Just dive in…

Years ago there was a song by Christy Carlson Romano titled “Just Dive In”. It was just a little song but occasionally it comes to mind. Usually when I’m feeling a little unsure of something the better part of my brain is certain of.

For example, when I was in hair school we spent weeks going over the proper way to cut hair. We had to learn how to correctly hold our scissors and comb, how to have a consultation, and how to section off for whatever we needed to accomplish.

Naturally we all felt like babies. Everyone constantly called out to our teacher for aid and assurances. These were people after all.

Then one day our instructor was absent. Instead of getting something easy like a color client I got a cut.

My first instinct? Flee!

But that wouldn’t work. So I did the next best thing – I dived in!

When we try anything new there comes a modicum of fear. It’s perfectly natural to have fears. It just means you understand that this is new and different.

We all have experienced that moment where we feel abandoned. While we know in our heads what we need to do, we just don’t know what we CAN do. We are afraid to press on in fear of making a mistake.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Meet the Robinson’s you will know my next thought. Without mistakes we can’t “keep moving forward”. It is by making those mistakes that we learn. ( Although I do feel the need to insert this here, watching someone make a mistake doesn’t mean you have to as well.)

So I cut the woman’s hair. And you know what? It came out perfect! The substitute teacher (aka the night school hair instructor) double checked it and found nothing wrong.

To be honest I was nervous the entire time. But that’s what it means to face your fears head on.

So whether it’s writing, cosmetology, being a surgeon, managing a department store, or your first day on the job sometimes you just gotta dive in! Because you’ll never know until you dive in.

Have a good one!