In the wee hours of the morning out doggies had to go out. This is completely normal for us. What is not normal was the cat which got caught in the trap we set up outside. Seeing as she stayed gone for a week I thought I’d share how we finally got her to give in and come home.

Our cat is an indoor only cat. Meaning she’s never been outside to learn how to cat. So when she took off Monday night we panicked.

First: buy a humane trap. One big enough for a raccoon.

Second: put kitty’s food bowl inside. But don’t just tempt them with cat food/treats. Even catnip is not enough. No you’ve really got to stink it up. We’re talking about sardines. Stinky, potent fish.

Third: place their litter box outside beside the trap. It smells like home!

Finally: place a blanket gently over the set cage. One with your scent on it works best.

Time will tell when your beloved kitty will return. It took us a week to get the combo just right. The hardest advice for us to accept was that no matter how much she loves us, when they are scared they won’t reply. It would attract predators. We even sat out waiting and saw her, she saw us…then she ran away again. She was terrified!

But patience pays off, and they will eventually come home. But do tag and chip them just in case.

Good luck!