By Gail Carriger

It’s been two years since Lord and Lady Maccon welcomed their unique Prudence into their unique world. Adopted by Lord Akeldama and often making some sort of ruckus she has definitely developed into a force to be reckoned with. Only, now she is in high demand by possibly the oldest creature in existence.

It’s off to Egypt against all better judgment. To take Prudence, to investigate the murder of a beta, and to divulge information about her mysterious and outrageous father. But maybe there’s more to be discovered at home? When Floote is overheard speaking a foreign language by the newest member of their pack, Biffy, there’s mischief afoot.

The world of Egypt is strange. A god-breaker plague is spreading and there’s only few who can stop it. But should they? Werewolves notoriously have one of two fates. Either they die in challenger fighting or they live long enough to go mad. Could this plague be really as bad as all that? Lady Maccon doesn’t like it at all. It is strong enough in the air, but on the ground the repulsion is strong. Thanks to an accidental scientific discovery she may, however, be able to tolerate it.

Many threads are unraveling as the story reaches its ending. Did the butler actually do it? What kind of alpha is waiting in the wings? Who’s falling in love after all? What secrets are left to be uncovered? And who needs to be saved from all of this insanity?

Decades of mayhem come to a stunning conclusion. And in vampire fashion it is neat and tidily done!

This book goes out with a resounding bang! I greatly enjoyed reading and re-reading this series to get every tiny detail. Gail Garriger does an excellent job of not only tying off loose ends, but shocking us all in a very wonderful way. I couldn’t believe how well she constructed this story from Soulless to Timeless. The ending was seamlessly brought together. I have never read a series that gets everything just so. She did. This book is, honestly a 9.9 out of 10 stars for me.

Have a good one!