By Lisa Wiedmeier

First of all I must state the following:
I received this book as an Advanced Reader in exchange for an honest review.
Can I just say how incredibly excited I am to finally be able to say that?!

After feeling drawn to a man she doesn’t know, or so she believes, Cheyenne has been taken in by him and his family. Colt, meanwhile, is struggling with having his wife back while she doesn’t know him. Kitty is missing her dad who now seems to have some light in his eyes. Who is this new friend of his? What happened to her memory? When will she get to meet her?

Many questions have to be answered. As Cheyenne grows closer and closer to her estranged family she begins to have flashes of things that were once familiar. Memories of the past begin to surface with a vengeance. Painful nightmares and visions take hold when the past begins to surface.

While Cheyenne learns once again who she is, Sheana learns more about those around her. She begins to absorb the decisions she will have to make in her future. Will Beau or Dev be the one she choses? Why does she have to follow what her mother choose not to? She’s read the journals.

Though big things are occurring for everyone in the family, a bigger concern is brewing. Marcus is still a out there and sure to be plotting revenge. With glimmers of light playing around the O’Shea estate something seems to be starting.

You can’t miss another beautiful work from Lisa Wiedmeier. She envelopes you in her world yet again, putting more than just Cheyenne’s visions before you. She pulls at your heart strings and then gives them a good battering before returning you to reality. You can’t help but love each and every character she puts before you. Every person takes more and more of a place in your heart.

Make time to spend in the forests again!