19th of 30

In my last post I had just begun writing my novel. I just had the bare minimum to go by. An idea that was close to fleeting. Today I stand at around 16k words. I finally had to crack down. It’s been hard. It’s too easy for me to let other things invade my time and take over. Whether it is laundry, my dogs, or other needs in my family there is always something to be done.

Luckily, I have a wonderful family who understands my self-inflicted challenge. They respect that I’m pushing my brain to its limits and that unless they want to hear every wordy struggle it is best to let me stay in my own little world. I can’t even begin to explain that maddening feeling of finding just the right word you need. Request, desire, need… behest! That’s the one!

Slowly I’ve been churning paragraph after paragraph, page after page worrying about how to get my MC from point A to point B. And the moment I stop stressing out over it and press on the problem solves itself. I know I say it often but the best way to solve a problem is to KEEP WRITING.

The things our minds do without our awareness are astounding. Some of the things I worry the most over solve themselves without any conscious thought. Our brains are incredibly designed. When you get your ending set up from the beginning your mind starts plotting. In a weird way it takes up the reigns and only requests that you be obedient and WRITE IT DOWN.

If you just ponder day in and day out without writing anything down then you don’t have anything to work off of. Your mind begins putting into place all of the pieces your story needs. When you get it out either onto paper or on your PC you can look back and see that all of the threads begin to connect.

Recently I have been surprising myself with how well this works. I had a moment where I knew my character would need saving in a bathroom. But what was she needing to be saved from? The only thing my mind could throw up was that she was suicidal. But that’s not in her character. It is totally opposite of who she is. I didn’t want my story to head that direction.

So I decided that if I didn’t like it I could always edit later. I kept writing. I was behind and it was going to take everything I had to get caught up. And then it happened. The solution I was looking for popped up out of seemingly nowhere. I was able to prevent her from going that far south and yet still accomplish my goal.

When I later recounted what happened to her all I could say was, “As it turns out, she was never suicidal at all!”. My brain already had a solution waiting in the wings. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it all right now. If you give it a chance and don’t quit you will have, I’m sure, many of those such moments.

I hope you find this post useful if nothing else. Have a good one!