ones. She has made some incredible clothing pieces that you can acceptably wear out today. Now, I will caution you, she isn’t in the tutorial business. She simply shows you what, why, and how she constructs such pieces. It’s good English fun!

Anyway, that’s all I have for you today. Enjoy your weekend!