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Today I wanted to talk of simple things. Not like the weather or gossip. I mean simple stories.

Last year my novel was very intricate. I spent months planning, plotting, and pacing. ( Woo hoo! Alliteration!) For what I wrote I am quite proud. It is incredibly woven and imaginative. I don’t say that I any way to brag. My point is that it took a lot of thought and hard work. I still work on it from time to time and it is my little piece of joy.

This year I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to address. What issue, myth, or muse I wanted to invest in. Since it wasn’t as planned out this year I needed something I either understood or something I could quickly plot. I needed to be able to write a lot of it by the seat of my pants. As most of you already know I adore having a plan so this is a little unnerving. But being unsettled is the best way to grow as a writer.

YAY!!! I’m a real boy writer!

So in the spirit of growth challenge yourself! Do something new! Are you a fly by the seat kind of person? Try planning! Are you a planner like me? Try to fast draft!

I picked an easy, familiar story to tell. A new twist on something old. Although not that old. 😉

This season my story may not meet the NaNo standards of 50k. I’m hoping to accomplish the task this year, but my goal is to finish. If 50k is what it takes then great, if it doesn’t take that many words then it’ll be a short story. Is rather have a short story done well than a long blabbering mess. I don’t expect tho be perfect, and honestly writing on and on is a good thing. The more you have the more you can use.

Press on and write, write, write!

Good luck! Have a good one!