Will the real slim shady please stand up?!

As you may have noticed I took a short sabbatical. Unfortunately it was during NaNo. So to continue where I left off I want to go forward with my novel writing. After a break I have found that I am quite passionate about this novel. It makes me happy to write it and it is very freeing. There’s just something good about this particular story.

In the coming days I hope to finish up a few reviews and put them up. I will also give writing advice as well as my perspective on certain writing topics. One of which being that most difficult of topics: love.

I also will be introducing my newest writing buddy, er, sort of.


I hate that I’ve left you hanging during such a difficult season. This month brings all kinds of events and I hope to not abandon you again! To make it up to you I will post again Friday!

Have a good one!