Genre crossover…

Sometimes we come to an extremely difficult moment. Usually these moments are characterized by a feeling of loss, anger, joy, or even hatred. The moments I’m referring to? Ending a series. But luckily there is a solution!

Find your new love.

If only it were that easy.

You see, when I walk into my local bookstore ( because I still do that no matter the technology) I take in the scene before me. That great divide. Fiction or non-fiction? Mystery or romance? Sci-fi or fantasy? Oye!

Honestly this drives me insane. Technically there are only two genres; fiction and non-fiction. From there you get the others. But where’s the mix? When you write a novel you have many different characters that create your story. Each has an impact, or should. It’s what their circumstances bring about that determine their classification.

So when I’m looking for my next long-term commitment it’s difficult. I don’t like “just” mystery or “just” fantasy. A detective can do his job well but without some form of wit or personal interest I’m bored. A king can send his knights out to slay whatever dragon but without some princess to save what’s the point?
It’s hard for me to go to a bookstore or library and browse a particular section. Aside from the young adult section because they have a blend of everything. Moving through the rest of the store can take hours. I want a bit of mystery with some fantasy. I want some sci-fi with a bit of history. So where do I look first?

Any person who wonders why it takes a bookworm so long in the store is this exact reason. In the dream bookstore it would flow from one series to the next recommended seamlessly. How many times do we know the story we’d like and not the author?

How do you find the elusive new series? Do you wander from section to section or use recommendations?

That’s my rant for the day. Have a good one!