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We're All Mad Here!!

We’re All Mad Here!!

Plotting as you go may sound insane. And that’s because it certainly is. If you have always been a pre-planner, like myself, then you live for lists. If your plans abruptly get changed you do one of two things. You either freak out and freeze or you adapt rapidly and continue on. I am more of the latter myself and am constantly looking back at the end of the day, or experience, pondering. Sometimes crying.

With NaNo I have had to change my plans. Not again, just in general. Since I decided to fast draft I am having to plan my story day by day. Which can make writing five thousand words a day an even bigger challenge. For, once you have covered your daily plotted territory you must stop, at say two thousand words, and plot some more. It can be highly inconvenient. So while I have the television running I am wracking my brain to come up with new material.

It’s when the desperation sets in that I discover I must stop pressing myself. The world suddenly becomes far too loud and distracting. It is maddening and frustrating. But…when you stop squeezing your brain and allow the loud and distracting world in there you find material. Just when I am annoyed at the show blabbering on I drop my guard. Maybe I can pull something from this show. Do I like something about these specific characters? Obviously I do otherwise I wouldn’t be watching it.

I begin to analyze the plot and subplots. I begin to shape my writing world using traits I admire in the shows I watch and the books I read. Attitudes and verbal inflections become playthings. Maybe this character can move like this and talk like that. In the end I have my own unique character made from components of things I like.

And if I like them, then others must as well. Otherwise these things wouldn’t be popular.

So I begin plotting. Piecing together bit by bit the story I want to tell. Starting from three major points and adding many, many more. Fueling the writing fire and indulging in the madness I have carefully cultivated! I begin to fast draft and press onward toward my goal. Words flowing like massive rivers. Pulling my brain along in their rapid currents. I pen each character and play with their emotions like some masochist.

The word count escalates and the adrenaline pumps through my veins! I’m gaining with every second more momentum and typing like a bat out of batman’s secret underground cave! And yes it’s insanity with seconds upon seconds passing ever so quickly but I’m writing and that’s all that matters!

So if you’ve felt the need to give up, give in, or sign off I will infect you with the fever as well. Take to your keyboards and listen to the world! There is inspiration everywhere. If you don’t stop and instead adapt and move on the journey awaits! Don’t freak out! Use the challenging changes as fuel for your imagination’s fire!

Here’s to your many writing trials! Have a good one!