I’m A Woman…

One of the many perks to being a woman is the ability to change one’s mind. Although, often that also means making life a lot more difficult than it needs to be.

The story I originally had planned has been kicked to the back burner. After some research I’ve realized that it would be best told after a bit more study. I guess you could say that my muse got the better of me. I have since employed a new one and taken on a new task.

Drum roll….

I’m going to do a Fast Draft!

I’m more excited now than I was before. Not that I wanted to shirk the work of the first idea, but that I have more creative freedom with this novel and I haven’t even gotten started yet. A fast draft is the only way I’ll get this crazy writing month back on track.

For me the first idea began as a neat twist on an old classic. As with any classic, however, I felt a certain need to stay true to the original essence of the text. I wanted to be as simple minded with it as the original. And I just don’t feel that would be possible in such a short ( and pressured) time as NaNo.

For my next trick!

I’ll be writing my own story. The best way I can describe it is as a whim I can play with. NaNo is a challenge to begin with. Adding excess rules makes the creative mind feel cramped. So I changed over to something I made up. Giving my mind full control without fear of canon ( aka having to follow someone else’s rules).

I hope you’re writing your little brains out! It is amazing what you can accomplish when given the chance. NEVER QUIT!!! NaNo is a personal challenge. I’ve told you all before that my first year I only managed 8k words. Which now takes me no time at all. It forces you out of all comfort zones and makes you grow more than you ever imagined.

Have a good one!