Harder than Anticipated…

The past week I’ve decided to do something that seemed simple. I decided to abstain from Facebook. In my world Facebook is a time hoarder. It’s what I do when I’m sitting at the table, when I’m bored at work, when I wake up, and just before bed.

Recently, I’ve noticed all I do on there is bicker and let random things eat at me. And I realized that I’ve given all of these posts my time and energy, not to mention anxiety. So I chose to withdraw from it and just live my life.

Then I got a new phone. And it got infinitely harder. I want to play! And I use Facebook for work stuff too.

But now I’m realizing that there’s so much more I can accomplish when I let go. You see, Facebook for me seemed like something I only did out of boredom. When in all reality it was something I used to escape reality. To shirk my duties and come up with some seemingly valid reason I hadn’t done laundry, exercised, cleaned, etc.

I always thought I had a good reason to pick up my phone and glue my face to its screen. But unfortunately I now my magic mirror showing me that my work on my blog and on my reading actually is worth my time. Social media really accomplishes nothing for me. Sure I can see family and friends updates but it isn’t bringing in work, it doesn’t give any feedback on valid topics, and it is really self-centered. And I know it can help with something like work but I just don’t use it that way. My posts are opinions or nonsensical.

So, I’m letting go. If it’s not a necessity it doesn’t get posted. I’m not posting random thoughts, what my sandwich looks like, how many times I’ve gone to the girl’s room. I have a life. And it’s worth living.🌺

Have a good one! And unplug!