Yay television…

As the clock counts down we are coming closer to NaNoWriMo. I’ve struggled this year getting prepared. I’m not exactly the kind of person to just drop the ball. But what I have realized is that while last year’s novel is still my number one priority this November I’m going to go a different direction.

Last year I had quit my job and focused solely on writing. I learned a TON and felt incredibly prepared. This year I have a job and many, MANY new responsibilities. It is kind of writing law to write a little every day, and understand that it is important. We don’t find time to write we make time to write. Don’t forget to do writing exercises too! This is why I feel less prepared this year. I haven’t done that exact thing.

Alas! There is still time if you’re in the same predicament I am. It is still September and we don’t begin those stressful hours until midnight on October 31st. So study and do research! We can still accomplish those 50k and stand proud!

I want everyone to work their tails off! 50k isn’t easy! It’s writing day and night. It’s breaking only for food and bathroom breaks. It’s mentally draining and emotionally exhausting.

My tips from my first year are as follows :
1) Start your research early. If you need any information on locations or anything begin now.
2) Compile your plot points in order. When you’re writing it gives you an excellent road map. If you’re the kind that loves to make it up as you go, cool. But make up the in-between. Trust me!
3) Gather your resources into one place ( preferably tidy). I use One Note. It gives me searchable notes and is one single place that all my devices can connect to. If you add it to One Note on your phone it’ll be there on your laptop, tablet, our PC when you get home.
4) Don’t forget to eat!
5) You still need sleep too. But do keep a dream journal beside your chosen sleep spot.
6) Sleep is slightly overrated.
7) KEEP WRITING. We can’t edit unless we have something to edit. Anything!
8) NO EDITING!!! If you even think about editing I will personally come to wherever you are and brutally beat you with Post-its! ( Okay, I won’t actually do that. But I will think it.)
9) Remember your goal. It’s not impossible. Also check your word count often! The check program on your computer and the one on Nano is a little different.
10) Don’t quit!

Nano is hard. It takes you on a journey that is totally worth having. Last year I was completely exhausted. I wanted to laugh and cry when it was all over. ( Which I may have done…) The 50k word challenge is a long and trippy road. It is one you will never forget.

I’ve also heard having a group makes it even more fun. I plan on weaseling my way into one this year.

Most importantly, have fun! NaNoWriMo is AWESOME!

Have a good one!